Why CTCA Partnered with Allscripts and Nanthealth

Did you know that doctors can now treat cancer patients with more targeted treatment? Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), recently entered into close working relationship with Allscripts. Additionally, Nanthealth is also a part of this partnership to bring you the most targeted treatment possible. The study and input of numerous oncologists has been added to this database, giving the CTCA the chance to treat patients with what studies show have worked best for a specific type of cancer, rather than approaching treatment on a trial basis to see if it works.

The new Clinical Pathways database is giving doctors the ability to take the guesswork out of cancer treatment, and is giving the patient more control in choosing their treatment plan along with their doctor. This evidence-based approach will save both the patient and the doctor their time back as well as the hope that they are getting a quicker road to recovery. The integration of Clinical Pathways is the first of its kind, working on the eviti platform along with Allscripts Sunrise. The entire clinical workflow is present in this system, and should lead to more successful cancer care.

George Daneker, the Chief Medical Officer of CTCA discussed the benefits of the Clinical Pathways database in a recent interview. The goal is to eliminate guesswork, and find the most targeted treatment before starting the treatment process. This is welcome news for all involved in the entire cancer treatment process.

CTCA currently operates five hospitals within their network that are dedicated to caring for the whole person during the course of their cancer treatment. The headquarters for CTCA are in Boca Raton, Florida, and is focused on evidence-based plans including genomic testing and precision surgery and other treatment.

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