The Ryan Seacrest Foundation: A Brief Description

Ryan Seacrest has an organization, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF). This is an organization that’s nonprofit 501 (c)(3), with a dedication to give inspiration to the youth of today. These are in forms of originality that is focused by education and entertainment. Creating centers of broadcast media titled Seacrest Studios is the starting initiative of RSF. This is so it can be placed in pediatric hospitals so patients can investigate the inventive dominion of new media, radio, and television.

In the Seacrest family the organization’s creation has been bringing them closer as both a family and a team. Ryan Seacrest serves as Chairman and Founder. Gary Seacrest is President and CEO. The Vice President and Community Affairs and Hospital Relations is Connie Seacrest.

RSF believes that entry to experiences of multimedia will offer them adventures refreshing and full of excitement. This is in order to during treatments thoughts of optimism. This organization also finds it vital for them connect with community and associate students from journalism schools close by providing them with the chance to get experience first-hand in the operation of a center of multimedia, programming, and broadcasting.

According to an article from, Seacrest Studios are utilized to give to patients in the hospital a variation of programming. It’s coming in form of media centers of broadcast. This assists in the process of healing during the stay of children and families. They do a collaboration with schools of journalism with experience firsthand. This is done through a program of internship in the forms of programming, broadcasting, and operation of a center of multimedia. Seacrest Studios is utilized to give a variation of programming to the hospital patients. This can take place either in their television in their room by a network that’s closed-circuit. They can also be in the studio too. Some examples of programming both broadcasted and produced from Seacrest Studios are talk shows that focus on sports & entertainment along with doctors utilizing the studio as an interaction with the community of the hospital. There are also celebrities and artists with performances that are live and interviews.

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