The Risky, Yet Profitable, Marketing of CP+B & Lori Senecal

The public ad and marketing company Crispin, Porter & Bogusky, otherwise known in the short-hand moniker, CP+B, has garnered a great deal of notoriety for its work promoting such big name brands as the anti-smoking campaigner website, fast food giant, Burger King as well as Kraft Mac & Cheese and internet money transfer site, Paypal. More recently, however, CP+B has come to many within the advertising industry’s collective attention for their risky and yet continuously successful business strategies. One of the reasons for the company’s shift in strategy can be traced to new leadership, personified by their most recent CEO, Lori Senecal who has taken the company in a radical new direction which, thus far, has seemed to be a marked improvement. Indeed, under her leadership CP+B was voted as one of the best companies to work for in New York City and moved on to global expansion, garnering numerous awards including the coveted Quantum Leap award.

Senecal’s new strategy – and what sets her and the company apart from many of their competitors – focuses on high risk, high reward marketing. The “risk” part concerns the cutting edge techniques that CP+B utilize; unlike many other similar companies who might try a few new concepts and marketing strategies or technologies, CP+B, under Lori Senecal’s leadership, seems to be trying almost everything. From geo-satellite tracking to custom advertising to visual to mobile compatibility.

According to Campaigne Live, one of the most interesting new opportunities for marketing and advertising agencies to exploit is Facebook. For instance, in the 2014 to 2015 period Facebook saw a sixty percent ad revenue increase – this is, needless to say, a staggering mark up! CP+B has realized the tremendous potential contained within the social media behemoth and has funneled considerable resources into its marketing efforts in that very direction and, thus far, it has proved extremely successful.

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