The Medical Services Offered By Dr. Johanan Rand, MD

Dr. Johanan Rand is an entrepreneur and medical doctor. In 2010 he founded Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He is the president of this company which is based in the town of West Orange, New Jersey. His specialties include helping people lose weight and maintain healthy hormonal balances. He is a graduate of Brooklyn, New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He takes a regenerative and integrative approach to treating his patients which is based on research found in peer-reviewed medical journals.

He has been treating patients for the past 15 years. He can treat both acute and chronic pain using a number of methods. Dr. Johanan Rand says this can include pain and/or inflammatory prescriptions, epidurals, steroid injections, and nerve blocks. He is also a practitioner of Medical Acupuncture. In order to keep up with the latest advances in his field of medicine he attends conferences around the nation both in person and via the internet. One such event he recently attended was the Gaby-Wright Nutritional Medical Conference. This was held in Seattle, Washington and covered the latest protocols when it comes to Intravenous Vitamin Therapy.

In order to serve as a good example to his patients Dr. Johanan Rand practices what he preaches. This means he eats a healthy diet and gets plenty of exercise. This exercise includes yoga, martial arts training, cardio-exercising, as well as weight training. Dr. Johanan Rand encourages his patients to get some form of exercise each day in order to remain healthy as they age.

Dr. Johanan Rand is also an expert when it comes to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Programs. He says that as people get older their hormones fall out of balance between the good hormones and the bad ones. He treats this in his patients in a number of ways. Among these are IV Nutritional Therapy, Allergies & Detoxification Programs, Preventative Disease Programs, and Metabolic Testing. He helps his patients stay healthy through preventative measures. Dr. Johanan Rand says that traditional methods or there to fix things when they go wrong while he focuses on preventing age-related diseases proactively.


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