The Benefits of Beneful

Beneful is the fourth most popular brand of dog food products by Nestle Purina Petcare. Named after the meaning “full of goodness”, Purina advertised this brand with the focus on nutrition and appearance. Beneful dog food was designed to look like stew while containing pieces of beef.

Beneful is favored by many dog owners due to its healthy ingredients including real meats and vitamin-rich veggies. Purina has also introduced dry dog food featuring soy rather than meat as the main source of protein.

Beneful wet dog food is made in twenty varieties of ingredients to choose from. Later Purina Beneful developed Prepared Meals in eight different flavors. This provides costumers with a meal already prepared in a food bowl for dogs to eat. The variety of textures and flavors that Beneful offers is above other brands making it s great choice for multiple dogs.

Owners are able to choose from a variety of protein that will best benefit their dog including beef, chicken, lamb, or pork. There are a variety of textures including thinly diced Chopped Blends and big hearty chunks in Hearty Roasters. Each food is paired with various vegetables including carrots, barley, rice, and green beans.

Purina Beneful also has created dog snacks and treats providing many of dogs’ favorite tastes and textures ato fit well with your dog’s meal. Beneful Baked Delights are oven baked and include the best flavors such as bacon, cheese, beef, and peanut butter.

It provides a choice of textures like savory shortbread cookie dog snacks as well as crispy, light crackers. Geberating more than $1.5 billion in annual revenues, Beneful has proven to be a top choice for dog owners. Purina Beneful is found in numerous pet stores and grocery stores around the nation. Costumers are able to find coupons online for Beneful for both dog foods and snacks.

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