Rocketship Charter School-Success That’s Out Of This World

In today’s ever changing world of education, it has been an increasing concern for parents to ensure their children get a good education. Public schools can often fall short due to budget constraints, overcrowding and disruptive classroom environments. Because of this, charter schools have become an essential new component to educational advancement and a strong viable school choice.

In fact, more and more students today support charter schools as a top academic option. In a recent survey published in USA Today over 50% of all millennials support charter school education. At Rocketship Charter School, the primary focus is on building education not just teaching it. We believe children should grow right alongside each other even if their abilities and pace is different than other students. At a charter school like Rocketship Charter School, each child’s abilities are encouraged and enhanced. This allows children to grow not just in education, but also in the belief in their abilities to use their education to better themselves and the world as they grow.

Rocketship Charter School is one of the leaders in successful education platforms in California. With over 6,000 active students and a high demand for expansion, Rocketship Charter School has established itself as a leader in childhood education. Our education platform differs from public schools because we start with the belief that all children given the right tools and skills can achieve in their education. We also believe that school choice is imperative for parents to find the best suitable education platforms for their children to ensure their success in school and in life. Rocketeers as our students are affectionately called learn how to solve problems to help them succeed long after they graduate.

At Rocketship Charter School, we strive to bring innovative education that inspires students to hunger to learn. Since the desire to learn is a fundamental part of all children, success in education at our schools is built upon their natural curiosity and teamwork. That is why we empower teachers, engage students with their parents in the education process together and inspire communities to support their local school’s programs.

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