Perry Mandera and the Community of Chicago

Perry Mandera knew that he wanted to serve his community and country at a very young age. After he graduated high school in 1975, he joined the military. He joined the Marine Corps Reserves. During his duty, he would drive trucks during his tour in the Marine Corps. This experience would later lead to the start of his successful transportation industry. After Mandera was honorably discharged, he was ready to start his career in the civilian sector. He would work at serval transportation companies until he was able to purchase his own and sell it. This experience would be beneficial to his future growth.

Mandera would then follow his dream and head to the call of duty again but this time it would be in the public sector. Perry Mandera would be elected to a position of the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th Ward in Chicago in 1984. He would serve until 1988. Mandera would be the youngest person elected to this position. During his time in office, he founded his company in 1986. Mandera started The Custom Companies, Inc.

The Custom Companies, Inc. is now serving thousands of customers and meets the needs of small businesses to large corporations featured in Fortune 100 corporations. The Custom Companies, Inc. exceeds annuals sales of 200 million dollars. Not only has Mandera created a successful and thriving business, he also has become a leader in creating jobs over the years. The company has serval hundred employees spanning from the headquarters in Northlake, Illinois to across the United States.

Perry Mandera has been a leading executive with over 30 years of experience. Mandera also supports the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC), where he received the Bishop Sheild Award in 2010 and also received the Citizen of the Year Award in 2011. The nonprofit works in tandem with the Police Athletic League. The ISCC and PAL work to reduce crime and juvenile delinquency while providing a positive light of police and Law in the community.

As a veteran, family man and churchgoer, Perry Mandera has always focused his efforts to give to charities that benefit children in the community. Organizations that Mandera has donated over the years are The Walter & Connie Payton Foundation and The Jesse White Tumblers. Perry Mandera not only supports these organizations, he is on the board of directors for both of these organizations. Mandera has provided transportation and 6,500 winter coats to children in need in Chicago and the surrounding counties.

With most large organizations, they are always looking at making the most profits. In the world today most companies no longer work in their local communities. They forget where it all started. Perry Mandera’s work throughout his life, from the Marine Corps Reserves to holding a position in public office, starting his successful company and donating to charities. Perry Mandera never forgets where it all started and always focuses on helping those in need. As The Custom Companies, Inc. continues to thrive, Mandera’s commitment to the community will be felt throughout Illinois and the United States of America.


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