Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College is a popular Liberal Arts College located in sunny Costa Mesa, California. The college offers a wide range of educational and recreational options for students. One of the most successful programs on campus is the men’s rowing team.


The team of nine recently landed a berth into the National Championships in Gainesville, Florida. This accomplishment is reflective of the competitive and team-based atmosphere provided by the college, but Orange Coast College is no stranger to national competition. The team has captured 11 National Titles since its inception over 60 years ago and the program has also seen over 10 student-athletes move on to compete at the Olympic level. The success of this small group is contagious and serves as a means of inspiration and camaraderie for the rest of the student body.


For many students, touting a championship row team is only one of the many perks offered at this fabulous institution. Orange Coast College offers course work in over 25 fields of study including business, consumer and health sciences and technology. The academic rigor of the college fully equips students to meet all of their career goals and aspirations.


In addition, the college offers a variety of clubs and associations for students. Intramural athletics, theater, and film club are just a few of the many offerings. The school also sponsors a variety of fund raisers, community service events and professional development seminars for students looking to grow professionally or give back to the community.


Overall, Orange Coast College is a diverse community where students can learn and grow. There are so many opportunities to find a niche, join a team, and and pursue your dreams! Learn more:


Talkspace – New Innovative Counseling App

Many people suffer from depression and post-traumatic stress disorders. Talkspace provides a safe place for you to talk to a therapist so you can work through your issues and get the treatment you deserve. Alicia Winkle, a therapist at Talkspace, is unique in her field as a mental health professional. She has been working for Talkspace for 2 years and has been a therapist for a total of 5 years. Winkle, who is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Alabama, has always viewed herself in a career that helps people. She focuses on helping people overcome obstacles in their life and give them the confidence to make changes for the better by working with her. She graduated from the University of North Alabama where she obtained her master’s degree in Community Counseling. She works with her clients from a home setting, because she knows what it’s like to have depression and anxiety issues. Talkspace allows their clients to receive therapy from home, which is a very positive and successful therapy strategy.

Talkspace is a counseling service that is completed via text messages. It’s an app that you download on your mobile device and as long as you have your phone and service, you can interact with a licensed therapist that is committed to helping you through your struggles. When you first sign up with Talkspace, you will receive a text message welcoming you to the place. Next, you will receive a questionnaire that you will need to fill out as accurately as possible, and then you will be paired with a therapist. Talkspace costs $25.00 per week to utilize their services and are suitable for anyone that may need services. It’s completely beneficial and their reputation is very positive. Many people can’t make it to counseling sessions because of their schedule, so this is perfect for those who are struggling with time.

Sahm Adrangi Betting Against a New Company Stock

Mr. Sahm Adrangi is a business owner and an investor. He created the company of Kerrisdale Capital Management in the heart of New York a few years ago.

The company of Kerrisdale Capital Management is still a small firm, but it has big plans for the future. Kerrisdale Capital Management has raised about a hundred million dollars for a vast number of investors. The fundraising is a part of a project, and so the money will be used to bet against a single stock.

The point of this is to shorten that stock of a public company but which company exactly has not been specified just yet. According to a spokesperson, the company in question will be announced in the middle of May. Mr. Sahm Adrangi stated that the money had been raised in a very short amount of time. That makes the businessman believe that the project has struck a chord within the investors and the community of business.

In order to spread the thesis of the Kerrisdale Capital Management, Mr. Sahim Adrangi and the data analyst of the company Shane Wilson are working together to spread the idea and convince more investors to put their money into its realization. The team is creating a website complete with videos, reports, and so on to get their point across.

Kerrisdale Capital Management is currently managing about half a billion dollars including the money that the raised. The company has been betting against other businesses in the past as well. Some of their previous targets include the satellite business of Globalstar as well as the biotech firms of Zafgen and Sage Therapeutics. The company of Kerrisdale Capital Management bets the businesses will not be successful in the next year through a hedge fund and it also makes bets that it will be successful.

Speaking of their hedge fund, Kerrisdale Capital Management the annual return if about 28%. That number applies to the fast handful of years according to a spokesperson of Kerrisdale Capital Management. The hedge fund of the company has been down by 7 percent n 2016 up until the March of this year.

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The Phenomenal Sheldon Lavin, Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, LLC

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman as well as the chief executive officer of the OSI Group. OSI group is a successful American business venture, which is a renowned holding firm for meat processing. The company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. It began its operations in Chicago in the year 1909 and boasts of over 20,000 employees, as per the statistics carried out in the year 2016 and what Sheldon Lavin knows.

Sheldon Lavin’s career path in the meat industry can be traced back to the year1970. This is the year when this prolific CEO organized for the funding of Otto & Sons. This company was later to become the OSI Group. The company tremendously grew across the US, Europe, South Africa, India and Australia. Sheldon has gradually steered the growth of OSI Group to where it is today. It is worth noting that the dynamic company is the top supplier of protein globally and boasts of more than 55 facilities in over 16 nations and resume him.

Before joining the food industry, Sheldon Lavin worked in the banking industry. Over the years, he has been able to work tirelessly to become a seasoned professional in the food industry. Sheldon holds a degree in finance and accounting. He has also bagged many awards due to his stupendous work. On February 20, 2016, he received the Global Visionary Award in India. Sheldon has been able to steer the growth and development of Osi Group from a domestic food company to a mega worldwide food processor. He has been able to bring a rather special policy at OSI Group, where people work as a family, thus fostering teamwork. He believes that the employees are an integral part of any business and their welfare is of paramount importance. This one factor has seen the company rise steadily over the years. The company has very little turnover, and this is another aspect that has made the company to grow and Sheldon Lavin’s lacrosse camp.

Interestingly, Sheldon Lavin is now 80 years and is still at the helm of the company fostering its growth with his focus being the Asian and European markets. The expansion as well as diversification of business is what brings him joy. He is proud that OSI Group has been able to rise continuously to be on top. Sheldon is a great philanthropist who has contributed in many charities such as the United Negro College Fund, Jewish United Fund and many more. He is also a great inspiration to many business people and more information click here.

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Lime Crime Introduces Popular New Palette

Lime Crime has exceeded customer expectations with an amazing palette taking their users back to the early 90’s. They have created a new Candy Pocket Palette blend with amazing buttery shades in a pastel cosmetic case that is very hard to resist. This palette is said to include the original LimeCrime colors along with a new buttery frost shade to accent your mood, hair, or amazing features. Their velvetine matte collection goes on with a superior smooth application, and molds to perfection on your eye-lids, and lips. The LC cosmetic designer was one of the first of her kind to experiment with the super-foil base.

The Candy Pocket Palette will take wearers back to a time when they put their favorite doll in the back pocket of their favorite Jordache jeans. You can easily find their products in the bottom of a cluttered purse, and recognize their cool packaging anywhere. Lime Crime products are completely hypoallergenic, and clinically tested to be safe to use everyday. Choose a new look with cool colors like Mint Kisser, or Purple Sorbet to accent your look. Their shades leave your unapologetic about your bold cosmetic choices, and help you identify with the real you.

You can find ways to be creative with LC cosmetics from their YouTube channel, and you’re also invited to leave your creative ideas for others to be inspired. They offer free tutorials from thousands of women, and men around the world just like you. They also have a popular Unicorn hair dye collection under their name with the same bold colors, and hypoallergenic contents for a temporary or permanent tint. Among their 1.4 Pinterest followers, their new Scandal lipstick with a purple-violet hue is very popular for having an amazing hue, and shade. Their Scandal line has had no problem standing out on their own; independent from the LC brand.

Lime Crime products are not available in stores, and can be purchased from their exclusive website. Choose your favorite brand and take part in free promotional shipping offers on as many colors as you choose. Change your look with Lime Crime products today.

IDLife: An Easier Way To Have A Balanced Diet

Do you find your self out of breath after going up a flight of stairs? Do you find that you still feel sleepy after a nights sleep? Do you sometimes have a hard time concentrating when at work? There is an epidemic of people who just can’t find the time to exercise or eat right. In this rat race of a world we live in, everything is so fast-paced. Your boss is demanding you stay late to finish a project. Your children require you to do what you need to make sure they have a good life. You have to make dinner and clean the house and the time just slips right by. There are so many reasons why that fitting a balanced diet into your life is not easy.

A company called IDLife has come up with a solution to help you eat healthy even on the go. They have come up with products that give you all the vitamins, minerals and protein you need, as well as keep you hydrated. IDLife has vitamins in pill form that you can take and also shakes full of vitamins and protein. They also have a workout line. These are products you would take before and after your workout. These ensure that you get the correct amount of amino acids and enzymes that you need as well as those vitamins and nutrients.

IDLife has partnered with a company called Garmin to help perfect the IDLife app. They partnered with Garmin because of the combination of their expertise in technology and nutrition. That is a powerful combination when it comes to the ultimate goal of making the world healthy, one person at a time, and making the app easy to navigate.

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James Dondero: CEO and Founder of the Highland Capital Management Company

James Dondero is the CEO and Founder of the Highland Capital Management Company based in Dallas, Texas. James Dondero is also recognized as one of the best philanthropists as he has donated millions of dollars through his Highland charity company that gives back to the community. For over three decades of professional experience, James Dondero has worked to become part of the solution to the investment needs of his clients. This was his dream before he graduated from the Texas State University with a Business Administration degree. James Dondero’s success in the industry is unparalleled as most of his solutions are tailored to address the special needs of his clients.

The commitment of James Dondero to improving the educational standards and opportunities in the state are unparalleled in the industry. In fact, he is recognized as one of the few people who has always worked to develop the animated business capabilities as the management solutions who facilitate better business in the educational and business sector of the country. Because he is also committed to the education standards of the people living in the Dallas-Fort area, he has grown in business and philanthropist partnerships through donations and business opportunities in the country. He has also strived to enrich the people’s lives to make efforts to amend the better business reviews in the industry.

Some of his prominent charity giving include the Family Place Charity Issue from the Highland Capital Management Company. James Dondero donated more than $1 million to the Family Place Organization. The Family Place Organization is one of the few organizations that work by issuing a wide range of solutions to advocate for the reduction of family or domestic violence among the people living together under one roof. When James Dondero issued $1 million to the Family Place, the company grew to achieve a mark of collecting more than $16.5 million for their events in the state. James Dondero, through the Highland Capital Management Company, donated more than $1 million to the Dallas Zoo development project that consumed more than $30 million. For this reason, it is evident that James Dondero is a man of the society.

Rocketship Charter School-Success That’s Out Of This World

In today’s ever changing world of education, it has been an increasing concern for parents to ensure their children get a good education. Public schools can often fall short due to budget constraints, overcrowding and disruptive classroom environments. Because of this, charter schools have become an essential new component to educational advancement and a strong viable school choice.

In fact, more and more students today support charter schools as a top academic option. In a recent survey published in USA Today over 50% of all millennials support charter school education. At Rocketship Charter School, the primary focus is on building education not just teaching it. We believe children should grow right alongside each other even if their abilities and pace is different than other students. At a charter school like Rocketship Charter School, each child’s abilities are encouraged and enhanced. This allows children to grow not just in education, but also in the belief in their abilities to use their education to better themselves and the world as they grow.

Rocketship Charter School is one of the leaders in successful education platforms in California. With over 6,000 active students and a high demand for expansion, Rocketship Charter School has established itself as a leader in childhood education. Our education platform differs from public schools because we start with the belief that all children given the right tools and skills can achieve in their education. We also believe that school choice is imperative for parents to find the best suitable education platforms for their children to ensure their success in school and in life. Rocketeers as our students are affectionately called learn how to solve problems to help them succeed long after they graduate.

At Rocketship Charter School, we strive to bring innovative education that inspires students to hunger to learn. Since the desire to learn is a fundamental part of all children, success in education at our schools is built upon their natural curiosity and teamwork. That is why we empower teachers, engage students with their parents in the education process together and inspire communities to support their local school’s programs.

Rick Smith CEO Of Securus: Improving Prison Communication Technology

Rick Smith is Securus Technologies CEO. He took the position in 2008. Smith is seen as the ideal choice to head the company because of his solid background and vast experience. He is valued as someone with an impressive track record of quality work and the right skill set to move the company forward to become the undisputed leader when it comes to providing communications systems for the prison community. Smith has many years of experience working in telecommunications, business development, IT and finance with the Frontier Corporation. He also spent 9 years as CEO of Eschelon Telecom, Inc. growing the company’s revenue from $30 million to $350 million.

Rick Smith has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, a masters in mathematics and an MBA. He also has many years of experience leading several different companies to prominence. Since joining Securus Technologies almost 10 years ago, he has helped the company to grow from a midsized inmate telecommunications firm to being a major player in providing communications technology for law enforcement, public safety, monitoring, investigations, emergency services companies as well as the corrections community. With the guidance of Rick Smith as CEO and chairman, Securus Technologies has enjoyed exceptional financial and operational growth and success through acquisitions and the dedication and hard work of the staff. .

Recently, Rick Smith was honored with a silver medal for Executive of the Year from the Stevie Awards, an annual business awards program. Smith said he’s ‘humbled to be chosen’ and felt the award also recognizes the work of the entire Securus Technologies team. He said through their work America is now a safer place. The Dallas, Texas based company provides the cutting-edge technologies that facilitate biometric analysis, information management and communication services for 1.2 million inmates and over 3,450 corrections, law enforcement and public safety agencies in North America and more information click here.

A graduate of the University of Rochester and the State University of New York, Rick Smith has guided Securus Technologies through their acquisition of Guarded Exchange, LLC, Cara Clinicals, Inc. and several other entities. Under his leadership the company has not only become a business that provides high-tech, diversified, government services, but has made a commitment to ethical business dealings. In 2012 the company issued the Securus Integrity Pledge that listed controls to ensure they use the highest level of integrity possible in their operations and what Rick Smith knows.

Smith explained that over the last 5 years Securus Technologies has invested $670 million to improve their technologies, patents and partnerships. Smith said the company also has a significant social responsibility to help provide safer prisons and jails, improve inmate education, create recidivism reduction tools and lower inmate phone call rates to facilitate better communications with their loved ones and his Linkedin.

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Vincent Parascandola is currently working with the AXA Advisors; He collaborates as the most current and highly working in in the office at the AXA Advisors as the senior executive and the vice president of the firm. Vincent as he collaborates with the company whose primary job is involved in broken. The Organizations with which Vincent currently works with has of more than fifty-four thousand firms and registered organizations nationwide.

For all the skills Mr. Vincent Parascandola is using in his job at the AXA advisors he obtained as he started his higher education at the University of Pace and he profoundly invested in the Lubin School of Business, again at the university Vincent attained good Bachelor of Science in the Computer Science.

When it was the year Two Thousand and Thirteen Vincent, Worked in the United States of America and thus still was working for the firm of AXA Advisors. In this year he worked as the President in the region and the Chief of the Sales Officer. Working here in the United States of America, He was appointed as the continental division thus managing several different branches in the region. During his job in this Continental Division, some of the main sectors Vincent improved were the production and the sales.

According to Wallet Hub, upon Vincent joining the AXA Advisory in the year Two Thousand And Fourteen, various and significant whooping benefits witnessed in the firm. For the period he has been working with the organization, a great change of good two hundred and twenty-five financial openings developed in the region of New Jersey.

Mr. Vincent Parascandola started work in Two thousand and Eight, he worked at an advantaged group, working as the president. Vincent developed the best decorum in his duty hence leading to the overall profit at the firm. Working at the Advantaged Group, he got appointed as the president of the Northern Division. Never the less, Vincent continued working for the similar company in the subsequent years. In those following years, he worked as the president similarly in the Continental Division.Plethora kinds of changes were brought by his duty in the firm, among some of the job output improved by him in the organization were like, increase in the overall growth of the sales, improvement of the total productivity of the producers. Read more on