NGP VAN Revamps the Future of Political Campaigning

The Democratic Party spent over $6.4 billion dollars in marketing including appealing to voters door-to-door. In order to make the political campaign effective, politicians rely heavily on donations and the efforts of volunteers. The role of the volunteer consists of calling potential voters over the phone and canvassing neighborhoods. The purpose of canvassing is not only to engage existing voters but to recruit new and/or potential voters.

Although canvassing door-to-door is a timeless method of persuading voters, the current system needed a “data makeover”. Stanford University and University of California Berkeley researchers David Broockman and Joshua Kalla conducted research to determine if canvassing was still an effective method of attracting voters. Researchers found that one in 800 voters changed their decision when contacted within a 2-month time period. These voters represent 39% of voters. Their research proved that canvassing works, but needs additional support to target swing voters.

The Democratic Party campaign has decided to team up with NGP Van (app developer) to use data software that will target voters. The purpose of the software is to identify voters that are more than likely to change their minds. Campaign organizers used an app created by NGP Van (MiniVan) which will help campaign organizers be more specific on who they target. The app is convenient because it works for IOS and Android devices and will help campaign organizers minimize the use paper, therefore, saving time and money. The NGP Van app allows volunteers or campaign organizers use their app to narrow down their routes by location, analyze voter data and sort/ organize their efforts. Furthermore, canvassers can create a personalized script that will assist in keeping the conversation targeted.

NGP Van has created a more modernized data-oriented app that fits the needs of political campaigns. It not only benefits campaign organizers and volunteers, but it allows swing voters to make a more informed decision prior to the election.


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