Milan Kordestani: Inspiring the Youth to Manifest Their Ambition

Milan Kordestani is a young man who has accomplished more things in the prime of his adulthood than most people ever will in a lifetime. While being just a sophomore in high school, Kordestani defied the stereotypical belief that entrepreneurial success can only be represented by middle-aged businessmen when he created his own company to become CEO and founder of Milan Farms. However, prior to establishing his blueprint within the world at such a young age, Kordestani exhibited leadership potential through his distinguishing traits of determination and strong resilience to defeat.

Throughout the early developmental stages of his childhood, Milan Kordestani grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in Stanford, California where he was born. He attended Phillips Brooks Elementary School which eventually would also signify a point in time within his life that he would have to deal with one of the most difficult hardships that so many children have to face—the divorce of his parents. Following the divorce of his parents, Milan Kordestani and his family relocated to London, England in 2009 where he then attended Eaton Square School. However, Kordestani’s stay in England was short lived and he returned back to the United States in 2010 to resume living in the Bay Area where he completed his high school education and graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory in 2017.

Moreover, in addition to having to emotionally manage the pivotal circumstances surrounding his parents divorce during his elementary years, it was also during that time (age 10) that Kordestani had to emotionally manage and master the challenges he encountered in his newfound love for horseback riding. It was noted by others that even after being thrown off a horse while riding, Kordestani maintained the focus, the passion, and a unique resilience against defeat that enabled him to push further as an equestrian to compete at high levels and win high ranking titles within world championships.

Alongside dedicating his time to being an accomplished equestrian, Kordestani is also currently a writer for the Huffington Post and oversees the operations of his company Milan Farms. Established in 2015, Milan Farms was created by Kordestani with a very holistic, healthful, and honest intent in mind to provide humane, organic, and fresh poultry and saffron to the consumer. Since becoming trademarked in 2016, Milan Farms has successfully expanded its business to now being distributed across the west coast. Certainly, Kordestani’s many achievements prove that any individual, no matter the age, possesses the ability to manifest desires and overcome difficulties to make a difference in their life and that of others.


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