Jeff Schneider: About Wellness

Everyone knows that in 2018 it’s easier to abandon your health than curate a specific plan to foster it. We have work, our family, friends, and sometimes dependents. But for the sake of those who love us and for ourselves, it’s important to tend to our personal health. Jeff Schneider, longtime fitness buff and dedicated athlete, understands just how important personal health is to everyone.

In addition to being super athletic, Jeffry Schneider is a CEO, father to three, and philanthropist. After decades of hard work and a commitment to fitness, he decided to take a step back to help others achieve physical fitness and discover the benefits of wellness programs. Currently, Schneider continues to champion the importance of health and remains an avid proponent of wellness plans in places of work. However, Schneider’s insights into wellness go past workplace value as Schneider underscores the general benefits that healthy habits can have on everyday living. He further emphasizes these benefits significantly contribute to a higher quality of life and believes that wellness programs are doorways to longevity. As a businessman, Jeff cares about the overall health and wellbeing of his employees, so naturally he is passionate about integrating these programs at his office.

Passionate about fitness, he’s glad to live in Austin where he has access to plenty of gyms and wellness programs, a personal passion. A wellness program, whether done individually or in a group, offers a variety of benefits. It boosts overall health, improves cognitive function, reduces stress levels and increases productivity at the workplace. Research shows individuals who exercise regularly as part of their wellness program are less likely to request sick leaves than those who do not exercise at all, so Jeffry implements them at his office too. Wellness programs demonstrate to employees their overall health is important to employers and fosters a positive attitude about working for the company. Jeff enjoys leading his company and looks forward every day to working with the team.

Believe it or not, Jeff’s concern for his employee’s health is spot on. Neuroscience studies show that relaxation directly affects office workflow. Yes, relaxation is vital to an individual’s ability to produce work and function at a high level. Relaxing allows people to work at peak efficiency with an improved capacity for social interaction, maintaining a positive attitude, staying motivated, and channeling creativity. To create a relaxed office space, a leader must always communicate openly, relate to their team, and frame situations in a positive light to keep up morale. Organizing a relaxed office culture through communication requires sensitivity and intuition, but arguably, leaders rely most heavily on creativity as it allows them to communicate and problem solve even when the situation is not ideal. Through refined, creative communication skills, a strong leader, like Jeff, supports employees’ ability to relax and produce high-quality work.

Jeff Schneider is finally taking a step back after decades of hard work. He’s decided to investigate what makes others happy, fulfilled, and successful. Today, his personal and professional life are flourishing in a culture of altruism, teamwork, and self-care. For many who come in contact with Jeff, he is living proof that following a personal wellness plan can positively impact your world and subsequently the people around you.


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