How The People At Goettl Air Conditioning Helped Out A Las Vegas Family

Goettl Air Conditioning, which has operations in the United States Southwestern portion of the country, has been engaging as a positive force in the communities in which it operates ever sine Ken Goodrich bought the company in 2013. A recent example of this took place in Las Vegas when Michael Gamst, the manager of that city’s Goettl Air Conditioning offices, heard about a family that had been living without air conditioning, heating, or a working toilet for over 10 years. He quickly put a plan in place to help Abana Stephenson and her two teenaged daughters. Free of charge, he installed a new heating system, air conditioning, and a new toilet that was installed by Sunny Plumbers, a subsidiary of Goettl. The system installed incorporates the latest technology which allows people to individually heat and cool different rooms in the home. When the system was installed Stephenson said that the project restored her faith in humanity.

Putting the focus on the customer and building great relationships is what Goettl Air Conditioning is all about. They install safe, reliable systems that last for years and heat and cool air efficiently and for much less expense than older systems. They have locations throughout the Southwest including Arizona, Nevada, and California.

In addition to installing, maintaining, and repairing residential heating and cooling systems, Goettl Air Conditioning also cleans and repairs ducts. This makes the air in a home much cleaner and safer as dirty, broken ducts spread unwanted contaminants throughout a home and which people inhale. The company also installs and services HVAC systems for small businesses such as retailers and small offices. The company has been in business since 1939 and has become an established, preferred provider of heating and cooling equipment in the communities in which the company operates.

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