Gregory James Aziz: The new face of the National Steel Car

Educational experience of Gregory James Aziz

Having been born in Canada, Gregory James Aziz spent his life in Ontario with his family. He undertook his early education in the country before joining the University of Western Ontario. For his undergraduate, Greg Aziz undertook Bachelor’s of Economics at the university. His academic performance became a stepping stone to a greater future which he set to succeed. At the University, Greg always thought of becoming an entrepreneur, but he was not very sure of his exact investment area. He had to sharpen his skills in entrepreneurship and leadership.

The contribution of James Aziz to the family business

Since he was young, James Aziz saw his family business grow. The family was involved in a business to produce and sell food to the people around. The market was based in Ontario, but the influence could go slightly beyond the intended market. After the completion of his university studies, Greg Aziz vowed to try his entrepreneurial skills in the family business. After a few years in the management, the family could sell their food not only in the country but also in the larger North American countries. The success of the family business became an encouragement in the entrepreneurial journey of Greg Aziz.

The experience as an employee

After moving to the United States in the early 1980s, Gregory James received several employment options. He was choosy about the types of jobs he could pick since he had a dream to be one of the influential entrepreneurs. Most of his employment opportunities came from the banks, and this gave him the desired opportunity to understand the market.

James Aziz as the CEO of the National Steel Car

After the facilitation of the purchase of the National Steel Car, Gregory Aziz became the most influential face of the company. The entire operational process was left under his watch. The company was expected to grow, but it was not expected to grow that fast. When the company was just starting, the level of production was very low, and the products did not attract the market. A balance had to be created between the production quantity and quality. In five years, James Aziz increased the production of cars from 3500 in 1994 to over 10000 in 1999. The tremendous increase in the production process led to the need for more employees, and this improved the quality of the produced products.



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