ClassDojo Is Revolutionizing The Classroom Experience

With the introduction of an education app, ClassDojo, classroom experience has become more meaningful, engaging and fun. The communication app uses photos, videos, and messages to connect teachers, students and parents. The connection between the three parties has ensured that everyone participates in the creation of an ideal classroom. This education platform has been effective, as it has boosted students’ performance in the school. The app allows teachers, parents and students to exchange instant messages, which can be translated into 35 languages. The app has improved the communication between parents and teachers. In the past, parents communicated with teachers using the phone.

ClassDojo has also helped teachers and students to improve the classroom culture by sharing feedback on the progress of various activities like team work and creativity. The app has a “stories” feature that allows the users to exchange photos and videos of the child’s progress throughout the day. Through ClassDojo, teachers and parents can access original content like video series that provides the children with adequate resources and tools to improve their classroom experience. In the recent past, ClassDojo partnered with Stanford PERTS and Harvard to create “Growth Mindset” video series and “Empathy” to help kids aged between 5 and 14 to improve their socio-emotional skills.

The story of ClassDojo dates back to 2011 when Sam and Liam joined the Imagine K12’s inaugural class and launched the app. With an overwhelming reception, ClassDojo had attracted more than 12,000 teachers within five weeks. After ten weeks, this number almost tripled to 35,000 teachers in the US. Sam and Liam introduced over 30 languages to the app. In the same year, they expanded the app to allow students to sign up before launching on IOS. In 2013, the educational app launched on Android and received Series A Funding. Since then, the two shrewd entrepreneurs have focused on expanding the platform by undertaking constant improvements. Recently, they introduced instant messaging, mentorship programs, and class stories. In 2015, TechCrunch Crunchie named ClassDojo as the Best Education Startup. Presently, the app has an active presence in 180 countries.

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