ClassDojo Helps Students Achieve

What is ClassDojo? One word that comes to mind is innovation. It’s a way for parents to be more involved in their child’s school day. It’s a communication app that allows teachers, parents, and students to stay current with classroom happenings. Videos, photos, and messages can be shared with all parties throughout the school day. It fosters greater teamwork and helps bring about better ideas for the classroom. Its ultimate goal is an incredible classroom.

It allows for creative thinking that’s far removed from the one size fits all model. It starts with the Classroom function which allows teachers and students to interact. Sharing progress and initiating feedback is what happens here. Different skills such as teamwork can be noted and commented upon by teachers to students. A continual interaction between students and teachers can help build extraordinary classrooms.

The Stories function are updated streams of pictures and videos throughout the school day. It’s available in three separate categories, Student Story, Class Story, and School Story. Student Stories allows students to share their progress and create their own timeline of what they’ve learned. School Story helps families stay connected to their school and its happenings. Class Story is where teachers are able to connect with the families associated with their class.

There’s also the ability to access original content which helps students grow their social and emotional skills. Their video series on Growth Mindset is an excellent example of this. It emphasizes persistent effort and getting the most out of one’s self. Regardless of whether or not the student has an IQ rivaling Einstein.

The Message function allows for instant communication without the need of personal details such as phone numbers. ClassDojo works on any device and also has bank grade security features. It has won numerous awards since its launch and remains the preeminent software to help improve student behavior and progress.

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