Class Dojo Helps Revive Edtech

The educational technology industry suffered a four-year-long sag in sales, things were not looking good. Now it’s quickly becoming a successful venture for many entrepreneurs. For example, an innovative program called Class Dojo has bridged the gap between parents, students, and teachers. Thanks to their website and app teachers can effectively communicate with parents. It has brought ground-up change to something that was previously limited to phone calls and notes in backpacks. Now two in three schools use Class Dojo.

How Class Dojo works

Each teacher has an online group with an adorable picture for each child. Parents can get alerts on their phones or in their e-mail about how their child’s day went. Many teachers post pictures so parents can get a glance into what their child does all day at school. There is also an option to e-mail your teacher or they can e-mail parents. Teachers can easily send out announcements via the program. In the end, it has been the teacher’s embrace of Class Dojo that has led to its overnight success.

Class Dojo has also been an effective tool to bring the community into the school as parents now feel more included. It has created a positive culture between classrooms and schools. Those that use Class Dojo feel empowered as they have a better handle on how their child is behaving in school, school events, and important news. Finally, the Class Dojo platform has helped parents to feel like it is more acceptable to communicate with teachers. Previously, many didn’t feel free to do so.

Why Class Dojo was successful

Edtech products can be absolutely amazing but not be popular with schools or teachers and fail. What Class Dojo did right was getting valuable feedback from teachers, parents, and students to find out what the specific needs were. They worked to fix those problems and target areas that needed improvement. The company continues user feedback to better their brand.

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