Securus Technologies Purchases Patents To Strengthen Its Position In The Industry

Securus Technologies maintains its presence as a leader in the world of criminal technology. The company has been in business for many years and offers services that are of high value in the law enforcement. Securus has clients that need assistance with investigation, public safety and modern human communication in order to maintain an authoritative presence. Securus is involved in solving many different types of complicated matters that are unique to detainment facilities. The organization has served a variety law enforcement bureaus and public safety organizations throughout the United States. Securus Technologies prides itself on being an enterprise that promotes making the world a better place.


Prison management requires a unique set of tools and skilled personnel in order to be conducted properly. Securus Technologies has been in this industry since 1986 and continues to introduce innovative business practices to a very progressive industry. The company has offices in Atlanta Georgia as well as Dallas Texas. Secures has a staff of over 1,000 employees who are in charge of serving 2600 contracts around the nation. Executives at Securus Technologies are aware that the competition is always pushing the envelope. This is why the company has invested in its infrastructure by committing up to six hundred million dollars in patents and acquisitions within a three-year period. Offender Management Systems was one of the acquisitions that was made by Securus Technologies. Before this purchase Offender Management was a leader in the criminal technology field.


Cell phone defense is a major issue when it comes to managing detainment facilities. Securus has been an active member in Cell Defender Technology. It partnered with Harris Corporation in order to introduce a system that will prevent cell phone activity on the inside of Correctional Facilities from reaching outside mobile networks. The program was introduced in 2017 after being approved by five different Department of Corrections bureaus in 2016. The new cell phone defender technology is expected to assist correctional facility agents with preventing and solving inmate-on-inmate crimes.


Securus Technologies made another key acquisition to the corporate team. JPay is a specialist in email, payment processing and entertainment systems for correctional facilities. The company carved out its own niche in the industry, which drew the attention from executives at Securus Technologies. JPay has contracts with correctional facilities in 33 states throughout the country. Securus Technologies believes that JPay will help them diversify its reach within the criminal technology business. This will result in a wide variety of products for clients to choose from.


JPay will continue to operate as a independent organization. Leaders at Securus Technologies expect to learn a great deal from how the company conducts business and has been able to generate such success in the same industry. JPay in turn will gain access to the resources that come from being affiliated with a company as large as Securus Technologies.