NuoDB: Developing Database Management Systems for Today and the Future

NuoDB is a database management technology that builds on features of traditional SQL to come up with a new SQL database that supports cloud computing. When installed in a system, NuoDB software sends commands to other programs and applications using SQL statements. Despite being almost similar to traditional database management systems, however, NuoDB structure incorporate tires, such as storage, administrative, and. This structure enables it to support cloud database computing.

NuoDB Company

A database genius, Jim Starkey, masterminded NuoDB. He joined hands with Barry S Morris, another tech genius, to develop the software in 2008. The two opened a company in Cambridge, Massachusetts and named it NimbusDB. The company, which was later rebranded to NuoDB, has since been developing, marketing, and distributing NuoDB software. The software is developed in series, some of them being NuoDB 1.0, NuoDB 1.5, NuoDB 2.0, NuoDB 2.3 and so on. Early this year, the company released a new series, NuoDB 2.6.

NuoDB’s Financial Position

By last year, NuoDB had received funding to the tune of $58 million. Some of the main financiers include Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Dassault Systèmes, Morgenthaler Ventures, and Longworth Venture Partners. The funding came in three rounds in 2012, 2014, and 2016. Currently, the company provides employment to over 85 employees.

NuoDB Goes Against The Grain Of Business Technology

NuoDB is the new database solution that has everybody in the tech industry buzzing. At this point in time, there are already many SQL-oriented databases available. What makes this database so unique is the fact that it is designed to maximize efficiency whilst running on large scale clusters.

Cluster computing is not anything new, but very few pieces of software have efficiently utilized it. NuoDB has taken this cryptic sector of technology and utilized it for cloud computing software development.

Cloud-based applications at a large scale will need the reliability of multiple backups in the event of hardware failure. Because of this, many large companies now rely on this transactional database management system. Kodiak, Alfa Systems, and the UAE Exchange are prime examples of satisfied customers of NuoDB.

Originally, NuoDB was supposed to be named NimbusDB by their creators. They completely reformed the project in 2011 when they finalized their name. Within time, the project had gained popularity, especially after gaining their first patent in 2012. Venture capital firms have pitched over $59 million in funding due to the unique nature of the software. Some of the venture capital firms have even implemented the database within their own web projects.