Bob Reina: An All Round Philanthropist Using Talk Fusion to Improve Lives

Bob Reina is an American entrepreneur, a CEO, a former policeman and an online video personality. Bob attended the University of South Florida, USA and after his collegiate studies, he became part of Tampa Police Academy where he graduated earning the prestigious Award of Merit. Bob is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a home of the world’s first all-in-one video marketing solution. He was introduced to online marketing in 1990 while he was still a policeman. Bob’s passion for network marketing pushed him to leave his full-time career and focus on pursuing his entrepreneurial career.

In 2004, with the help of an IT-savvy friend, Bob perfected the art of putting videos into emails which later expanded rapidly doing business in more than 140 countries with its products offered in multiple languages. Bob believes in helping the needy, building futures, realizing dreams and giving back to the communities all over the world. In response to an entrepreneurial itch, he began using old-fashioned desire and sweat to make it as a part-time associate in direct selling thus his passion for online video marketing boldly clear-cut his vision for success. Bob’s free time goes to supporting several non-profit groups that seek to help animals through his financial support to an orphanage in Indonesia.

Reina’s article of “Video Advertising Trends of 2017” pinpoints it as among the most growing and trending techniques of 2016 that has remained constant in the marketing sector. Talk Fusion has several strategies when it comes to their marketing which ensures that keep it interesting, memorable and convincing.

Talk Fusion has also been working on developing an application to email videos with one click on mobile phones electronic devices. Talk Fusion spearheads its vision to change lives through actions and those actions are repeated through Bob’s company and Independent Associates. Giving back to non-profits inspired him to launch a programme which gives Talk Fusion associates the luxury of donating one free account to a charity they chose to. Talk Fusion’s goal is to help charities and non-profits across the globe to reach more people, spread their message and further their cause in a way was not possible before. Learn more:

Futurist Jason Hope makes major contribution to SENS foundation

Jason Hope is one of the most prolific entrepreneurs in the United States today. After having founded a wide range of highly successful companies, including Jawa, one of the first premium content streaming for providers in the world, Hope has decided to turn his attention to more pressing and societally relevant causes.

Recently, it was announced that Hope would be donating more than half a million dollars to one of the most forward-thinking research organizations in the United States. Known as the SENS Foundation, the organization specializes in researching diseases caused by the aging process. Specifically, the donation made by Hope will be going to research atherosclerosis and related conditions.

As someone who has long been an avid reader of the medical literature, Hope has long known that atherosclerosis shares a common etiology with many other disease processes of old age. Atherosclerosis forms when free floating particles of lipoproteins irritate the lining of veins and arteries. This causes an inflammatory response, with the body reacting by covering the damage with fibrinous plaques or scar tissue. Eventually, these plaques can grow to this point where they occlude the artery, causing disruption of blood flow. Another danger of the atherosclerotic process is that these plaques can become unstable, eventually leading to the rupture. When this happens, the inflammatory response can be acute, causing a complete occlusion of the artery. This can lead to such outcomes as heart attack, stroke or organ or tissue damage throughout the body.

By making a large donation to the SENS Foundation, Hope is helping modern science to get to the bottom of the inflammatory response that leads to the long-term formation of atherosclerosis. But Hope also says that this is the same basic biological process that leads to other diseases of aging, such as glaucoma, arthritis and even wrinkling of the skin.

In addition to his medical philanthropy, Hope is also a major proponent of the Internet of Things, the next generation technologies that he believes will revolutionize the way in which Americans interact with their physical environment. Hope has also been a strong supporter of Internet-of-Things development, publicly advocating the new technology and the public’s embrace of it.

Hope believes that, eventually, it would be possible for medical technology to interface with the Internet of Things, creating vast possibilities to make people healthier and more able to live fulfilling lives.

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How Talk Fusion Services Have Changed the Market

Talk Fusion is a company that is giving people new meaning in life. The institution has only been operating for a short time, and it has brought changes in the marketing department. In the past, it was quite tricky to find a video marketing platform that was affordable to all companies. Things are better for the people in the modern times because of the advancements that have been made by companies such as Talk Fusion. The organization was introduced into the American market in the year 2007 by a prominent direct selling expert, Bob Reina. When the company was still new in the market, no one knew the kind of future it was going to have. Several years later, the company has proven to be very competitive, and it has brought a lot of joy to many people living in many parts of the world.


Since Talk Fusion ventured into the American market, it has been working so hard to give more customers more and better products. Apart from the numerous products provided by the company, people say that Talk Fusion prices are very affordable, especially to the people who need to market their new companies. The company understands that new businesses do not have enough money to use on their marketing strategies, and this is why they have even offered a thirty-day free trial so that the clients understand the kind of product they are purchasing. Not long ago, the large institution introduced a Product Dashboard that has taken the market by a storm. This is also considered to be one of the greatest things the company has managed to achieve for many years.



The new dashboard from Talk Fusion is something customers in the international platform should look up to. First of all, the institution has ensured that customers will have to enjoy a new look that will add to the experience they have been getting in the past. Bob Reina, the company CEO, and the president says that the modern dashboard is one of the things his company has been looking forward to introducing. The professionals who are working in Talk Fusion have played a vital role in the introduction of the recent services. According to Reina, these professionals have been working in the video marketing department for a long time, and this has enabled them to acquire the skills needed in the market. These individuals have introduced great services that have not disappointed the customers. Learn more: