Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College is a popular Liberal Arts College located in sunny Costa Mesa, California. The college offers a wide range of educational and recreational options for students. One of the most successful programs on campus is the men’s rowing team.


The team of nine recently landed a berth into the National Championships in Gainesville, Florida. This accomplishment is reflective of the competitive and team-based atmosphere provided by the college, but Orange Coast College is no stranger to national competition. The team has captured 11 National Titles since its inception over 60 years ago and the program has also seen over 10 student-athletes move on to compete at the Olympic level. The success of this small group is contagious and serves as a means of inspiration and camaraderie for the rest of the student body.


For many students, touting a championship row team is only one of the many perks offered at this fabulous institution. Orange Coast College offers course work in over 25 fields of study including business, consumer and health sciences and technology. The academic rigor of the college fully equips students to meet all of their career goals and aspirations.


In addition, the college offers a variety of clubs and associations for students. Intramural athletics, theater, and film club are just a few of the many offerings. The school also sponsors a variety of fund raisers, community service events and professional development seminars for students looking to grow professionally or give back to the community.


Overall, Orange Coast College is a diverse community where students can learn and grow. There are so many opportunities to find a niche, join a team, and and pursue your dreams! Learn more: