The EOS company and their great reviews!

(Recap) Lip balm is all the rage these days. They come in all form, medicated, non medicated. So many options to choose from, however all the rage now is vegan lip balm by EOS. Already they have went out and made a name for themselves, but, still they keep climbing the ladder and customers keep going crazy for their products. The EOS brand will forever be recognized by the small round packages that their lip balm comes in, but, now thanks to this new vegan formula customers can truly say they’re getting their needs met by the EOS company. EOS tries to keep prices at the lowest they can, and with this the new vegan formula was flying off the shelves the day it was released.

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EOS stands for Evolution Of Smooth, they’re a company that does more than your standard lip balm. They also have creams, lotions, and shaving cream as well, purchase here. They have been in business for many years, and right away they made a name for themselves. Products by EOS can be found at most major stores such as Walmart, target, even some gas stations in case you’re in a need for some EOS in your life while you’re driving.

For many years store shelves featured bland lip balms that were usually in three select flavors, cherry, original, and mint, see here on Normally they came in a standard tube, no flair, color, or way to express your personality. EOS fixed that by bringing forth stylish, yes compact and effective lip balm packages. Not to mention they have lots of great vitamins, bees wax, and other ingredients for your body.