OSI Group Helps To Feed The World

Feeding the world is a highly important task. Each day, people need to take in a certain number of calories to survive. Companies like OSI Group have rushed to help make sure people get enough to eat. OSI Group is one of the world’s most respected companies. As a top one hundred food company, they have many suppliers who count on them to deliver products to clients. With their help, it has been possible to take raw materials and turn them into foods that people love to eat. In pursuit of this goal, company officials have been able to continue to ramp up production goals. Their latest milestone has been to double their capacity to produce chicken products. The Aurora, IL food conglomerate is noted for their ability to continually exceed expectations and daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and even longer goals. OSI Group officials are pleased to announce they have been able to expand production even further than expected. Many factors went into their ability to process ever greater amounts of chicken. One of the most important has been the addition of a new line in the company’s operations in Spain. This new high production has helped officials here process even more chicken.

A Vast Increase

In 2017, company officials were able to push production of various kinds of processed chicken products from about twelve thousand tons to twenty-four thousand tons. Such production is nearly unprecedented and much welcome. This helps illustrate why OSI Group has so much to offer all those who work with the company in some ways. Those who are employed by OSI Group know they can count on help and support from the company. They also know that company officials will support their desire to continue to learn and grow. This is why the company has been so successful at what they do. As one of the world’s leading providers of varied types of food products, they are there to help feed the world and make people happier. The new production goal that has just been met illustrates just how driven company officials are and how determined they are to continue to provide top quality items for all of their many consumers. It also helps demonstrate how hard company officials work to make sure that people can eat products they like and enjoy at cafeterias and other food serving spaces all over the world.

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OSI Industries Grew From Humble Beginnings

OSI Industries is the classic example of a company built on the American dream. A German immigrant named Otto Kolshowsky came to the United States with a vision. He began with a small meat market in the Chicago Illinois area. Otto provided a quality product to the customers that entered his venue. However, he had a bigger mission. He soon began to service other food establishments in the area. Restaurants, supermarkets and delicatessens were all in need of Otto Kolshowsky’s services. Over the years he developed a solid relationship with businesses in the region.

The company would become known as Otto and Sons. Otto and Son’s continued to grow throughout the early 1900’s. By the 1950’s Otto Kolshowsky’s family had taken over the company. The business was thriving. They would eventually come across a budding CEO named Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was expanding his restaurant empire and needed a meat supplier that he could trust in the Illinois area. He enlisted Otto and Sons. They became one of several hundred meat suppliers that McDonald’s was using at the time.

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As a relationship with McDonald’s grew, Otto and Sons developed innovations that put them ahead of the competition for McDonald’s services. The meat patty cutting machine was an invention that catered to the hamburger making process. This equipment provided a ready-made product to McDonald’s and saved them a tremendous amount of money. Another introduction was cryogenic freezing chambers. It showed that Otto and Sons were on the cutting edge of the meat supply business. In time they became McDonald’s primary meat supplier.

Otto and Sons went on to become OSI Industries. OSI Industries is now a worldwide institution. The company has several factories operating throughout the United States. Their international influence includes locations in China and Europe. They supply several different restaurant chains including Pizza Hut, Subway, Starbucks and Papa John’s Pizza.

OSI Industries acquired Baho Foods in an effort to diversify its influence within the food supply industry. Baho Foods is a European based organization that has been in business for many decades. The acquisition will give OSI Industries the reach it needs to expand operations across the European region.

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