Getting to Know Financier Wes Edens

For 20 years Wes Edens has been living the dream working at Fortress Investment Group, a company he helped found in 1998. Edens current role is the co-founder, co-CEO, chairman, and Principal of Fortress. He oversees over $15 billion in publicly traded alternative investments and Fortress’s private equity.Prior to Fortress Investment Group Eden worked for BlackRock Asset Investors as the managing director and partner. Wes Edens gained valuable experience in his position at Lehman Brothers where he also worked as a partner and managing director not long after finishing his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Finance at Oregon State University in 1984. He currently makes approximately 54.4 million annually in his current position.

Employees of Fortress Investment Group have spoken about the company’s excellent management and opportunities to learn about different fields and industries. Team collaboration flows well within the company’s departments. Fortress utilizes a flat organization structure allowing for easier communication between divisions, departments, and individuals. Employees also speak positively about their benefits package and the company’s exceptional human resources department. Wes Edens has many athletic passions outside of his job. He is a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA franchise team. He purchased the team with Marc Lasry in 2014.

Additionally, he owns the e-sports team FlyQuest that competes in the League of Legends. For his own personal hobbies, Wes Edens participates in mountain climbing and horse jumping. He is married to Lynn Edens and the couple has four children together. Self-made success story Wes Edens has worked in the financial field since 1987. He gained valuable on-the-job experience before co-founding Fortress Investment Group in 1998. The company began small but grew into a large, successful organization over the course of 20 years. Edens owns the Milwaukee Bucks and FlyQuest, an e-sports team. Edens has had a very successful career in the finance industry through hard work, wise investments, and ample experience.


Vincent Parascandola is currently working with the AXA Advisors; He collaborates as the most current and highly working in in the office at the AXA Advisors as the senior executive and the vice president of the firm. Vincent as he collaborates with the company whose primary job is involved in broken. The Organizations with which Vincent currently works with has of more than fifty-four thousand firms and registered organizations nationwide.

For all the skills Mr. Vincent Parascandola is using in his job at the AXA advisors he obtained as he started his higher education at the University of Pace and he profoundly invested in the Lubin School of Business, again at the university Vincent attained good Bachelor of Science in the Computer Science.

When it was the year Two Thousand and Thirteen Vincent, Worked in the United States of America and thus still was working for the firm of AXA Advisors. In this year he worked as the President in the region and the Chief of the Sales Officer. Working here in the United States of America, He was appointed as the continental division thus managing several different branches in the region. During his job in this Continental Division, some of the main sectors Vincent improved were the production and the sales.

According to Wallet Hub, upon Vincent joining the AXA Advisory in the year Two Thousand And Fourteen, various and significant whooping benefits witnessed in the firm. For the period he has been working with the organization, a great change of good two hundred and twenty-five financial openings developed in the region of New Jersey.

Mr. Vincent Parascandola started work in Two thousand and Eight, he worked at an advantaged group, working as the president. Vincent developed the best decorum in his duty hence leading to the overall profit at the firm. Working at the Advantaged Group, he got appointed as the president of the Northern Division. Never the less, Vincent continued working for the similar company in the subsequent years. In those following years, he worked as the president similarly in the Continental Division.Plethora kinds of changes were brought by his duty in the firm, among some of the job output improved by him in the organization were like, increase in the overall growth of the sales, improvement of the total productivity of the producers. Read more on

Equities First Holdings: The Global Lender Spots a Trend Among Stock-based Loan Borrowers Using this Loans to Secure Working Capital

As financial institutions and banks constrict their lending criterion, the Stock-based loans offer an attractive alternative to investors who want to raise capital. Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) the leader in alternative financing solutions to shareholders, has seen an increasing trend among the stock-based and margin loans in an economic climate where major financial institutions and banks see tightening their lending criterion. For most borrowers who want to raise fast capital, equities lending is now one of the most popular credit alternatives. You can see their listings if you do not qualify for credit-based loans.

While there are other options for corporations and individual investors, many leading financial institutions and banks have tightened their lending criteria. They have increased interest rates and increased qualification criterion. The Chief Executive Officer and founder of EFH, Al. Christy, has seen the stock-collateralized loans as the best innovation for alternative borrowing solutions. The stock-based loans have a high loan-to-value ratio than margin loans. For certainty throughout the life of a transaction, they offer a fixed interest rate.

During a four-year loan term, there is ultimate market fluctuation. However, the stock-based loans are hedge-based because borrowers have a little investment risk. Most of these loans are non-recourse featured. Even when their stock depreciates, they allow the borrower to disengage from the loan at any time. The borrowers keep the initial loans to proceed without lender-obligations.

For the margin loans, they must have a pre-qualified borrower. They also require money spent or a specific purpose as with a conventional bank loan. The borrower can expect a value up to 5 percent interest rate. When a margin call is impending, the lending company has the right to liquidate their collaterals without warning.

Equities First Holdings, since 2002, has provided its highly-esteemed clients with alternative financial solutions. They use the publicly-related stocks to supply quick capital. For this reason, they have developed a client-based solution to help them meet their professional and personal goals. EFH also provides capital against public exchange all-over-the-world.