Class Dojo Helps Revive Edtech

The educational technology industry suffered a four-year-long sag in sales, things were not looking good. Now it’s quickly becoming a successful venture for many entrepreneurs. For example, an innovative program called Class Dojo has bridged the gap between parents, students, and teachers. Thanks to their website and app teachers can effectively communicate with parents. It has brought ground-up change to something that was previously limited to phone calls and notes in backpacks. Now two in three schools use Class Dojo.

How Class Dojo works

Each teacher has an online group with an adorable picture for each child. Parents can get alerts on their phones or in their e-mail about how their child’s day went. Many teachers post pictures so parents can get a glance into what their child does all day at school. There is also an option to e-mail your teacher or they can e-mail parents. Teachers can easily send out announcements via the program. In the end, it has been the teacher’s embrace of Class Dojo that has led to its overnight success.

Class Dojo has also been an effective tool to bring the community into the school as parents now feel more included. It has created a positive culture between classrooms and schools. Those that use Class Dojo feel empowered as they have a better handle on how their child is behaving in school, school events, and important news. Finally, the Class Dojo platform has helped parents to feel like it is more acceptable to communicate with teachers. Previously, many didn’t feel free to do so.

Why Class Dojo was successful

Edtech products can be absolutely amazing but not be popular with schools or teachers and fail. What Class Dojo did right was getting valuable feedback from teachers, parents, and students to find out what the specific needs were. They worked to fix those problems and target areas that needed improvement. The company continues user feedback to better their brand.

Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College is a popular Liberal Arts College located in sunny Costa Mesa, California. The college offers a wide range of educational and recreational options for students. One of the most successful programs on campus is the men’s rowing team.


The team of nine recently landed a berth into the National Championships in Gainesville, Florida. This accomplishment is reflective of the competitive and team-based atmosphere provided by the college, but Orange Coast College is no stranger to national competition. The team has captured 11 National Titles since its inception over 60 years ago and the program has also seen over 10 student-athletes move on to compete at the Olympic level. The success of this small group is contagious and serves as a means of inspiration and camaraderie for the rest of the student body.


For many students, touting a championship row team is only one of the many perks offered at this fabulous institution. Orange Coast College offers course work in over 25 fields of study including business, consumer and health sciences and technology. The academic rigor of the college fully equips students to meet all of their career goals and aspirations.


In addition, the college offers a variety of clubs and associations for students. Intramural athletics, theater, and film club are just a few of the many offerings. The school also sponsors a variety of fund raisers, community service events and professional development seminars for students looking to grow professionally or give back to the community.


Overall, Orange Coast College is a diverse community where students can learn and grow. There are so many opportunities to find a niche, join a team, and and pursue your dreams! Learn more:


Betsy DeVos is the Political Philanthropic Figure

Betsy DeVos is a highly philanthropic person, who has always been a leader since her college days at Michigan Calvin College. The young Elisabeth Prince would vie for positions on campus, and her charisma and influence would make the fellow students vote for her. History in the schools also records that she had a high ability to deliver all the objectives, which she promised people during elections. Right now Betsy is married to Dick DeVos, and together they have four children and are also graced with five grandchildren. Nevertheless, Betsy still remains active in politics and leadership positions in America.Betsy takes on political positions that help her transform people’s lives positively.

She also has a passion for helping the less fortunate people, especially using her family foundation, which they run with the husband. Betsy and Dick DeVos mainly give towards charitable courses as well as towards political courses. Other than that, Betsy is also a disruptor of the norm as she is an activist in areas that oppress people. She is also an innovator and an advocate in terms of social change.Betsy DeVos has in the past been the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, where she was in leadership for four consecutive terms. She has also held many political posts in the previous years, although her interests have now changed to educational related courses. Betsy has taken part in numerous political campaigns across America. She has chaired many political action committees in America and the committees that organize political parties during the parties’ formation.

Dick and Betsy DeVos say that they give their help to Voucher And Charter schools because the old public education system limits the American kids from attaining the American dream. In an interview, Dick said that the kids from the wrong zip codes are oppressed in the public system. Betsy says that their choice of schools dates back to a day that they visited Potter’s House School that is owned by the televangelist Bishop Jakes. The Noticed that most parents had decided to enroll their kids in the school despite the higher tuition fees in comparison to the public schools. The couple noticed that parents preferred to put their kids in safer environments, even if they strained to pay the fees. Betsy and Dicks volunteered to sponsor some kids in the school and they have continued making contributions to the school up to date. Additionally, they also sponsor other such schools because they associate the institutions with positive changes that help the children be transformed members of the society. Betsy further noted that the public schools were losing kids at a high level to the Charter and Voucher schools. According to her, the public schools are not advanced enough to help children have bright futures.

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Rocketship Education Providing Opportunities for the Under-served

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of primary schools meant for the low-income population that has limited access to better schools. Rocketship Education was founded in 2006 with the main aim of eradicating the success gap in schools. The primary objective of the corporation was to build a sustainable school model that drives towards student achievement in under-served communities in U.S. Rocketship’s central model is teacher led, personalized learning, and technology supported approach that matches each student with the proper subjects using the proper procedures of instructions. Rocketship Education’s main achievement is the development of parents and guardians who become lifelong advocates for the community and not only their children. They achieve this by deeply involving parents in their students’ progress in learning and the school community as well.

Rocketship is ranked among the top and has been nationally applauded among the best charter networks. The corporation has been hailed as a groundbreaking model of blended learning. John Danner is the founder of Rocketship, and he previously made a fortune doing internet advertising. He had a vision of enrolling about one million students by the year 2020 banking on the strengths of three pillars- excellent teachers, personalized learning with software and parent engagement to advance the success of the under-served.

Currently, there exist 13 Rocketship schools containing up to 6000 students in Nashville, Milwaukee, and San Fransisco. There is also one that was established in Washington D.C during the fall of 2016. During the state tests, the low-income Hispanic students usually outperform their peers. At Rocketship, teachers are offered a higher pay in comparison with their counterparts. They receive a compensation of up to 50 per cent as merit bonuses. This represents an exceptionally higher ratio even among the charter schools. The bonuses are awarded about the growth of students on the standardized tests by NWEA which is given thrice in a year.

In recent results released by NWEA, students in the Rocketship networks had made the biggest gains which include 1.5 years In English and 1.7 years in math. The gains in the respective disciplines represented just one year in school.