Information Technology Expert-Drew Madden

Doing things with his hands is what he loves most. Drew Madden is an Information Technology entrepreneur who has invested so far in the medical sector. Mr. Madden has a strong personality and works effortlessly to build a group of its own, an organization that is attractive as well as the partnership of integrity with his clients. Madden has gained a vast experience as well as skills throughout his career, and his passion for medical electronic has expanded due to his involvement with other like-minded individuals and organization in the healthcare sector. His experience in supervision, executing, advising and enhancing EMR projects runs for over ten years.

After his High School graduation, Mr. Drew joined Iowa University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. After his education and graduation from the University, Drew went to serve with Ingenix which is an affiliate organization of the United Healthcare. When he joined the firm, he was given the responsibility of an epic consultant. However, Ingenix is not the organization which Madden began his career. Instead, he first joined Cerner Corporation. At Cerner Corporation Drew spent most of his time constructing, and instigating inpatient medical resolutions. He has served in several other healthcare facilities which have helped her grow his career and also gain more knowledge in the industry. Other organizations in which he has worked include Healthia Consulting, where he started as a role implementer before climbing the career ladder and was appointed to the Business Development position.

In 2011 Nordic Consulting Partners appointed Drew Madden as the President a year after he joined the group. For five years, Madden served in the position of the President. Under his leadership, Nordic Consulting Partnership has become a leader in the Information technology Industry. From 2012 to 2014 the firm was listed among the medical consulting companies which reviled a high level of consultation characterized with excellence. During his tenure as the President of the group, Drew increased the number of staffs from 10 to 75 and also the number of client partners from 3 to 150. The firm expanded its portfolio during his time and even raised their revenue collection. As the President of Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew Madden was responsible for; creating customer relationship, business development, as well as staffing. Drew has a healthy relationship with significant clients worldwide.