OSI Group is a giant in the worldwide food industry.

OSI Group is a giant in the worldwide food industry.

OSI Group is among the largest private companies in the world being ranked at position 58 by Forbes, and the firm has gained the reputation of consistent quality supply of value-added protein products. In the turn of the 20th Century, Chicago was a city on the rise with industries growing and also a surge from immigrants. Otto Kolschowsky is among the immigrants from Germany that settled in the community of Chicago, Illinois. Two years after his arrival, Otto Kolschowsky set up shop in oak park selling meat at a butcher and a small retail meat market. Kolschowsky had the heart of serving his community and he supplied quality beef to his community to great extends that he expanded his small retail shop to a wholesale business. In the next decade, the firm followed an already unique streak of quality meat supply and a focus on customer services, and it was rebranded to become Otto and Sons in the year 1928. A significant moment in the already thriving family business was when Ray Kroc on behalf of the couple Richard and Maurice McDonald launched the first branch of McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines the year 1955. Ray Kroc entered into an agreement with the Otto and sons hence they became the primary supplier of fresh ground beef. Eventually, Ray Kroc became the Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s and implemented a blueprint for a modern franchise that he had in place, the Otto and Sons business had landed a jackpot. The family business became the regular supplier of the chain of McDonald’s that was ever growing across the regions in the country. Over the next two decades, several occurrences took place that spearheaded the growth of Otto and Sons business even further. The business model of Ray Kroc aimed at supplying a restaurant with a consistent product and hamburgers were his product of choice. Subsequently, there was need for suppliers of the franchise such as Otto and Sons to provide a consistent affordable product and Otto and Sons rose to the occasion in a big way. Through application of the technological breakthrough of flash freezing in the closing of the 1960s, Otto and Sons was in a position to supply a variety of products at a reduced cost. The Otto and Sons business became OSI Group in the year 1975 after the shifting of corporate leadership to Sheldon Lavin in the initial stages of the company entering the global market. Through consistent supply of quality and consistent products to their customers OSI Group is one of the giants in the food industry worldwide with over 2000 employees. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

Robert Deignan, Sailing into a Technology Future

Robert Deignan is a man of many passions, a dedicated entrepreneur with one foot in the technological world and the other in the natural. To him, however, these are not in conflict; they complement each other. It is an alchemy that has helped him create gold. He is driven to succeed in the ever-evolving technological landscape on which he chose to build his business, but understands that the inspiration and creativity that he needs to overcome his daily challenges are not found in the boardroom. They are discovered on the tide. This has led him to become not only a leader in the tech support industry but also a champion angler and boat-building enthusiast.

A graduate of Purdue University, Robert Deignan strove to become an entrepreneur. He drove himself to learn more and gain experience. Taking the world head-on, within three years he founded his first business. Over the years he has continued to educate himself, gaining experience as a technology leader, management guru, and start-up specialist. Research and mathematical analysis inform his gut-level decisions, but in the end, his gut is usually right.

That is perhaps why his latest company, Advanced Tech Support, or ATC, has been certified by AppEseem for exceptional customer service. In an industry with the stigma of abusive customer relations practices, he chose to plot a new course. The driving philosophy of ATC is that the customer should come first. This certification is a validation of this work ethic as well as ATC’s mission.

With a background like this, you would expect Robert Deignan to be a domineering leader. Robert has publically declared his dislike of micromanagement. He believes in the power of teamwork. In his hobbies, and in his business life, he understands the need to build an effective, motivated team. Each member of that team needs to be committed, highly skilled and dedicated to the company’s mission. In short, he needs a well-functioning crew and understands that it is his job to lead them into the future only he can see.


Adam Milstein On The Gifts Each Jewish Child Should Receive From Their Family In 2018

Adam Milstein is proud of his Jewish heritage, and he works very diligently in order to ensure that each and every ensuing Jewish generation realizes that they too should be proud of their heritage. He also realizes that it was only because someone else paved the way for him that he is able to do it for the younger generation. With that being said, Milstein believes that each Jewish child should receive certain specific gifts for this new year, and these would include the following:

1) Pride.

Adam Milstein believes that Jewish parents should instill a sense of pride in their children about their connection to Israel and the fact they are literally the birthplace of Western Civilization.

2) Courage.

The Jewish state has been able to survive because of the few who were able to stand up and make a difference against anyone who threatened their existence. It didn’t matter whether it was Abraham or Joseph in Biblical times or the many heroes in World War II, the very fact some stood up means the Jewish state is alive and well today.

3) Persistence.

Milstein writes that those of the Jewish faith should never give up in the face of adversity. They must always stand up for their heritage and their way of life.

4) Knowledge.

Jewish parents should give their child the gift of knowledge. The knowledge of history to know where they come from; the knowledge to realize where their moral center is; and the knowledge to understand they are a proud race are but a few examples.

5) Innovation.

There have been many great Jewish innovations, from the Theory of Relativity to Waze. It is up to Jewish parents to instill in their children a sense of wonder about all of the innovative thinking the Jewish mind can accomplish!

6) Belief in the Impossible.

Adam Milstein believes that Jewish parents would also do well to remind their children that even though Jewish people only make up less than one percent of the population, they have constantly done remarkable things even in the face of long odds.

7) Brotherhood.

Finally, Adam Milstein believes Jewish parents should foster in their children a sense of kinship with other Jews. Adam Milstein is proud of his Jewish heritage, and you and your children should be as well!


Newswatch to the rescue

It is widely known by now that we are in a new era when it comes to marketing, promotion, and business. It is easier than ever before to get products to consumers directly through the web. With this change in production comes a problem. We are now faced with the more products for sale than ever before. How is one to know what is good, bad, or even just passible? Well it turns out one of the keys has been here since 1990. That key is the long running, nationwide, 30-minute television show Newswatch TV.

As first aforementioned this show was originally aired in March of 1990. It started as a show centered around financial issues but quickly branched out to technology, health, and consumer products. Since those humble beginning the show has become critically acclaimed. It has won many awards including recently a Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom Award and the 2017 videographer award for 30 min program greatness. Though those awards are great nothing can compare to real life examples of the success they bring to the companies and their products they choose to showcase.

A prime example of this is the recent work they did with the company Avanca. This company was in the midst of a crowdfunding program and was trying to reach a goal of 10,000 dollars in a 30-day period. This goal and monetary amount was significant to this company as it was the only way that it could secure funds for itself. Enter Newswatch, who produced a quick one-minute promotional review video showcasing their product a “Ockel Sirius B pocket PC”. The results were overwhelmingly good as they overtook their goal by an outstanding 2939%! The product showcase was comprised of the one-minute spot broadcasted on the Newswatch national show and through a spot on their website. The product developers were understandably overjoyed and gave due credit to Newswatch remarking “We [worked with] NewsWatch and it was one of the main reasons why the crowdfunding project was successful.” The proof is in the pudding as they say and this venue for product promotion has shown many companies what they can do for their endeavors. The review that got this product over so strongly was seen in over 200 markets and though simple it has left its mark. Long story short if you want a great product review to get a product over Newswatch TV is it.

The Phenomenal Sheldon Lavin, Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, LLC

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman as well as the chief executive officer of the OSI Group. OSI group is a successful American business venture, which is a renowned holding firm for meat processing. The company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. It began its operations in Chicago in the year 1909 and boasts of over 20,000 employees, as per the statistics carried out in the year 2016 and what Sheldon Lavin knows.

Sheldon Lavin’s career path in the meat industry can be traced back to the year1970. This is the year when this prolific CEO organized for the funding of Otto & Sons. This company was later to become the OSI Group. The company tremendously grew across the US, Europe, South Africa, India and Australia. Sheldon has gradually steered the growth of OSI Group to where it is today. It is worth noting that the dynamic company is the top supplier of protein globally and boasts of more than 55 facilities in over 16 nations and resume him.

Before joining the food industry, Sheldon Lavin worked in the banking industry. Over the years, he has been able to work tirelessly to become a seasoned professional in the food industry. Sheldon holds a degree in finance and accounting. He has also bagged many awards due to his stupendous work. On February 20, 2016, he received the Global Visionary Award in India. Sheldon has been able to steer the growth and development of Osi Group from a domestic food company to a mega worldwide food processor. He has been able to bring a rather special policy at OSI Group, where people work as a family, thus fostering teamwork. He believes that the employees are an integral part of any business and their welfare is of paramount importance. This one factor has seen the company rise steadily over the years. The company has very little turnover, and this is another aspect that has made the company to grow and Sheldon Lavin’s lacrosse camp.

Interestingly, Sheldon Lavin is now 80 years and is still at the helm of the company fostering its growth with his focus being the Asian and European markets. The expansion as well as diversification of business is what brings him joy. He is proud that OSI Group has been able to rise continuously to be on top. Sheldon is a great philanthropist who has contributed in many charities such as the United Negro College Fund, Jewish United Fund and many more. He is also a great inspiration to many business people and more information click here.

Other Reference: http://www.amickfarms.com/corpresponsibility.html

The Global Unveiling of Talk Fusion University Program

The Global Unveiling of Talk Fusion University Program

Mid this year, Talk Fusion, a thriving telecommunications company launched an online teaching program that will serve as a learning forum for its associates. The online trading program, Talk Fusion University started operations on 24th July via a live channel targeting a global audience. Through this program, interested Talk Fusion Associates will receive training specifically from the organization’s president Bob Reina. Reina will share his two decades worth of expertise with green associates through videos.

When Reina first joined the Network marketing industry he had no foundation whatsoever from working as a county police officer in Florida. Reina developed a strategy that led him to become a leading entrepreneur in the industry. Learning from his experience, Reina noticed that many beginners despite being dedicated a hard time affording training sessions that were quite expensive. His objective for developing the program was to offer these people guideline on attaining success without incurring any expense. On several statements, Reina insists that team work is the basis for success in this industry.

By combining diverse education, working experiences, and personalities of individuals, team members can learn from each other and implement winning strategies. He adds that a strict follow through of the four step approach has worked for many and absolute commitment to the system will deliver success.Bob Reina is an active motivational speaker who uses both social media and the company’s broadcast to give business advice to entrepreneurs at Talk Fusion and globally. His input also made publications in HuffPost and MarTech Advisors.

Talk Fusion University which only has 30 posted videos drawn many viewers globally. The videos that feature Reina giving in depth guidelines on attaining both business opportunities and top notch products are available in English and Bahasa. However, the company is working on the translations in Chinese, Spanish, Hungarian, German, Japanese, Czech, and Russian. The site is however only accessible to members identified as Talk Fusion Associates.

Talk Fusion is a telecommunication company dealing with marketing technique between individuals globally. Since the founding in 2007, the company operates in over 140 countries offering all in one video marketing solutions to their customers. With a team rich in innovative ideas, they successfully meet their clients’ needs. Talk Fusion has received several acknowledgments for providing unique products that have improved communication in the telecommunications sector.