Clay Siegal Continue to Make Greater Contributions in Biotechnology

Seattle Genetics is a biotech company that has centered its research on the study of human antibodies to comprehensively manufacture and package drugs and antibody-based therapies for cancer treatment since 1998. The antibody delivers a toxic payload into the cancer cell in order to destroy it from the outside. The approach is more suitable than the traditional chemotherapy and radiation that causes collateral damage to normal cells and tissues.

Seattle Genetics is valued at nearly $10 billion with about 900 employees and is ranked as the largest biotech in Washington. The company hopes to grow into a large pharmaceutical and has heavily invested in research and marketing to gain both quality human labor and market confidence. It is an emerging multi-product oncology company with a long list of drugs in its pipeline. This includes Adcetris, a drug that has been approved by Food and Drug Administration as the second or third for treatment of Hodgkin Lymphoma. It is the company’s flagship drug and further Echelon 1 tests are geared at making it the first choice for oncologists. 33A drug is a crucial as it targets acute myeloid leukemia AML.

The company also produces 22ME that is aimed at treating bladder and urothelial cancer. It also has LIV1 for breast cancer. The drugs work alongside certain therapies to prove their effectiveness. The company is venturing into global markets by making bold moves in marketing its products to new markets like Switzerland and its desire to patent rights to new products.

Clay Siegal

Dr. Clay Siegal is a co-founder of Seattle Genetics. He is the company’s president, Chief Executive Officer and chairman of Board of Directors. Siegal has achieved remarkable qualifications in genetics. He has received a PHD in Genetics from George Washington University and graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Zoology. He has worked with reputed research institutions and served in board of directors for advanced biotech companies that have contributed to the growth of his diverse skills like Bristol Myers Squibb pharmaceutical research institute.

Dr. Siegal has played a major role in leading Seattle Genetics to its noted success. He has initiated focused strategic moves to develop and market a diverse pipeline of therapies. He has helped the company source for capital for research. Under his leadership, the company has raised both its sales and share value. It is noted that the company’s valuation has raised and is justified by the heavy investment on research of promising drugs. Clay Siegal is dedicated in driving Genetics to achieve successful antibody-based therapies to effectively combat cancer.