Fabletics is Fabulous

Everyone has seen the commercials with Kate Hudson’s clothing line and wondered about it. Well, wonder no more. Fabletics is one of the best clothing lines that has came to women who like to workout.

An effortless look to begin your holiday prep. // Lyra Outfit

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The way their program works is like a regular monthly subscription. For this monthly subscription you are getting today’s hottest workout sets for the best price. The VIP program saves you up to 50 percent off of all of your workout sets. The program is set to run your credit card on the fifth of every month. You can choose to skip a month incase you are out of town or not needing your subscription for that month. Though Fabletics is a subscription, you can cancel your membership at anytime that you want to, because there is no obligation if you are unhappy with your membership. When you go to sign up for your membership, Fabletics will ask you a series of questions that will determine what workout attire is best for you. From leggings to dresses, Fabletics has so many options that you will not be disappointed at all.

When you join Fabletics, your membership not only includes the hottest workout attire, but you can also get offers for discounts on clothing that you did not get in your monthly mail package.  Fabletics has a group of curators that will review all of your answers to their fashion questions when first signing up. After they have done that, you will get an email regarding when your box will ship and what it will contain. After your order has shipped with Fabletics, you will be emailed a tracking code as well. With their great customer service, you can know exactly where and what your order is at any point in time.

Fabletics website gives step by step details on how their process works. Also, they will provide you with the best discounts on additional products. Be sure to not miss out on the best subscription box you could have.