Clay B. Siegall’s Determination to Help As Many Cancer Patients As Possible

Recently, the co-founder of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall was interviewed by Ideamensch in April this year where he revealed a few things about himself.

The first thing that Ideamensch wanted to know was the origin of Seattle Genetics. According to Clay Siegall, the primary focus of the company is to assist patients. Siegall explained how he watched his father struggle with cancer for six years (when Siegall was between 19 and 24 years) until he died. The experience gave him a firsthand experience of the limited nature of tools that were available to the oncologists at that time, something that inspired him to improve those tools.

Clay is a holder of BS in Zoology obtained from the University of Maryland. He also pursued a doctorate at the George Washington University and then worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb for several years in the company’s Pharmaceutical Research Institute. This experience prepared Siegall for Seattle. He admits that he learned most of the things here, including how to run a company. His primary goal is to treat cancer patients and offer better services than what is available today. He is excited about it and has been into it for the past 30 years.

He advises entrepreneurs (of all ages) to throw away the know-it-all mentality, learn as much as they can, and also, try to interact with experts in different areas. The single most important strategy that has helped his business grow is showing the willingness to collaborate with other industry leaders and innovators in the field of oncology drug development. Seattle Genetics’ ADC collaborations have extended the reach of the firm’s technology, and in turn, making it possible for them to assign resources into new ideas and approaches for helping patients.

Besides being the co-founder of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall also serves as the president, the CEO as well as the Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors. He has steered the firm towards the construction of a diverse series of antibody-based cancer therapies inclusive of ADCETRIS, which received accelerated approval by the Food and Drug Administration of the US in 2011. Dr. Clay Siegall has also spearheaded the capital raising activities of the company where he has helped to secure $675 million via private and public financings including the 2001’s initial public offering. Besides authoring more than 70 publications, Siegall holds 15 patents.