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More than 20 Years but Still Remembered – Cassio Audi and the Band

Though it’s been more than 20 years since Casio Audi has been a member of Viper, he still remembers his music roots to this very day. He is now regarded as a top finance expert in Brazil’s best business practices though he often recalls a time in which his long, flowing hair and his taste in heavy-metal rock were what consumed his life and priorities. Today, it’s quite a different story as he has thousands of clients and hungry business partners every day.

He once remembers when he, along with three other teenage boys, formed a band and traveled the world in pursuit of spreading its message. The team of talented Brazilian teenagers sold more than 10,000 copies of their music albums, along with countless autographs and signatures. They started small, forming a group from their own basement. Eventually, they localized, and their music became known in each surrounding community.

Eventually, Good Turned Into Great, and Great Turned Into Excellent – Go, Viper! You Rock!

With time and persistence, they were known around the nation for their songs and, eventually, the world. There was even a time in which Nirvana and Van Halen, top singers of their day, competed for the top spot, with Viper at the very top. Even though these young men did not speak English, they still managed to tour the U.S. and produce their music titled in English, along with invaluable lyrics translated for their thousands of U.S. fans.

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