Cassio Audi Builds a New Career

A number of people that have listened to rock bands are familiar with Cassio Audi. He is someone that has had a brief amount of success as a writer and a drummer for the music band. This is where he showed off his talents as someone that could take on the double duty inside of a band as a songwriter and a musician.

Cassio Audio appeared to love this job, but he realized that there would be another passion that would take his mind into a another career field. What he would eventually do is earn a degree in business administration and deal with more financial matters. He would become a very intriguing part of the financial business industry because he helped many people sort out investment plans and make better decisions about investing. This is a far cry from the career that he initially chose as a band musician.

It appears that more people are discovering Cassio now because there is a lot of streaming that is done for music online. People that may not have been around when the albums that he participated on were made are now finding him for the first time. This allows many people too become acquainted with the music that he had a hand in writing.

There are lots of celebrities that go on to other careers because they are not having any success where they are. Casio Audi is a person that has actually been able to have quite a bit of positive feedback for the music that he created. The reality is that he had a desire to do something different with his life. He did not totally disklike the concept of being in a band, he just liked the idea of working in finances and investments much better than performing.

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