Boraie is the Reason that New Brunswick Lives

The reason that New Brunswick, New Jersey is still a thriving hotbed of economic prosperity is because of Boraie Development LLC and its brave leader Omar Boraie.

After traveling in Europe and seeing the majestic European cities that serve as economic centers for the continent, Sam Boraie dreamed of making New Brunswick into a modern day American European city. He began to share this vision with some close friends, but they could just shake their head at him. They believed the area was dying and that the best move would be to relocate the business to another city. Omar Boraie refused to give up on the place he called home, and after four decades of working through blood, sweat, and tears he finally has proved them wrong.

According to the official website of Boraie Development LLC, Omar Boraie believes so strongly his dream that he has invested $150 million from his own pocket to grow New Brunswick, New Jersey. Over the past 30 years, he has spent his time building commercial and residential real estate to attract the middle class back to New Brunswick. Even though billions of dollars have been made, Omar has reinvested the majority of it back into New Brunswick. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The reason that New Brunswick is the strong economic center today is that Omar Boraie spent time focusing on the fourth fundamentals that make a strong city. He spent time creating a place that families would like to call home. He built infrastructure so that businesses could grow the economy. He gave rewards to local businesses for staying. And he brought the middle class back to the area.

New Brunswick was able to become a family oriented place because Omar Boraie formed a coalition of nonprofits the focused on creating experiences for the family. Whether it be free movie nights throughout the summer, corporate sponsored reading times at the library, or local amusement parks, each family had something they could enjoy. Check out State Theatre New Jersey to see more.

New Brunswick was able to become an economic center because Omar Boraie built the necessary infrastructure so that businesses became interested. By building class A office space and then renting it out for a price that could not be beat, many middle-class professionals moved to the area.

Lastly, New Brunswick was able to lower the unemployment rate because Omar Boraie convinced corporations such as Johnson & Johnson to stay in the area and higher local workers.

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