End Citizens United to Focus on Congressional Elections in 2018

There is a new political action committee on the block and they are focused on bringing about voter rights reform in the United States government. End Citizens United was established as a response to the hugely controversial Supreme Court decision regarding a conservative group named Citizens United. The group, led by an unassuming lawyer named James Bopp, functionally suppressed the rights of American voters everywhere with a single argument: they succeeded in allowing corporations to donate as much money as they want through campaign donations. The results were simple: legislators who were in support of Citizens United began to stockpile massive donations from special interests while legislators who were opposed to Citizens United were quickly outspent in election campaigns. The ultimate outcome is that the will of the American vote has diminished if it hasn’t been completely muted.

End Citizens United launched in September of 2015 as a response to this decision and though it may have been eight years ago, it is still just as important today for groups to continue fighting for campaign finance reform. With the election of Donald Trump to the White House, it has become more important than ever that something is done to remove the dark web of special interests from the United States government. End Citizens United has focused on creating a grassroots network of concerned citizens who are ready and willing to vote with their wallets and support legislators who are willing to champion campaign finance reform.

The ultimate goal of End Citizens United is to make their name a reality and in order to do that in today’s Washington D.C. they need to get their donors active. End Citizens United is aiming to raise nearly $35 million ahead of the 2018 Congressional Elections in order to try and support legislators who are ready to make a difference and take a constitutional amendment to the highest levels of government in order to remove the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United.

In order for End Citizens United to succeed they have gotten busy endorsing legislators who are willing to share the burden in the fight that will surely be coming. End Citizens United has already endorsed several progressive legislators who are willing to champion the cause but the issue is so partisan that not a single Republican has been willing to touch it — much to the detriment of people everywhere. Still, that hasn’t stopped End Citizens United from continuing their work. Most recently End Citizens United endorsed Senator Russ Feingold from Wisconsin as well as Senatore Michael Bennet from Colorado. End Citizens United knows that they need to have as much support as possible and it is only getting more important by the day.

For details: www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00573261/

Information Technology Expert-Drew Madden

Doing things with his hands is what he loves most. Drew Madden is an Information Technology entrepreneur who has invested so far in the medical sector. Mr. Madden has a strong personality and works effortlessly to build a group of its own, an organization that is attractive as well as the partnership of integrity with his clients. Madden has gained a vast experience as well as skills throughout his career, and his passion for medical electronic has expanded due to his involvement with other like-minded individuals and organization in the healthcare sector. His experience in supervision, executing, advising and enhancing EMR projects runs for over ten years.

After his High School graduation, Mr. Drew joined Iowa University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. After his education and graduation from the University, Drew went to serve with Ingenix which is an affiliate organization of the United Healthcare. When he joined the firm, he was given the responsibility of an epic consultant. However, Ingenix is not the organization which Madden began his career. Instead, he first joined Cerner Corporation. At Cerner Corporation Drew spent most of his time constructing, and instigating inpatient medical resolutions. He has served in several other healthcare facilities which have helped her grow his career and also gain more knowledge in the industry. Other organizations in which he has worked include Healthia Consulting, where he started as a role implementer before climbing the career ladder and was appointed to the Business Development position.

In 2011 Nordic Consulting Partners appointed Drew Madden as the President a year after he joined the group. For five years, Madden served in the position of the President. Under his leadership, Nordic Consulting Partnership has become a leader in the Information technology Industry. From 2012 to 2014 the firm was listed among the medical consulting companies which reviled a high level of consultation characterized with excellence. During his tenure as the President of the group, Drew increased the number of staffs from 10 to 75 and also the number of client partners from 3 to 150. The firm expanded its portfolio during his time and even raised their revenue collection. As the President of Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew Madden was responsible for; creating customer relationship, business development, as well as staffing. Drew has a healthy relationship with significant clients worldwide.

How do you know whether you are ready for retirement?

To an individual who is just starting out on a career, retirement may seem to be ages away. However, time runs fast and soon enough; retirement will come knocking your door. How well will you be prepared for retirement when it comes knocking? A lot of people enter into retirement without the fundamentals of how to sail through it smoothly. David Giertz, an industry expert, states that a lot of people don’t plan for their retirement until it is too late. They, then end up failing miserably. David Giertz states that individuals should learn to plan for their retirement early enough. He offers a few magic points that will enable you to plan for your retirement accordingly.

How do you start saving for your retirement?

David Giertz notes that it isn’t easy to save for retirement regardless of the size of your monthly paycheck. He says that this is mostly because it is hard to estimate the amount of money that you will need upon retirement. It is important to note that during retirement, you are most likely to spend more than you earn. As the age catches up with you, so are the age-related illnesses. You will, therefore, need more money to pay your hospital bills.

David notes that saving huge amounts of money in retirement accounts may seem to be a great idea. However, if you do your mathematics, you will realize that the money saved for retirement may not be enough. As a result, you might consider looking for alternative sources of income to cover your entire retirement period.

About David Giertz

David Giertz is an accomplished financial advisor based in Dublin. He has a wealth of experience that spans over three decades in the financial services industry. David is a visionary and inspirational leader. He has served in top positions at numerous companies where he has transformed small organizations into billion dollar companies.

Using EOS To Keep Your Lips Hydrated with Crystal Clear Lip Balm

The one thing that Evolution of Smooth has done for consumers is change the way lip balm manufacturers have been creating lip balm. What used to be a simple lip balm is now something much different. The brand EOS has changed things for the better for consumers and shoppers. The new brand is nothing short of amazing.

The manufacturer had the idea of making lip balm more than just a round tube. They had the idea of creating it in a container that was not a tube. The importance for this is to allow users to be able to find their lip balm easier than it has been. They also wanted to make sure that people had a choice when it comes to flavors of the chapstick.

Click https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/ and know more about EOS.

The old style of lip balm contained a very limited number of flavors. The only flavors that have been available up until EOS was released was vanilla, plain and cherry. And certain times of the year some of the flavors were available. EOS knew that consumers wanted something more than a plain or cherry lip balm. They instead decided to make the flavors more desirable than their opponents.

According to evolutionofsmooth.com, the EOS lip balm is available now in an even better form. The newest form is a triangle appearance sphere with a clear color. The new EOS is drawing attention to the fact that it looks more like something you would wear on your finger than a lip balm. Consumers like that the new product is available in delicious flavors as well, buy here at amazon.de.

The new product combines moisture with flavor. The product has been made with oils that are essential in keeping your lips hydrated. Your lips will dry out during winter months and during the summer when the heat is beating down on them. That is why it is so important that users have a way to replenish the moisture in their lips. The new lip balms are made with coconut and shea butter as well as with avocado, click for more.


The Ever Changing EOS Flavors

EOS represents the very best in the lip balm world. A company that cares about creating a product that is better than the competitors and then create these incredible flavors that are varied, interesting, and completely different than what is currently for sale that helps to differentiate them from the market.

Some of the flavors that EOS sells are truly unique, see products here. Take for example their raspberry pomegranate blend of lip balm. I have never seen these two flavors married together before. When EOS does it you start to wonder what prevented other brands from exploring this connection. The two flavors blend together in an incredibly interesting blend of lip balm that is unique and interesting, and has a vibrant flavor that can satisfy all of the brand users.

EOS has a way of making the mundane taste different and fresh. While mint lip balms are common a over the place, the sweet mint lip balm sold by EOS tastes fresh and different. This is partly due to the lack of additives in their lip balm and their reliance on all-natural ingredients. This adherence to quality really shines through in the end product with a fresh lip balm that doesn’t taste like medicine and which has a refreshing flavor that tastes like real mint.

EOS is continuing to evolve and innovate and this adherence to innovation is partly what makes them such an exciting brand. EOS has recently launched a new line of lip balms known as EOS Crystal, available here at amazon.de. EOS crystal lip balms re named after their clear appearance and the fact that they are completely see-through. With the launch of EOS crystal, two new flavors were released; peach hibiscus and vanilla orchid. Both are tasty and the lack of beeswax in t vegan lip balm is unnoticeable. What is noticeable is the tasty and powerful flavors of these two lips.

More information here on https://evolutionofsmooth.com/.


Greg Secker Oecker f Learn To Trade Uplifts Traders Through His Businesses

Like any business, forex trading is an investment. It requires a lot of input from professionals that understand how it works. From the technical terms that may be difficult to understand to the fluctuating money value on the dashboard, forex trading must be understood by anyone who wants to invest in the business. That is why a person like Greg Secker is upheld for his input in that industry. His focus is admired and his relevance exceeds the expectations of most traders. Greg Secker has taken it upon himself to educate masses on how to trade in the business. He is for the idea that with proper instructions, many can hack the business and make money.


Secker was interviewed by the famous CEOCFO. Lynn Fosse facilitated the friendly yet official interaction that got him explaining why he started the business. He highlighted the key areas that he would like to focus on presently and in future. Secker is an alumnus of Nottingham University. He majored in agriculture and the science of food. After school, he settled for finance. In the interview, he stated that finance was his first choice in the list. Thomas Cook Financial Services is the first company he worked for. In his job interview with Thomas Cook, the panel realized that he had special interests in computers. That is how he landed the position.


At Thomas Cook, Secker was in charge of management. He developed a platform for forex trading. The Virtual Trading Desk was useful in connecting traders with the interface. Most users could follow the flow of business through the platform. Secker followed every client’s move with the interest of assisting everyone to achieve their personal goals. He used the platform to educate masses on the right strategies to follow for successful trading. Leaving Thomas Cook, Secker ventured into personal businesses. He however, still focused on assisting traders. This, he did by establishing institutions like Learn to Trade. He also found Action to Knowledge, an organization that has assisted many clients in many ways. His focus has been to uplift traders. Secker continues to help people even in his retirement.

Greg Secker Believes in the Power of Knowledge and Financial Freedom

In the interview published by CEOCFO Magazine, Lynn Fosse takes the reader through Greg Secker’s approach to trading, learning to trade, and philanthropy.

Greg Secker believes in the power of knowledge. He believes in the power of self-education and life-changing tools. He created his product, Learn to Trade, in order to teach people how to gain financial freedom through trading in the stock market. But he believes money isn’t everything. It’s the freedom that money gives that’s important, the ability to make choices. He also wanted to give people their time back, to empower them through their ability to generate a greater income.

He has written several books. His first is a step-by-step guide called “Financial Freedom” that teaches readers how to use two trading strategies for immediate income. He is also currently working on a book about the benefits of integrating business and philanthropy.

However, the journey to financial freedom began, oddly enough in the food and sciences school at the University of Nottingham. It was there that he learned to code as he built computers and sold them. Learning to code opened the door to the financial world when he began speaking to a representative of Thomas Cook Financial Services. He landed a job as a coder for the Virtual Trading Desk. As he was coding, he also picked up valuable information from the traders to integrate it into the computer program. Eventually he began trading himself, making incredible gains in under a year. Encouraged by success he was able to make a decent amount and retire.

Retirement didn’t last long however. Instead he created Learn to Trade and a company that creates seminars to inspire people to gain financial freedom in a variety of countries.

Greg Secker is the founder of The Greg Secker Foundation which has the product Learn to Trade. Learn to trade was created as to train people in how to trade and has expanded to South Africa, Australia, and the Philippines. It has become known as a leader in the Forex trading system which allows people to discover opportunities for profit.

He also created Global Success Summits, a company dedicated to creating international seminars with leaders and successful speakers. Greg Secker is also a philanthropist. He created a non-profit organization to improve quality of life and to improve education in partnership with youth programs. He also began a project to build 100 permanent homes for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College is a popular Liberal Arts College located in sunny Costa Mesa, California. The college offers a wide range of educational and recreational options for students. One of the most successful programs on campus is the men’s rowing team.


The team of nine recently landed a berth into the National Championships in Gainesville, Florida. This accomplishment is reflective of the competitive and team-based atmosphere provided by the college, but Orange Coast College is no stranger to national competition. The team has captured 11 National Titles since its inception over 60 years ago and the program has also seen over 10 student-athletes move on to compete at the Olympic level. The success of this small group is contagious and serves as a means of inspiration and camaraderie for the rest of the student body.


For many students, touting a championship row team is only one of the many perks offered at this fabulous institution. Orange Coast College offers course work in over 25 fields of study including business, consumer and health sciences and technology. The academic rigor of the college fully equips students to meet all of their career goals and aspirations.


In addition, the college offers a variety of clubs and associations for students. Intramural athletics, theater, and film club are just a few of the many offerings. The school also sponsors a variety of fund raisers, community service events and professional development seminars for students looking to grow professionally or give back to the community.


Overall, Orange Coast College is a diverse community where students can learn and grow. There are so many opportunities to find a niche, join a team, and and pursue your dreams! Learn more: https://www.niche.com/colleges/orange-coast-college/


Talkspace – New Innovative Counseling App

Many people suffer from depression and post-traumatic stress disorders. Talkspace provides a safe place for you to talk to a therapist so you can work through your issues and get the treatment you deserve. Alicia Winkle, a therapist at Talkspace, is unique in her field as a mental health professional. She has been working for Talkspace for 2 years and has been a therapist for a total of 5 years. Winkle, who is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Alabama, has always viewed herself in a career that helps people. She focuses on helping people overcome obstacles in their life and give them the confidence to make changes for the better by working with her. She graduated from the University of North Alabama where she obtained her master’s degree in Community Counseling. She works with her clients from a home setting, because she knows what it’s like to have depression and anxiety issues. Talkspace allows their clients to receive therapy from home, which is a very positive and successful therapy strategy.

Talkspace is a counseling service that is completed via text messages. It’s an app that you download on your mobile device and as long as you have your phone and service, you can interact with a licensed therapist that is committed to helping you through your struggles. When you first sign up with Talkspace, you will receive a text message welcoming you to the place. Next, you will receive a questionnaire that you will need to fill out as accurately as possible, and then you will be paired with a therapist. Talkspace costs $25.00 per week to utilize their services and are suitable for anyone that may need services. It’s completely beneficial and their reputation is very positive. Many people can’t make it to counseling sessions because of their schedule, so this is perfect for those who are struggling with time.

Sahm Adrangi Betting Against a New Company Stock

Mr. Sahm Adrangi is a business owner and an investor. He created the company of Kerrisdale Capital Management in the heart of New York a few years ago.

The company of Kerrisdale Capital Management is still a small firm, but it has big plans for the future. Kerrisdale Capital Management has raised about a hundred million dollars for a vast number of investors. The fundraising is a part of a project, and so the money will be used to bet against a single stock.

The point of this is to shorten that stock of a public company but which company exactly has not been specified just yet. According to a spokesperson, the company in question will be announced in the middle of May. Mr. Sahm Adrangi stated that the money had been raised in a very short amount of time. That makes the businessman believe that the project has struck a chord within the investors and the community of business.

In order to spread the thesis of the Kerrisdale Capital Management, Mr. Sahim Adrangi and the data analyst of the company Shane Wilson are working together to spread the idea and convince more investors to put their money into its realization. The team is creating a website complete with videos, reports, and so on to get their point across.

Kerrisdale Capital Management is currently managing about half a billion dollars including the money that the raised. The company has been betting against other businesses in the past as well. Some of their previous targets include the satellite business of Globalstar as well as the biotech firms of Zafgen and Sage Therapeutics. The company of Kerrisdale Capital Management bets the businesses will not be successful in the next year through a hedge fund and it also makes bets that it will be successful.

Speaking of their hedge fund, Kerrisdale Capital Management the annual return if about 28%. That number applies to the fast handful of years according to a spokesperson of Kerrisdale Capital Management. The hedge fund of the company has been down by 7 percent n 2016 up until the March of this year.

Read More : www.hvst.com/user/sahm-adrangi