Aloha Construction Awarded by the BBB

The Better Business Bureau each year gives the Torch award to companies that demonstrate excellent ethical practices within their business jurisdiction throughout the year. All companies nominated for the award are taken through a rigorous screening process in order to remain with only the best performers. After that, the top companies are subjected to a selection panel of judges who then decide on the company to be awarded.

Aloha Construction was lucky to be a nominee and eventually the winner of the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.

What is Torch award?

The Torch award was launched in 1996 and its main objective is to honor companies that demonstrate a high sense of ethics and social responsibility. The award seeks to identify companies that hold high standards when it comes to dealing with their customers, employees and the community at large. The BBB Torch award is highly coveted and any company that receives it is highly honored. In order to qualify for the award a company must meet the following criteria:-

Leaders who are committed to ethical practices

Leaders who are committed to communicating ethical rules and practices to their employees

An organization which is committed to performance management practices

Organizational commitment to the community

Leadership practices that encourage unity within an organization

Aloha Construction emerged as the 2017 winner of the Better Business Bureau award. According to the selection panel, the company had demonstrated a lot of effort in promoting high ethical standards within the marketing industry as well as showed great commitment to corporate social responsibility. Aloha Construction was able to beat several other companies that were competing for the same award.

Aloha Construction’s commitment to community service

Despite the fact that it is a construction company, Aloha gives a lot of attention to social responsibility. The company has been involved in various community projects including the latest one where it partnered with Learning express to organize for a toy shopping spree for kids from needy families.

About Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction is a family-owned company founded by David Farbaky. For several years the company has been offering general contractor services such as siding replacement and Roofing for people in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

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