Acquiring a Fresher and Younger Look through Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Cosmetic Surgery

In a recent television interview about the most popular corrective facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden discussed the benefits and effectiveness of 3 procedures. The first method is one in which she uses an injectable around the neck that weakens the nerves that can cause muscle contraction leading to weakening of the facial muscles in which she pointed out that it takes only 3-4 days for the results to set in and last for up to 6 months without any down-time. Another procedure she discussed was broadband; light intensive laser-based operation used to remove pigmentation, brown spots and right skin texture without any incision being made into the skin. Lastly, she briefly talked about incisive surgery used to eliminate facial lines and deep wrinkles, especially for elderly people.



One fact that emerged from this brief interview is the fact that all the three procedures she uses have no down time, are fast, painless and causes no discomfort. Also, they are cheap and affordable – will not dent your dollar account so much! Even for incisive surgery, the recuperation period is not long. Just about two weeks! But above all, her procedures are the best way to make one look fresher, feel younger and smile with confidence.



Now, who is Dr. Jennifer Walden? She is a rare woman indeed who dares tread where many females hardly venture – the world of cosmetic or plastic surgery. A board-certified member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, (a prestigious professional organization for cosmetic or plastic surgery), she is first amongst equals in a predominantly male inhabited sphere. There are less than a dozen female cosmetic surgeons in Texas where she has her practice!



She immensely finds satisfaction in her work because over 90% of all plastic surgeries right from simple facial procedures such as face-lifts to more complicated practices like liposuction, tummy tucks to breast enlargement or augmentation are carried out on women. So she is better placed to empathize with them and relate to their emotions, anxieties, and fears. However, she still has to work more than hard to be a success because the field of surgery is a rough and tumble world where only the exceptionally talented survive.




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