A Brief Overview on “Avaaz”

“Avaaz” is a civic organization that is U.S based. Its goal is to promote activism on many issues like corruption, climate change, and human rights. It is fairly modern organization that began in 2007.This name was picked after the Persian term “Avaaz” which is translated in English to voice.

The executive director and founding president of Avaaz is named Ricken Patel. He originally worked for an organization called the “International Crisis Group” in different areas in the world. One thing he learned from previous times traveling around the world was to restore public faith in places when foreign forces had been changed.

The global campaigns of “Avaaz” are put together by campaigners from more than 30 countries. Some of these such countries are Brazil, Lebanon, the U.K, and India. They communicate with members by Email. They also do campaigning tactics like videos and public petitions via the internet. They also use things like advertisements to figure out how to continue the campaign. Some of them are rallies and sit in’s. They also do stunts like a three-mile hand shake that went from the “Dalai Lama” to the doors of the Chinese Embassy in London. This organization also campaigns in 15 different languages. It is served by thousands of volunteers and a core team placed on six different continents.

Something “Avaaz” wants to do is unite practical idealists from over the world. This organization usually supports progressive tactics like creating more global support for the refugees and calling global action on climate change.

Find more information on Avaaz by following them on Twitter @avaaz.

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