Wes Edens is an entrepreneur who helped found the Fortress Investment Group in 1998 alongside Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone. He also co-owns Milwaukee Bucks Basketball Team that’s based in Wisconsin together with Mark Lasry. Along with Fortress Investment Group, Edens owns the FlyQuest eSports team that was created in 2017. FlyQuest participates in the North American League of Legends. Edens is an alumnus of Oregon State University, where he graduated with a B.S. in Finance and Business Administration in 1984. He later joined the Lehman Brothers, where he served as a partner and Managing Director between 1987 and 1993. He then joined BlackRock Asset Investors, where he also worked as partner and Managing Director until 1997. In 1998, he joined hands with Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone to create Fortress Investment Group.

The trio helped the company grow astoundingly over the years leading up to the company starting to trade publicly in 2007 through an Initial Public Offering. An year earlier, Nomura Holdings had purchased 15% of Fortress Investment Group making the principals of the organization billionaires on paper. In 2009, Edens became the co-chairman of the Board of Directors of Fortress and of Chairman of Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC between 2015 and 2016. Wes Edens even helped Fortress Investment Group purchase Springleaf Financial Services, an investment that would later grow to become worth $3.5 billion. Edens also chairs the Nationstar Mortgage, a lender that’s owned by Fortress Investment Group, and has helped in creating over 33,000 homes in the US. Fortress Investment Group was sold to a Japanese Multinational Company, SoftBank for $3.3 billion.

Fortress now works as an independent entity under SoftBank with Wes Edens, Briger and Nardone, the principals of Fortress Investment Group, still leading the organization. Fortress also owns the Brightline Passenger Rail, the only privately owned railroad in the country. It operates in South Florida, between Miami and Orlando. In the Fortress Investment Group,Wes Edens owns an estimated 63.3 million shares, a figure that has helped him take home an estimated $54.4 million annually as payment. The company pays him $13.4 million as compensation, and $41 million is from dividends he received because he is a shareholder. These payments have helped Edens join the billionaire Forbes list, which places him at number 369 estimating his worth at $2.5 billion. He continues to make strides in investments that might garner him more wealth in coming years.

Dr. Saad Saad: Global Medical Traveler

The medical advances that are made today can sometimes lead to the breakthroughs of tomorrow. Even little inventions that merely serve to improve quality of life have a place in the medical history books. Dr. Saad Saad has dedicated the twilight years of his life to furthering his medical inventions and seeing production. “The Life Saving Medical Inventions of Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon” discusses some of the work that he has been doing with these inventions.


To understand the importance of Dr. Saad Saad, it is first important to understand the trajectory of his stunning accomplishments throughout his career. He was first born to a work-class family in Kuwait. They did not have much money for education, so Dr. Saad Saad was forced to relocate. This was stressful, but he knew more than anything he wanted to pursue a career in medicine. He had a one-track mind and nothing was going to distract him from his goals. His graduation from the University of Cairo was bittersweet, as he would have to relocate Britain the finish out his internship in pediatric and surgical medicine. He had to move again soon after finishing this part of his training to live in the United States where he would complete his residency. Throughout this time he became well-known for his outstanding volunteer work and help towards the community. This made him ideal for the next chapter in his career, he was selected from among various other applicants to help the Saudi Arabian Royal family. They were in need of a doctor in his specialty and he willingly moved to serve them. His time there was good for him and helped him develop quality leadership skills, among other skills.


Returning to the United States was a no-brainer for Dr. Saad Saad. He knew that he wanted his children to receive their education there and immediately moved to facilitate that desire. While there, he never gave up his edge for innovation. He started designing products that would help streamline the medical process. He took a particular interest in catheters. He saw that many doctors were having to issue x-rays to locate catheters, but he conceived of a small device that could be inserted into the tip of the catheter and allow doctors to locate it rather quickly with a handheld device. This would make the process quick and easy for all people involved. Initial reviews of the device of beaming, however the cost analysis of such a device is still quite high. He will continue to work with manufacturers to help streamline development and it is possible that this device will show up in medical devices of the future. Dr. Saad Saad has always expressed the desire to make medicine accessible to all people. Learn more: http://medicaldailytimes.com/doctors/hard-to-swallow-advice-from-dr-saad-saad/3663/


Larkin and Lacey Going to Lengths to Bring Truth to People

The faith and trust in the mainstream media have been decreasing rapidly in the last few years. There has been more than many pieces of evidence available with the people today that the mainstream media has been from time to time, been manipulative and not utterly revealing of the facts to the public. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: https://michael-lacey.com/ and https://michael-lacey.com/press/

It has caused the emergence of the alternative media channels across the globe, and in the United States, Village Voice Media is amongst the biggest media publishing houses in the sector of alternative media.

The company is jointly owned by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey who have been working together from their college days. While Jim Larkin handles the business side of the publishing business, Michael Lacey is the chief editor of the publishing house and controls the news and information side.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have never been afraid of presenting the truth to the people and has gone to lengths to ensure that the facts are presented as they are without any tweaks. It is for this very reason; Larkin and Lacey have often faced heat from specific sectors, including the law enforcement agencies. In Arizona, the Maricopa County Sheriff has been targeting Larkin and Lacey from the very beginning and vice versa. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Facebook

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have been speaking up against the ruthless exploitation of human rights being carried out in the Tent City jail under the supervision of Joe Arpaio. Larkin and Lacey had leveled many other allegations against Joe Arpaio over the years, which has made the target of the sheriff for a long time.

In the Phoenix New Times, owned and managed by the Village Voice Media, when there was an article published about the grand jury investigation, Maricopa County Sheriff’s tipping end was reached.

He immediately ordered the arrest of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin from their houses at the middle of the night. There were no legal reasons for their arrest, and even Joe Arpaio knew it well, but he misused his authority and position given by the state to fulfill his vendetta.

Just for doing their work honestly, Jim Larkin and his partner had to spend the next 24 days in jail under very harsh conditions. It was an attack on their constitutional right as well as the public image. Moreover, it was the trauma that they had to go through and suffer for nearly a month in jail that shocked the people across the country.

Immediately after the arrest of Larkin and Lacey, entire nation came together to protest against the misuse of power by Joe Arpaio. Eventually, they had to be released by the sheriff, and the court battle between the state and Larkin and Lacey pursued soon after their release.

Larkin and Lacey were respectfully acquitted from all the false charges leveled against them and were also given the compensation of $3.7 million that they used to start the Frontera Fund. The Frontera Fund is now used to legally and financially support the migrants, immigrants, minorities, and refugees in Arizona and rest of the country.

Short Bio: Jim Toner Fertility Expert

Fertility Clinics See An Increase Around The World

More women are deciding to have kids at a later age, resorting in a need for fertility treatment. After, 40 years old, it becomes harder to have kids, but many women are reaching out to a fertility treatment expert for help. Many women have been able to conceive in under a year with the help of fertility drugs and a fertility expert. Successful advances in medicine and technology have given many couples the opportunity to have a child, when the natural process wasn’t producing results. Talk to a fertility specialist about your unique needs today.

Jim Toner, Fertility Expert

Jim Toner, M.D., PhD, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility specialist, board certified, specializes in helping women conceive. He has been able to reach out to many women in Atlanta to produce thousands of children. When many women couldn’t find hope in the traditional fertility process, he was there to help. In fact, in a pursuit for fertility, he has been able to detect early signs of many reproductive health issues for the clients he serves. Dr. Jim Toner‘s tenure also includes international studies. He has also been an adamant world-renowned speaker on women health issues.

He received his degree at the University of Pennsylvania. In fact, he has over 30 years’ experience in the industry. He is committed to giving his patients the joy of being a family. His current office is located in Atlanta and he has been a part of their team since 2000. You can get the help you need to start a family at any stage of infertility. To learn more about Jim Toner, you’re invited to visit his professional LinkedIn account. He is proud to say, he can help build thousands of families with quality infertility treatment.

Milan Kordestani: Inspiring the Youth to Manifest Their Ambition

Milan Kordestani is a young man who has accomplished more things in the prime of his adulthood than most people ever will in a lifetime. While being just a sophomore in high school, Kordestani defied the stereotypical belief that entrepreneurial success can only be represented by middle-aged businessmen when he created his own company to become CEO and founder of Milan Farms. However, prior to establishing his blueprint within the world at such a young age, Kordestani exhibited leadership potential through his distinguishing traits of determination and strong resilience to defeat.

Throughout the early developmental stages of his childhood, Milan Kordestani grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in Stanford, California where he was born. He attended Phillips Brooks Elementary School which eventually would also signify a point in time within his life that he would have to deal with one of the most difficult hardships that so many children have to face—the divorce of his parents. Following the divorce of his parents, Milan Kordestani and his family relocated to London, England in 2009 where he then attended Eaton Square School. However, Kordestani’s stay in England was short lived and he returned back to the United States in 2010 to resume living in the Bay Area where he completed his high school education and graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory in 2017.

Moreover, in addition to having to emotionally manage the pivotal circumstances surrounding his parents divorce during his elementary years, it was also during that time (age 10) that Kordestani had to emotionally manage and master the challenges he encountered in his newfound love for horseback riding. It was noted by others that even after being thrown off a horse while riding, Kordestani maintained the focus, the passion, and a unique resilience against defeat that enabled him to push further as an equestrian to compete at high levels and win high ranking titles within world championships.

Alongside dedicating his time to being an accomplished equestrian, Kordestani is also currently a writer for the Huffington Post and oversees the operations of his company Milan Farms. Established in 2015, Milan Farms was created by Kordestani with a very holistic, healthful, and honest intent in mind to provide humane, organic, and fresh poultry and saffron to the consumer. Since becoming trademarked in 2016, Milan Farms has successfully expanded its business to now being distributed across the west coast. Certainly, Kordestani’s many achievements prove that any individual, no matter the age, possesses the ability to manifest desires and overcome difficulties to make a difference in their life and that of others.


OSI Group is a giant in the worldwide food industry.

OSI Group is a giant in the worldwide food industry.

OSI Group is among the largest private companies in the world being ranked at position 58 by Forbes, and the firm has gained the reputation of consistent quality supply of value-added protein products. In the turn of the 20th Century, Chicago was a city on the rise with industries growing and also a surge from immigrants. Otto Kolschowsky is among the immigrants from Germany that settled in the community of Chicago, Illinois. Two years after his arrival, Otto Kolschowsky set up shop in oak park selling meat at a butcher and a small retail meat market. Kolschowsky had the heart of serving his community and he supplied quality beef to his community to great extends that he expanded his small retail shop to a wholesale business. In the next decade, the firm followed an already unique streak of quality meat supply and a focus on customer services, and it was rebranded to become Otto and Sons in the year 1928. A significant moment in the already thriving family business was when Ray Kroc on behalf of the couple Richard and Maurice McDonald launched the first branch of McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines the year 1955. Ray Kroc entered into an agreement with the Otto and sons hence they became the primary supplier of fresh ground beef. Eventually, Ray Kroc became the Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s and implemented a blueprint for a modern franchise that he had in place, the Otto and Sons business had landed a jackpot. The family business became the regular supplier of the chain of McDonald’s that was ever growing across the regions in the country. Over the next two decades, several occurrences took place that spearheaded the growth of Otto and Sons business even further. The business model of Ray Kroc aimed at supplying a restaurant with a consistent product and hamburgers were his product of choice. Subsequently, there was need for suppliers of the franchise such as Otto and Sons to provide a consistent affordable product and Otto and Sons rose to the occasion in a big way. Through application of the technological breakthrough of flash freezing in the closing of the 1960s, Otto and Sons was in a position to supply a variety of products at a reduced cost. The Otto and Sons business became OSI Group in the year 1975 after the shifting of corporate leadership to Sheldon Lavin in the initial stages of the company entering the global market. Through consistent supply of quality and consistent products to their customers OSI Group is one of the giants in the food industry worldwide with over 2000 employees. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

Aloha Construction Awarded by the BBB

The Better Business Bureau each year gives the Torch award to companies that demonstrate excellent ethical practices within their business jurisdiction throughout the year. All companies nominated for the award are taken through a rigorous screening process in order to remain with only the best performers. After that, the top companies are subjected to a selection panel of judges who then decide on the company to be awarded.

Aloha Construction was lucky to be a nominee and eventually the winner of the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.

What is Torch award?

The Torch award was launched in 1996 and its main objective is to honor companies that demonstrate a high sense of ethics and social responsibility. The award seeks to identify companies that hold high standards when it comes to dealing with their customers, employees and the community at large. The BBB Torch award is highly coveted and any company that receives it is highly honored. In order to qualify for the award a company must meet the following criteria:-

Leaders who are committed to ethical practices

Leaders who are committed to communicating ethical rules and practices to their employees

An organization which is committed to performance management practices

Organizational commitment to the community

Leadership practices that encourage unity within an organization

Aloha Construction emerged as the 2017 winner of the Better Business Bureau award. According to the selection panel, the company had demonstrated a lot of effort in promoting high ethical standards within the marketing industry as well as showed great commitment to corporate social responsibility. Aloha Construction was able to beat several other companies that were competing for the same award.

Aloha Construction’s commitment to community service

Despite the fact that it is a construction company, Aloha gives a lot of attention to social responsibility. The company has been involved in various community projects including the latest one where it partnered with Learning express to organize for a toy shopping spree for kids from needy families.

About Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction is a family-owned company founded by David Farbaky. For several years the company has been offering general contractor services such as siding replacement and Roofing for people in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.



Brazilian Business Executive And Rally Driver Rodrigo Terpins

Born in the city of Sao Paulo, businessman and rally driver Rodrigo Terpins grew up as a member of a family of sports enthusiasts. His father, Jack, who is now a real estate investor, once played professional basketball in the decade between 1960 and 1970, and his brother Michel is part of his race car driving team known as the Bull Sertoes, which has come to be known as one of the best in the annual Sertoes Rally competition. The brothers developed a love for the sport of speed racing at a young age, and their passion for cars led them to begin training for rallies years before they competed in their first race.


Terpins is not only a talented award-winning race car driver, but he also holds a degree in Business Administration, which he received from Saint Hilaire College, and he was the CEO of the popular women’s clothing store Lojas Marisa for 15 years, in which time he helped grow the business into one of Brazil’s most recognizable brands. After leaving his position at that company, he went on to become the Senior Director of another company called T5 Participacoes, where he’s been employed since 2008. Although he’s an effective businessman, his big interest in rally driving calls him back to the racetrack each year to participate in the multi-state 7-stage Sertoes Rally. For mre details visit LinkedIn.


His activities in the racing world has caused his fan base to continue to grow, and in order to stay connected to his admirers, he keeps profiles on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Rodrigo Terpins, along with his brother and his two other partners on the Bull Sertoes team, compete in the rally with a powerful MEM Motorsports designed machine that has been named T-Rex, due to its ability to cover all the rough terrain that is involved with the event. His team was established in 2015, and since then, they have won top prizes and rankings in a number of the stages of the race, including the difficult and exhausting 2nd stage of its 24th edition, where they earned the number one spot. Check out 12social.com


The Ryan Seacrest Foundation: A Brief Description

Ryan Seacrest has an organization, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF). This is an organization that’s nonprofit 501 (c)(3), with a dedication to give inspiration to the youth of today. These are in forms of originality that is focused by education and entertainment. Creating centers of broadcast media titled Seacrest Studios is the starting initiative of RSF. This is so it can be placed in pediatric hospitals so patients can investigate the inventive dominion of new media, radio, and television.

In the Seacrest family the organization’s creation has been bringing them closer as both a family and a team. Ryan Seacrest serves as Chairman and Founder. Gary Seacrest is President and CEO. The Vice President and Community Affairs and Hospital Relations is Connie Seacrest.

RSF believes that entry to experiences of multimedia will offer them adventures refreshing and full of excitement. This is in order to during treatments thoughts of optimism. This organization also finds it vital for them connect with community and associate students from journalism schools close by providing them with the chance to get experience first-hand in the operation of a center of multimedia, programming, and broadcasting.

According to an article from Forbes.com, Seacrest Studios are utilized to give to patients in the hospital a variation of programming. It’s coming in form of media centers of broadcast. This assists in the process of healing during the stay of children and families. They do a collaboration with schools of journalism with experience firsthand. This is done through a program of internship in the forms of programming, broadcasting, and operation of a center of multimedia. Seacrest Studios is utilized to give a variation of programming to the hospital patients. This can take place either in their television in their room by a network that’s closed-circuit. They can also be in the studio too. Some examples of programming both broadcasted and produced from Seacrest Studios are talk shows that focus on sports & entertainment along with doctors utilizing the studio as an interaction with the community of the hospital. There are also celebrities and artists with performances that are live and interviews.

Find out how you can support RSF. Follow @ryanseacrest at InstaGram.

Robert Deignan, Sailing into a Technology Future

Robert Deignan is a man of many passions, a dedicated entrepreneur with one foot in the technological world and the other in the natural. To him, however, these are not in conflict; they complement each other. It is an alchemy that has helped him create gold. He is driven to succeed in the ever-evolving technological landscape on which he chose to build his business, but understands that the inspiration and creativity that he needs to overcome his daily challenges are not found in the boardroom. They are discovered on the tide. This has led him to become not only a leader in the tech support industry but also a champion angler and boat-building enthusiast.

A graduate of Purdue University, Robert Deignan strove to become an entrepreneur. He drove himself to learn more and gain experience. Taking the world head-on, within three years he founded his first business. Over the years he has continued to educate himself, gaining experience as a technology leader, management guru, and start-up specialist. Research and mathematical analysis inform his gut-level decisions, but in the end, his gut is usually right.

That is perhaps why his latest company, Advanced Tech Support, or ATC, has been certified by AppEseem for exceptional customer service. In an industry with the stigma of abusive customer relations practices, he chose to plot a new course. The driving philosophy of ATC is that the customer should come first. This certification is a validation of this work ethic as well as ATC’s mission.

With a background like this, you would expect Robert Deignan to be a domineering leader. Robert has publically declared his dislike of micromanagement. He believes in the power of teamwork. In his hobbies, and in his business life, he understands the need to build an effective, motivated team. Each member of that team needs to be committed, highly skilled and dedicated to the company’s mission. In short, he needs a well-functioning crew and understands that it is his job to lead them into the future only he can see.