The Medical Services Offered By Dr. Johanan Rand, MD

Dr. Johanan Rand is an entrepreneur and medical doctor. In 2010 he founded Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He is the president of this company which is based in the town of West Orange, New Jersey. His specialties include helping people lose weight and maintain healthy hormonal balances. He is a graduate of Brooklyn, New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He takes a regenerative and integrative approach to treating his patients which is based on research found in peer-reviewed medical journals.

He has been treating patients for the past 15 years. He can treat both acute and chronic pain using a number of methods. Dr. Johanan Rand says this can include pain and/or inflammatory prescriptions, epidurals, steroid injections, and nerve blocks. He is also a practitioner of Medical Acupuncture. In order to keep up with the latest advances in his field of medicine he attends conferences around the nation both in person and via the internet. One such event he recently attended was the Gaby-Wright Nutritional Medical Conference. This was held in Seattle, Washington and covered the latest protocols when it comes to Intravenous Vitamin Therapy.

In order to serve as a good example to his patients Dr. Johanan Rand practices what he preaches. This means he eats a healthy diet and gets plenty of exercise. This exercise includes yoga, martial arts training, cardio-exercising, as well as weight training. Dr. Johanan Rand encourages his patients to get some form of exercise each day in order to remain healthy as they age.

Dr. Johanan Rand is also an expert when it comes to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Programs. He says that as people get older their hormones fall out of balance between the good hormones and the bad ones. He treats this in his patients in a number of ways. Among these are IV Nutritional Therapy, Allergies & Detoxification Programs, Preventative Disease Programs, and Metabolic Testing. He helps his patients stay healthy through preventative measures. Dr. Johanan Rand says that traditional methods or there to fix things when they go wrong while he focuses on preventing age-related diseases proactively.


Peter Briger: Serving As The Chairman At Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is someone who has repeatedly demonstrated his skill and expertise in the financial field and has come up on several lists that feature some of the wealthiest people in the world. He is known for offering a high level of professional skill with regards to the work that he does and has also worked with a number corporates, helping them grow and develop. He has undertaken several endeavors at the companies that he has worked with that have improved the list of services that they offer. Currently, Peter Briger is the Chairman of Fortress Investment Group, a company that he helped start more than twenty years ago. In addition to serving as the chairman of the company, he also serves on the board of directors at the company, helping the overall functioning of the various departments at Fortress Investment Group.

The reason Briger has proven to be such a brilliant leader to the company is that of the experiences that he has had in the past, working for different companies. Since the start of his career, he made it a point to treat every experience as something that he can gain and learn from. As a result, he then was able to implement the things that he would learn in the work that he was doing. This helped him perform better and also aided the progress that he saw through the course of his career.

Because of the experience that he has gained from working in the field, Briger has been able to help Fortress Group immensely with the various endeavors that it takes on. One of the things that the company has been able to accomplish under his guidance was its transition to a public company on the NYSE. This move made Fortress Investment Group one of the first of its kind to be able to do so and increased the popularity of the company immensely. The decision to do this was taken by Briger along with the other founding and board members of Fortress Investment Group. This also gave Briger a brilliant reputation, and he started being looked up to as a notable name in the financial industry.

The educational qualifications and degrees that Briger received have also contributed to his skill and success in the field. He possesses a degree from Wharton Business School and also one from Princeton University. Additionally, he has taken part in various other programs and courses that have furthered knowledge of businesses and the field that he works in.

Within Fortress Investment Group, one of the primary areas that he focuses on is with regards to the development of the credit fund division within the company. He believes that this can help immensely when it comes to the overall growth of the company and is one array that can help the business offer a better range of services. In addition to focusing on his work at Fortress Investment Group, he also regularly engages in charitable and philanthropic activities. Over the past few years, Briger has donated millions of dollars to several charities across the country.

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Sussex Healthcare Helps Seniors Understand Their Opportunities

Sussex Healthcare knows how to help others. They have a strong tradition of giving seniors a facility that is different from the rest. They make sure they’re doing everything the right way so seniors know they’re getting more opportunities. They also do things that will help them through the most important parts of their lives. It is their way of giving attention to the people they work with. Since Sussex Healthcare knows what it takes to give everyone the opportunities they need for success, they feel good about the options they have.

The things that happen to Sussex Healthcare are all because of the hard work they do. They know there are options that help them with everything. They’ve spent a lot of time doing things that allow them the chance to feel better about the things they do. While Sussex Healthcare knows what it takes to give people the ability to make things better, they also know they need to do their best to help others. For the facility to offer these opportunities to seniors, they know they’re doing everything the right way. It is their way of allowing people to see how much they can do and how much they can experience from their business.


While there are things that Sussex Healthcare takes into account while they’re helping seniors, they feel good about the things they can do. They also know how things will for seniors no matter how hard they have to try things on their own. Sussex Healthcare is successful and sees there are things they can do to create even more success for their clients. By doing all this, they make sure others know what they can do. They plan to help people through the most difficult parts of their lives.

When Sussex Healthcare first started helping seniors, they knew there were things they could do to make everything easier on them. They also knew there were opportunities seniors had they weren’t taking advantage of. For Sussex Healthcare, the point of allowing them to see what they could do was making sure they had a chance to have a better life. Just because seniors are in a facility doesn’t mean their life should be hard. It also doesn’t mean they need to make things harder on those who are in the industry. For Sussex Healthcare, the point of giving back always allows them the chance to do things the right way.

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Roberto Santiago Is an Example of What A Mall Needs to Be to Survive the Changing Climate

One thing that people are noticing is that the malls are dying. There are many reasons that people are giving about the decline of malls. One of the most common reasons that are given is Amazon and online shopping. However, there are quite a few disadvantages to shopping online. For one thing, people do have to pay shipping fees. Another thing is that they are having to wait a few days. Some would say that people are paying shipping fees when they shop at stores, but it can be rather impractical to pay more shipping fees. When it comes to clothing, there are plenty of advantages to shopping at malls that are just not available online.


However, there is still a major decline in malls. Therefore, it is important for malls to adapt in order to provide people with the experiences that they can’t get online if they want to survive. For one thing, there needs to be more reasons for people to go to the mall instead of shopping online. One thing that can help is if people treat malls as more of a social space than a place for people to just buy clothes and other products.


Fortunately, there are efforts being made to keep people in the malls. For one thing, some of the mall owners are expanding the size and design of their malls so that they will attract different types of businesses. For instance, malls are adapting some of the more social-based consumer facilities like arcades.


While malls already have movie theaters, there are other facilities that are proving to be very good for the mall. For instance, Roberto Santiago is using concert facilities like the Domus Hall to attract more visitors to his mall. Therefore, people have the option of actually going to the mall and enjoying some events from their favorite artists. This also gives the upcoming artist a chance to run his own events so that he will make a name for himself. When it comes to the movie theaters, Roberto Santiago has even taken the time to make sure that he brings in a movie theater that gives the audience a premium experience.


An Interview with Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers

Andrew Poll had a strong attraction to music from an early age. Growing up in New York City he found himself enjoying music by performing as a DJ. Although the work was fun, Andrew realized he was looking to do more, something more substantial, something unique.

A meeting arranged by his manager with Andrew Taggart from Maine helped change that. The two hit it off right away, finding they both had quite a few similarities with ambitions and ideas. They had similar tastes in music and inspirations as well. With Taggart’s background as a producer and Poll knowing the marketing side, the two of them working on a project together had a clear vision on what would work and what would not.

Meeting on a daily basis the two continually worked side by side with the same desire of wanting to reach out to others and connect with them. Creating music that speaks volumes to people, tunes that fans from all over the world can understand and relate to. Throughout the years these two have continually worked fervently to become the best artists that they can possibly be, trying new ideas, testing their limits, and experimenting with writing about their own lives, their own issues, problems and experiences.

One of those experiences that Pall and Taggart jumped on was having the opportunity to work with Halsey. Being the top person on their list of artists they would like to work with, Halsey’s raw, genuine personality mixed with her unique voice brought spice to their work together.

Needless to say, “The Chainsmokers” has gotten bigger than anything Pall or Taggart could have ever hoped for back in their beginning days. Their following has now reached the international level with a fan base of equal both male and female from all ages across the globe. The future looks bright for them, their music and their vision. It’s an exciting time to see where Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart came from and how far they will go.

Financial Planning Security with Richard Blair



Financial literacy and independence is an absolute necessity of life. Many individuals are in need of assistance with savings, investments and retirement, and Richard Blair is just the person to help one develop a plan for success. He founded Wealth Solutions, a Registered Investment Advisory firm, with the vision of making a profound difference in the lives of families, business owners and individuals. Richard Blair prides his success on exercising a “Three Pillars” approach to assisting his clients in the greater Austin, Texas area.

Pillar One

Pillar one is focused on consulting and financial planning. It is important in this phase to build trust with the client and to determine what changes need to be made in what area of finances. Determining where the client is and where they want to go, as it pertains to strong areas, risk factors and room for growth, is very critical in this stage. Financial planning incorporates a variety of strategies. Clearly letting the client know what the plan entails for achieving results is a great way to build trust and rapport.

Pillar Two

Pillar two involves developing and implementing a plan that the client will capitalize on. Now that the evaluation of the client’s current situation has been completed, Richard Blair will focus on comprehensive planning by targeting more than one need to maximize results. For example, most people plan for retirement first, and contemplate saving for a child’s college funding. Instead, he will evaluate long-term and short-term needs in order to save for both simultaneously.

Pillar Three


At this point, the needs of the client has been established and the plan is active. While a close eye is kept on the portfolio’s expansion and liquidity, it is now time to introduce Pillar three – insurance. There’s no time like the present to take action in preparing for the unpredictable. Rich Blair will be sure to introduce long-term care insurance, life insurance and annuities, which are suitable forms coverage of the client.


Academy of Art University Grads Featured at New York Fashion Week

The granddaddy of all of the fashion events in the United States is New York Fashion Week. At the last New York Fashion Week event, the Academy of Art University put on a runway show that featured 10 recent graduates in both the University’s bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in fashion.

For the ten graduates, the years of hard work that they put into their program boiled down to a mere matter of minutes where their final clothing designs were put on display to a crowd full of fashion icons, industry media and celebrities. The graduates from the program featured lineups that catered to both men’s and women’s fashion. The diverse background of the students and their lines impressed the crowd at the show during the New York Fashion Week event.

For the Academy of Art University graduates, being a part of such an iconic event was a huge feat. The preparation that they received from the Academy of Art University was instrumental in their success at the event. The institution is a private university based in San Francisco, California. With a rich history stemming back to its founding in 1929, the Academy of Art University currently has over 12,000 students enrolled.

While the fashion program was uniquely highlighted at the New York Fashion Week event, the school also has many other great programs available to students and offers associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a variety of their programs. Some of the areas of study available to students at the school are acting, advertising, animation, architecture, art history, fashion, video game development, graphic design, metal arts, landscape architecture, music production & sound design, photography and web design.

While boasting all of these great programs that help prepare students with artistic gifts for their working career, the school has an illustrious list of alumni that have graduated from there. Well-known famous alumni include actresses Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag and Raven-Symoné. On top of them, the school has also graduated many great film directors, photographers, cinematographers and artists.



Jeff Aronin: Improving Lives Through Biomedical Innovation

Paragon Biosciences is a “global healthcare development and biopharmaceutical investment firm,” that works to “improve lives through biomedical innovation.” Paragon’s companies are handled by leaders in the healthcare industry and “biotech entrepreneurs committed to delivering better outcomes.” Their focus is “improving the lives of patients suffering from the debilitating disease by building innovative biotechnology companies that bring important medicines to the market.”

Chairman, Chief Executive officer, and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, Jeff Aronin, has almost 20 years of experience in “developing global biotech and healthcare innovation companies,” and his “expertise in complex science, rare diseases, and drug development have made him one of the most successful and innovative leaders in the bioscience sector.” Jeff has been the non-executive chairman and president of other affiliated companies and has skills in “strategic and business development, finance, and brand marketing.”

Over the past decade, Paragon Biosciences has had over a dozen FDA approvals, and have had “a success rate on par with much larger companies.” Paragon uses its expertise to “develop and finance innovative biotech companies,” in order to “deeply study patients’ needs, relentlessly to accelerate breakthrough science, and strategically build companies to alleviate suffering and extend life.”

Paragon has a process that includes 3 parts: Identity, Build and Develop. They work to “identify disease where the patient need is highest and treatment availability is most scarce.” They focus on understanding the lives of those they want to help and the science behind the diseases. They “create dynamic companies that redefine what is possible in biotech,” and have a “proven track record for successfully bringing drugs to market.” They are focused on “high unmet medical need” in order to “rapidly advance medicines to help those who lack treatment options.” Many of their medicines are the first or singular approved treatment for certain diseases.

Not only through Paragon, but Jeff Aronin supports countless organizations that are also dedicated to helping patients. “All Paragon companies are committed to making a difference.” It is no wonder their main responsibility remains “Scientific excellence, compassion, and respect for the people [they] strive to help in everything [they] do.”



Perry Mandera and the Community of Chicago

Perry Mandera knew that he wanted to serve his community and country at a very young age. After he graduated high school in 1975, he joined the military. He joined the Marine Corps Reserves. During his duty, he would drive trucks during his tour in the Marine Corps. This experience would later lead to the start of his successful transportation industry. After Mandera was honorably discharged, he was ready to start his career in the civilian sector. He would work at serval transportation companies until he was able to purchase his own and sell it. This experience would be beneficial to his future growth.

Mandera would then follow his dream and head to the call of duty again but this time it would be in the public sector. Perry Mandera would be elected to a position of the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th Ward in Chicago in 1984. He would serve until 1988. Mandera would be the youngest person elected to this position. During his time in office, he founded his company in 1986. Mandera started The Custom Companies, Inc.

The Custom Companies, Inc. is now serving thousands of customers and meets the needs of small businesses to large corporations featured in Fortune 100 corporations. The Custom Companies, Inc. exceeds annuals sales of 200 million dollars. Not only has Mandera created a successful and thriving business, he also has become a leader in creating jobs over the years. The company has serval hundred employees spanning from the headquarters in Northlake, Illinois to across the United States.

Perry Mandera has been a leading executive with over 30 years of experience. Mandera also supports the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC), where he received the Bishop Sheild Award in 2010 and also received the Citizen of the Year Award in 2011. The nonprofit works in tandem with the Police Athletic League. The ISCC and PAL work to reduce crime and juvenile delinquency while providing a positive light of police and Law in the community.

As a veteran, family man and churchgoer, Perry Mandera has always focused his efforts to give to charities that benefit children in the community. Organizations that Mandera has donated over the years are The Walter & Connie Payton Foundation and The Jesse White Tumblers. Perry Mandera not only supports these organizations, he is on the board of directors for both of these organizations. Mandera has provided transportation and 6,500 winter coats to children in need in Chicago and the surrounding counties.

With most large organizations, they are always looking at making the most profits. In the world today most companies no longer work in their local communities. They forget where it all started. Perry Mandera’s work throughout his life, from the Marine Corps Reserves to holding a position in public office, starting his successful company and donating to charities. Perry Mandera never forgets where it all started and always focuses on helping those in need. As The Custom Companies, Inc. continues to thrive, Mandera’s commitment to the community will be felt throughout Illinois and the United States of America.


José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto: Why You Need A Real Estate Mentor

José Auriemo Neto is a highly sought after real estate coach, trainer and advisor. José Auriemo Neto has worked with numerous clients and is well known in the industry.

José Auriemo Neto is chairman and CEO of JHSF – one of the most reputable real estate firms in Brazil. This reliable company focuses on property development and has grown tremendously under the leadership of José Auriemo Neto.

When you start investing in real estate, your goal is to make your money grow. Your investment has to generate enough profit to cover the risk you take and taxes you pay. A reliable real estate advisor or mentor can give you the help or training you need to make your venture a success.

José Auriemo Neto provides real estate investment training for beginners to help them learn what to expect and how to generate profits from their investments.

Both new investors and veteran investors turn to José Auriemo Neto for advice and assistance with their business. If you are a beginner in this lucrative industry, José Auriemo Neto can show you the steps you need to take in order to reach your goal. He will walk you through the proven path to real estate investing success.

Numerous investors come to José Auriemo Neto to learn his success secrets and apply these in their own business. He often advises experienced real estate professionals who want to grow their business and achieve great success in the field.

José Auriemo Neto will take the time to find out about your goals and expectations and then decide how to help you. He is a reliable professional and has a great reputation in the industry. He is well known for providing services and advice that clients need to reach their goal. With the high quality advice and guidance provided by José Auriemo Neto you can rest assured that you will achieve the success you desire.