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(Recap) Lip balm is all the rage these days. They come in all form, medicated, non medicated. So many options to choose from, however all the rage now is vegan lip balm by EOS. Already they have went out and made a name for themselves, but, still they keep climbing the ladder and customers keep going crazy for their products. The EOS brand will forever be recognized by the small round packages that their lip balm comes in, but, now thanks to this new vegan formula customers can truly say they’re getting their needs met by the EOS company. EOS tries to keep prices at the lowest they can, and with this the new vegan formula was flying off the shelves the day it was released.

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EOS stands for Evolution Of Smooth, they’re a company that does more than your standard lip balm. They also have creams, lotions, and shaving cream as well, purchase here. They have been in business for many years, and right away they made a name for themselves. Products by EOS can be found at most major stores such as Walmart, target, even some gas stations in case you’re in a need for some EOS in your life while you’re driving.

For many years store shelves featured bland lip balms that were usually in three select flavors, cherry, original, and mint, see here on Normally they came in a standard tube, no flair, color, or way to express your personality. EOS fixed that by bringing forth stylish, yes compact and effective lip balm packages. Not to mention they have lots of great vitamins, bees wax, and other ingredients for your body.


Securus Technologies Purchases Patents To Strengthen Its Position In The Industry

Securus Technologies maintains its presence as a leader in the world of criminal technology. The company has been in business for many years and offers services that are of high value in the law enforcement. Securus has clients that need assistance with investigation, public safety and modern human communication in order to maintain an authoritative presence. Securus is involved in solving many different types of complicated matters that are unique to detainment facilities. The organization has served a variety law enforcement bureaus and public safety organizations throughout the United States. Securus Technologies prides itself on being an enterprise that promotes making the world a better place.


Prison management requires a unique set of tools and skilled personnel in order to be conducted properly. Securus Technologies has been in this industry since 1986 and continues to introduce innovative business practices to a very progressive industry. The company has offices in Atlanta Georgia as well as Dallas Texas. Secures has a staff of over 1,000 employees who are in charge of serving 2600 contracts around the nation. Executives at Securus Technologies are aware that the competition is always pushing the envelope. This is why the company has invested in its infrastructure by committing up to six hundred million dollars in patents and acquisitions within a three-year period. Offender Management Systems was one of the acquisitions that was made by Securus Technologies. Before this purchase Offender Management was a leader in the criminal technology field.


Cell phone defense is a major issue when it comes to managing detainment facilities. Securus has been an active member in Cell Defender Technology. It partnered with Harris Corporation in order to introduce a system that will prevent cell phone activity on the inside of Correctional Facilities from reaching outside mobile networks. The program was introduced in 2017 after being approved by five different Department of Corrections bureaus in 2016. The new cell phone defender technology is expected to assist correctional facility agents with preventing and solving inmate-on-inmate crimes.


Securus Technologies made another key acquisition to the corporate team. JPay is a specialist in email, payment processing and entertainment systems for correctional facilities. The company carved out its own niche in the industry, which drew the attention from executives at Securus Technologies. JPay has contracts with correctional facilities in 33 states throughout the country. Securus Technologies believes that JPay will help them diversify its reach within the criminal technology business. This will result in a wide variety of products for clients to choose from.


JPay will continue to operate as a independent organization. Leaders at Securus Technologies expect to learn a great deal from how the company conducts business and has been able to generate such success in the same industry. JPay in turn will gain access to the resources that come from being affiliated with a company as large as Securus Technologies.


Paul Mampilly Explains How Investing Improves the Economy and Society

There are many benefits of investing, both for the individual and the economy as a whole. You can make great gains by investing in the economy, and the economy will be benefited by investment funds that will allow companies to grow.

Paul Mampilly explains that investing is not a lazy way to make money, and it is not something that separates financial classes. After all, a worker and a laborer can also save up some funds to invest. Actually, that is how most investors need to start off in the first place. They need to work in order to make money, and then they can use that money to invest. That is the beauty of a capitalist society. In addition, the funds that you will invest will give workers more opportunities. Companies will be able to invest those funds into creating new products and hiring new workers to create those products. The society is also improved in this manner, because new products make life easier for more people.

According to Paul Mampilly, you should be investing in the future. This means that you should invest in stocks and companies that are owned by entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs make society better by coming up with new technologies that solve problems that exist in society. The only way entrepreneurs can cause this disruption of replacing old products with new products is by having access to funds. This is why investing in the future is so important. It helps move the world towards the future. Otherwise, we would stay stuck in the past.

When you invest in entrepreneurship, both the entrepreneurs and the investors have a chance of becoming wealthier. However, it also helps the world move out of the past and into the future. An example is Mark Zuckerberg, an entrepreneur who created Facebook. Facebook has changed society in many ways.

What should you invest in? According to Paul Mampilly, the savvy investor will look at the future and try to invest in products that make up the face of the future. They have to look at what is going on in the world and which products will change the world for the better. Instead of investing in Microsoft, an existing company, you should invest in a company that will turn out to be the next Microsoft. For more info about us: click here.

Paul Mampilly is the founder of Profits Unlimited and senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Lazaro De Mello Brandao’s Resignation Reveals More About Bradesco’s Culture Regarding its Employees

Organizations motivate their staff differently. Promotion, recognition, and monetary incentive top the list of the preferred methods of motivating employees. Promotion, in particular, has been a successful method of motivating staff for one Brazilian bank, Banco Bradesco SA. The 74-year-old bank is undoubtedly the leading institution in Brazil regarding employee retention and promotion.

The recent resignation of Lazaro de Mello Brandao, 91, aptly shades light on the importance that Bradesco attaches to the development of its staff. Before he stepped down, Brandao was the chair of the board of directors of Bradesco, representing the Bradesco Foundation, the controlling shareholder of Bradesco, in the board. Brandao had been the president of the board for close to three decades. In fact, between 1991 and 1999, Brandao was both the chair of the board and the president (CEO) of Bradesco according to

Brandao’s story at Bradesco is a source of inspiration for employees starting out their careers in lower cadre roles. In 1943, Bradesco, which was in its budding stage, hired Brandao. The 17-year-old Brandao had modest professional qualification, and he was lucky that the bank hired him as a clerk. Without college certificates to boost his case, Brandao had to work twice as much to initiate his journey up the corporate ladder. Luckily, for him, Bradesco recognizes and awards performance. The bank appointed him director in 1963.Fourteen years later; he was made the overall vice president with Amado Aguiar as the president of Bradesco. Aguiar resigned in 1981 and the bank settled on Brandao to succeed Brandao as he was seen as the leading candidate who understood the inner workings of the Osasco-based Bradesco.

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Between 1981 and 1991, Aguiar was the chair of the board of directors with Brandao as the president. Unfortunately, Aguiar’s health began deteriorating, and in 1991, he stepped down. Bradesco’s management failed to identify someone else, apart from Brandao, to succeed Aguiar, the founder of the bank. The man who started as a clerk was now holding two critical posts in the largest private bank in Brazil, at the time. Moreover, Brandao was not cowed; he held both positions for eight years, resigning as CEO in 1999. Marcio Cypriano, another professional who started out his career at Bradesco, took over. Meanwhile, Brandao continued serving the bank as CEO until he stepped down on October 11, 2017.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Just like Brandao, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is emblematic of Bradesco’s high retention of staff. He is the serving CEO and chair of Bradesco. While he took over the presidency of the bank in 2009, the appointment as chairman occurred immediately Brandao announced his resignation. One wonders how Luiz Carlos Trabuco is juggling both posts especially now that Bradesco is a massive bank valued at over $413 billion (2017). Perhaps Luiz Carlos Trabuco studied his predecessors, Aguiar and Brandao, who at one point were in his current position. But Luiz Carlos Trabuco is lucky as his tenure as president will elapse soon. He is expected to resign in March, and focus on his new office.

The imminent resignation of Luiz Carlos Trabuco has generated interest in Bradesco and the entire Brazilian banking sector. As usual, the bank will pick one of its high-ranking leaders to succeed Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Some of the leaders who are under consideration, according to insiders on, include Mauricio Machado de Minas, Alexandre da Silva Gluher, Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, Josué Augusto Pancini, Marcelo de Araujo Noronha, Octavio de Lazari, and André Rodrigues Cano.

A look at the professionals on the list of “potential CEOs” is yet another confirmation of the high retention issue. Five of them joined the bank in either the ‘70s or ‘80s. Only two of them, Noronha and Minas, were hired recently.

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The Many Attributes of EOS Lip Balms

Lip balms are small, portable and popular. You can easily carry these devices in your hand, or you can store them in your pocket. Unfortunately, all lip balms aren’t created equal. Most brands’ lip balms are full of chemical additives, and these additives will cause more damage than good. The all-new Crystal lip balm has redefined the game. Its crystal-clear finish looks amazing because it’s translucent. The brand has teased its fans for quite some time, which helped to build-up the anticipation. When the lip balm was released this past summer, the shelves were wiped clean. EOS’s official website sold each and every Crystal lip balm.

With this specific product, the brand offers you Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. Since there is so much high-demand taking place, the company will definitely add more flavors to the list in the near future. If you want to heal your sore, chapped and tired lips, no one does it better than EOS. The brand has a track record of success, and its followers will attest to the facts. As of today, this company is worth an estimated $250 million, and it sells around 1 million units on a weekly basis. EOS has knocked Chapstick from the top position, and it’s leaving Burt’s Bees in the dust. What more can you ever ask for in a top-notch lip balm product? Since the oral care industry is expected to increase in sales for the future, the overall net worth of the business will surely rise.

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The innovative Crystal lip balm is outpacing any other lip balm on the market today. It has given the industry new life. Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian has been seen using the products on a consistent basis and that notion speaks volumes. Try now this great news lip balm, buy here at

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Boraie is the Reason that New Brunswick Lives

The reason that New Brunswick, New Jersey is still a thriving hotbed of economic prosperity is because of Boraie Development LLC and its brave leader Omar Boraie.

After traveling in Europe and seeing the majestic European cities that serve as economic centers for the continent, Sam Boraie dreamed of making New Brunswick into a modern day American European city. He began to share this vision with some close friends, but they could just shake their head at him. They believed the area was dying and that the best move would be to relocate the business to another city. Omar Boraie refused to give up on the place he called home, and after four decades of working through blood, sweat, and tears he finally has proved them wrong.

According to the official website of Boraie Development LLC, Omar Boraie believes so strongly his dream that he has invested $150 million from his own pocket to grow New Brunswick, New Jersey. Over the past 30 years, he has spent his time building commercial and residential real estate to attract the middle class back to New Brunswick. Even though billions of dollars have been made, Omar has reinvested the majority of it back into New Brunswick. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The reason that New Brunswick is the strong economic center today is that Omar Boraie spent time focusing on the fourth fundamentals that make a strong city. He spent time creating a place that families would like to call home. He built infrastructure so that businesses could grow the economy. He gave rewards to local businesses for staying. And he brought the middle class back to the area.

New Brunswick was able to become a family oriented place because Omar Boraie formed a coalition of nonprofits the focused on creating experiences for the family. Whether it be free movie nights throughout the summer, corporate sponsored reading times at the library, or local amusement parks, each family had something they could enjoy. Check out State Theatre New Jersey to see more.

New Brunswick was able to become an economic center because Omar Boraie built the necessary infrastructure so that businesses became interested. By building class A office space and then renting it out for a price that could not be beat, many middle-class professionals moved to the area.

Lastly, New Brunswick was able to lower the unemployment rate because Omar Boraie convinced corporations such as Johnson & Johnson to stay in the area and higher local workers.

Susan McGalla to The Rescue

Who Is Susan McGalla?

Susan McGalla is an illustration of a woman in leadership. She paved the way for women to become the President of American Eagle Outfitters. Needless to say, there were no women executives at that time. She literally worked her way up to the top. As a result, she founded the P3 executive consulting company. She works for the Pittsburgh Steelers as the business strategist and creative developer.

Behind Susan McGalla’s Success

To say the lest Susan McGalla owes her ability to climb the success latter from her childhood. Her father was a football coach and she grew up with two brothers. Needless to say, she worked for what she wanted. Being a girl didn’t earn her any special privileges. The same work ethics she learned as a child carried into her success as an adult. Her passion to help other women led her to the founding of her consulting business. Her company women who are serious about becoming business leaders.

Statistics show that gender-diverse companies outperform other companies by 15%. While ethnically diverse companies outperform other companies by 35%. Executive sponsorship can help bridge the gap between women executive leadership roles. The sponsor will work side by side to help the women on important executive projects. Sponsorship will build confidence and skills in women. As a result, women will go after the executive positions. The sponsor is available to train and answer any questions the women may have. Sponsorship will help women move up within a company.

Sponsorship may be the key to equipping women with the means to apply for leadership positions. Without sponsorship, women may not be given the chance to learn leadership roles for executive positions. Businesses can fill executive positions within their companies. The women win with an executive job with higher pay. Businesses do well when women take leadership roles in their companies. Statistics show that gender-diverse companies outperform other companies by 15%.

OneLogin : Getting Ahead in 2017

2017 has brought about a great deal of change for OneLogin. The company improved service, appointed a new CEO and has transformed integral aspects of experiences for their customers. The results have been astounding and have significantly upped the standards of what to expect from OneLogin next year.

The new leadership of Brad Brooks comes with tried and tested years of experience. The newly selected CEO has spent more than a quarter century of his career working in the fields of technology and engineering innovation. These years of dedication have prepared him for the unique nature of OneLogin. Under this guidance the company has embarked on numerous avenues of change that have significantly influenced consumer outcomes.

In addition to having better systems when it comes to customers, OneLogin was recently ranked as one of the best spaces for employees to work. The accolade, bestowed on them from Fortune magazine, is the first recognition OneLogin has received regarding the quality of experience they provide to employees. Ultimately this speaks to the positive environment and strategies that they use to benefit people who work with them.

Multi-Factor Authentication has also been integrated in 2017. This makes it easier for users to feel safe and for the technology to keep up with industry standards. This will also recognize information about the user such as device details, location, network security and other parameters.

Additional technical improvements have been made to the app, allowing consumers to have better access points and to benefit from the technology in novel ways. Speed and accuracy have been boosted in recent releases for consumers. OneLogin is standing out with their clients based on a commitment to work with cloud computing as well.

With many computing systems designed for clients who prefer cloud storage and access points, it has become consistently more important that OneLogin operate in a compatible and user friendly manner. Web and cloud based storage may have required some novel connection points. However, OneLogin has overcome these challenges in order to offer clients unique solutions with customization. This has helped provide services to people who maintain their own server space or companies that prefer web based storage alone.