Class Dojo Helps Revive Edtech

The educational technology industry suffered a four-year-long sag in sales, things were not looking good. Now it’s quickly becoming a successful venture for many entrepreneurs. For example, an innovative program called Class Dojo has bridged the gap between parents, students, and teachers. Thanks to their website and app teachers can effectively communicate with parents. It has brought ground-up change to something that was previously limited to phone calls and notes in backpacks. Now two in three schools use Class Dojo.

How Class Dojo works

Each teacher has an online group with an adorable picture for each child. Parents can get alerts on their phones or in their e-mail about how their child’s day went. Many teachers post pictures so parents can get a glance into what their child does all day at school. There is also an option to e-mail your teacher or they can e-mail parents. Teachers can easily send out announcements via the program. In the end, it has been the teacher’s embrace of Class Dojo that has led to its overnight success.

Class Dojo has also been an effective tool to bring the community into the school as parents now feel more included. It has created a positive culture between classrooms and schools. Those that use Class Dojo feel empowered as they have a better handle on how their child is behaving in school, school events, and important news. Finally, the Class Dojo platform has helped parents to feel like it is more acceptable to communicate with teachers. Previously, many didn’t feel free to do so.

Why Class Dojo was successful

Edtech products can be absolutely amazing but not be popular with schools or teachers and fail. What Class Dojo did right was getting valuable feedback from teachers, parents, and students to find out what the specific needs were. They worked to fix those problems and target areas that needed improvement. The company continues user feedback to better their brand.

How to Use Wainscot & Interior Trims to Spruce up Your Home

Just the installation of a shaker panel wainscoting can make a tremendous difference to the room. So far so good! But then again, that’s not the only decorative element in the room. There might be door openings dressed with molding, window casing, and ceiling moldings. And then again the wainscoting most likely has a chair rail and base.

Now, the secret of making the room inviting, charming, and welcoming is to blend all these interior trims nicely together. Not step on each other’s toes or trespass the area righteously belonging to the opening casing by extending the flat panel.

Why it’s crucial to focus on the right trim and wainscoting installation


Cover the door casing with the shaker and you will cancel its purpose! Bring the panel too high in a low ceiling room and you will feel the ceiling suffocating you. It’s easy to make mistakes when you install wainscoting and interior trims. It’s also easy to fall into small traps when you decorate the room. Take the simple example of hanging drapes. The newest trend has them hung at the highest point possible. This is a useful interior design trick when you want to take the ceiling up. But if the room is high, there is no point!

The right size of the wainscoting panels, the width of the crown molding, the overall size and style of door and window casing are all important to the balance in the room. Choose the wrong size and you will easily break the harmony needed to make the room friendly and soothing to the eye.

Don’t just choose any wainscoting design

There is a reason why there are so many wainscoting design ideas. There are also different types of door and window trims. There is a handful of crown molding profiles. There are two ways to approach this matter.


  • Choose based on the room’s style. You might get a beadboard for the kitchen or bathroom, but chances are you would want a more elegant solution for your dining room – unless this is your summer house. Bead board panels will bring a cottage style in the room. A shaker is far more elegant.
  • Choose by matching the wainscoting design with the design of the rest of the trims. They don’t have to be identical, but it would be nice to be similar. Classic or modern, wainscoting and trims must all follow the same route. It will be out of place to install a super-modern panel with a Victorian style crown moulding.

Painting wainscoting panels and trims the right color is crucial


More often than not, we leave color choices last. We don’t think about the color of our flat panel wainscoting and door trims till it’s time to paint them. Or, we don’t paint them at all. We buy them in a wooden or white color and let them be. But color schemes make all the difference to the actual visual effects. Too dark in a small room, which hardly gets any natural light, and the room will be turned into a depressing man cave.

What you need to consider is whether or not you want contrasting colors or not. That’s as far as the raised panel and remaining wall are concerned. The rest of the trims should be painted the same color. If you choose white, stick with it for the window and door casing, the chair rail, and the base. Paint the crown moulding white and let it stand out no matter what color the wall and ceiling are. But don’t forget that rules are made to be broken. It all depends on the structural elements in each room and the visual effects desired. offered so many wainscoting styles that you can consider for making an excellent decoration for your home.

Small tricks for a big interior decorating impact


Don’t forget that trims are there to highlight the structural elements and create the needed balance. Think of the door and window casing as the frame of your openings. The crown molding pinpoints the end of the wall and the beginning of the ceiling. The fireplace mantel makes this focal point of the room stand out and should blend nicely and smoothly with the wall panels.

It’s all about improving the architectural style of the room by focusing on such decorative elements. So use these tricks to make your efforts worth the while:


  • Take sides. Want a classic wainscoting? Choose if you want a Victorian, baroque, or minimal style and stick with it.
  • Make sure the size of all trims is balanced and wall paneling is lower when the ceiling is not tall.
  • Choose colors to match the character of the room but also use them to enlarge the room or lower the ceiling. Bring the ceiling down by painting the wall above the panel dark colors. Make the room look bigger by painting the trims the same or lighter color than the wall.

Crown molding installation is not needed in a short room. If you just want to bring the ceiling higher, paint the molding in a darker shade than the ceiling.

There are all sorts of trim and wainscoting interior design ideas. But you should focus on the needs of each room first to see how to use such moldings to accomplish your architectural style goals.

Sports Have Helped Michel Terpins See How He Can Be Successful

There have been so many ways in which Michel Terpins is doing the right job in the right type of business he is in. He knows there are different things he can do to bring attention to the work he has put into his sport and car racing is just a big part of how he can make things work. For Michel Terpins, this means he can do the best job possible and it means he can make sure he is offering the right type of sports for the people who he has done business with in the past. As long as Michel Terpins is doing things the right way, he knows he will be able to try his best. He also knows there will be opportunities for him to see the right kind of success as he continues showing others what they can do on their own.

Bringing things into the mix has helped Michel Terpins make choices that are going to change the course that he has ahead of him. Michel Terpins knows what it will be like to show others how they can become successful. One of the first people he showed how to be successful was his brother. Now, his brother is racing and is also doing the same things that he has done. They are a team and they work together. They want to make sure they are doing things the right way and that is what has allowed them to make things better on their own.

For Michel Terpins, this all goes back to his upbringing. His father was a professional athlete and taught him the things he needed to know about competing. It was part of how he could make things better and part of what would allow him to be a great person once he got older. For Michel Terpins, this was important and it made things easier. He had always wanted people to realize there were different opportunities they could benefit from just like he had. It helped him make sure he was doing things right and doing everything for himself.

The Significant Contribution of Michael Lacey In Mathematics

Over the years, Michael Lacey was able to build his reputation as a distinguished mathematician. It is important to note that he was born on September 26, 1959.

He attended the University of Illinois in the year 1987 where he was able to accomplish a lot in terms of academics. At the university, he was able to write a thesis touching on the area of probability majoring on banach spaces.

During his time at the university, he was able to solve complex problems especially those dealing with iterated logarithm.

Michael Lacey also solved problems touching on empirical characteristic functions. Over the years, he has been able to research on varied subjects. For instance, he has done a lot of work dealing with Ergodic theory. It is also important to note that he has made significant contributions in the area of harmonic analysis.

However, most of the work that he has done over the years relates to probability. After graduating from the University of Illinois, he has been able to serve in different positions. Between the years 1989 and 1996, he was able to serve in Indiana University.

At the university, he was awarded the national science foundation recognition due to his dedicated service in the area. When he was studying at the university, he was able to commence studies on bilinear Hilbert transform. His studies in the area enabled him to be awarded the Salem prize. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

At Georgia institute of technology, he was able to serve as the professor of mathematics for quite some time. Over the years, Michael Lacey has been able to embark on research touching on various areas. It is important to note that all his research has been supported by the national science foundation.

After completing the research, he took the effort to present it to the Salem prize for further analysis. There are various other mathematics research institutes which have had the honor to receive his work.

For instance, the Fulbright foundation has received his work on different areas. It is also important to recognize that he has presented his work to the Simons foundations for analysis. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Considering that he has been lecturing for quite some time, some of the students have given their feedback. It seems to be the consensus of various students that he is extremely knowledgeable about the various topics he handles. Moreover, there are many students who recognized that he has a lot of genuine interest for his students at all times.

What Makes the OSI Group Special?

Throughout their time in business, the OSI Group has proven how good they are at the things they are doing with other businesses. They provide exceptional service to the food companies they work with because they know it is important to provide their clients with a service they would be happy to receive themselves. The customer service part of their business is the most important part and that’s why they have had the means to continue growing and helping other people with the issues they have in the industry. The OSI Group knows what they are doing and it shows in the work they do.

Even though there have been some issues with other food companies not providing the best quality possible, the OSI Group knows what it takes to provide quality opportunities. They know the best food is the kind that is quality and has a lot of positive aspects to it. Because the OSI Group knows this, they continue to offer positive experiences for all their customers. Their clients can get more from the food industry they work with if they are going to keep offering different options to clients. It is part of what has made things easier for them.

The OSI Group is now setting standards in the industry. They are a positive company and they know what it takes to make things better for all their clients. They have also done what they can to show people the positive aspects of using a great company. It has shown others the right way to make the business the best it can be. It has also given other people the chance to try different things on their own. For the OSI Group to do this, they have to make sure they are offering the best out of all the things they have in their industry.

Even though there have been several issues in the community with which the food industry operates, the OSI Group knows there needs to be a change. For that reason, they have used most of their business power to focus on sustainability. The sustainable efforts they have are what has made the company successful. They are also doing what they can to help support the environment. Not enough food companies do this so the OSI Group knows they are able to make an impact with the efforts they have done in the industry.

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Logan Stout and IDLife

IDLife is a new health and wellness company that uses health supplements to help their customers reach their personal wellness goals. IDLife is a unique company because unlike most wellness supplements, IDLife customizes supplements for each of their customers. Supplements are personalized by monitoring the customer’s diet, genetics, nutrition factors, and many other different health factors.

IDLife’s approach to developing personalized supplements have been proven by scientist. Before IDLife was sold to the public, it was tested by scientist to ensure that the products were effective. In order to ensure that the products worked correctly, IDLife kept journals to monitor the health and wellness of the people during the trails. The trails turned out to be extremely effective. As a result, IDLife is now being sold by used by many customers.

IDLife was founded by a young entrepreneur named Logan Stout. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Stout is also a former athlete and a role model. As a former athlete Stout understand the importance to athletes and their nutritional needs. It is because he was a former athlete which caused him to create IDLife.

Logan Stout is also the founder of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization. Logan Stout is a great role model for all of the members on the Dallas Patriots baseball organization team. He is always teaching and leading his members of the baseball team into a positive direction.

Logan Stout is a very educated man. He has earned multiple degrees throughout his life, including his Associate’s Degree in Business from Panola College. He has also received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Dallas. He has a very diverse experience when it comes to education. He is very intelligent!

Logan is a very well rounded individual. He has made himself a self made educated entrepreneur. IDLife is one of the first companies to create a personalized approach for wellness supplements. Many consumers have been enjoying IDLife and all of their great benefits. IDLife will continue to provide their customers with personalized supplements so that they are able to obtain their health and wellness goals easier.

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TechStyle: Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg CEOs Built for Fortune

TechStyle’s Co Founder along with co-CEO is now Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, whose 20-year livelihood in startups began at age 13, when he began an online bulletin board which mutated into the gambling internet site Gamer’s Alliance. The company Inter-mix had given the 19-year-old Goldenberg a spot as chief operating officer, which makes him the most popular public company COO ever in history. After Goldenberg abandoned Inter-mix, he found his new calling in the form the e commerce site Intelligent Beauty, that spawned several supplemental businesses; included in these are DermStore along with JustFab.

Goldenberg had developed with tech, and he had been determined to utilize it aggressively to the advantage of his e commerce efforts. He had been comfortable with their talents at constructing digitally indigenous brands, he told within a private interview. He had been struck by the way these engineers and developers were focused in building a civilization of optimization and testing in the style industry…. “What we’re doing is approximately raising client pride in producing the services and products.” They are improving the individual experience by making it better and more relevant. If they are able to do so, the price of customer acquisition goes down and also the life value rises.

The business was a tech Innovator from the start. TechStyle established a string of proprietary e commerce technology services and products, for example its FashionOS unified technology platform, that the business built from the bottom up at a price of roughly $70 million.

Along with investing greatly in technology, TechStyle succeeds in advertising and product collection. In 2015, the business established a business personal styling system which pairs complex calculations with private stylists, looking to offer you a better, more intelligent shopping encounter. The huge technology investments continue and will probably soon be in system learning and customization. This was added by CTO Collins.

TechStyle Co CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have made profound innovations in the fashion world. They have increased their revenue year after year and have had the benefit of multiple millions of dollars in venture capital. TechStyle is primarily backed by venture capital. While there have been rumors of an IPO, speakers have denied such claims. They are satisfied with their current aggressive pace and will continue to grow. When investors would like to celebrate, CEOs plan to reward the investors with a nice surprise and we know all will be well.

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