A Father to Many | Jeff Schneider

The renowned Jim Valvano, also known as James Thomas Anthony Valvano and Jimmy V, was a college basketball player, coach, and broadcaster in the US during the last half of the 20th Century. Valvano is famously recorded saying, “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” This is undoubtedly touching, and it touches on a larger subject: kids who have involved role models develop a greater sense of self-esteem, and how could they not?

Even though caring about one’s children often comes easily to a parent, in 2018, it isn’t common to find an individual who does as much as Jeffry Schneider for other people’s children. Jeff knows that youths who have role models attain a greater sense of self-esteem. Because of this, he makes a concerted effort to be active not only in his kids’ lives, but other kids’ lives as well. He asserts that any individual has the power to help a child and that these small choices in the present can engender a greater tomorrow. In spite of all the responsibilities of leading a company and leading a family, Jeffry Schneider continues to find time to put others before himself.

Jeff Schneider wears many different hats. Businessman, sportsman, Manhattan-native, son, sibling, uncle, companion, leader, and father are just a few. But out of all the hats he wears, he’s most honored to be a dad. The father of three asserts that fatherhood is one of the most rewarding life experiences a male can have. While he has many causes that he supports and sponsors, as a dad, Jeff Schneider has an intrinsic, unyielding devotion to help children. He’s made it his life mission to help children everywhere as he knows they are the world’s future. By being a role model for today’s youth, he’s supporting individuals into the future.. Jeff certainly has faith in the power of people everywhere honing their strengths, so he seeks to help all kids achieve their best. His generous disposition is revitalized by giving unabashedly to the less fortunate, and he hopes to start a legacy that convinces others to do the same with their time. Check out his blog at jeffryschneidertravel.com.