The Phenomenal Sheldon Lavin, Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, LLC

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman as well as the chief executive officer of the OSI Group. OSI group is a successful American business venture, which is a renowned holding firm for meat processing. The company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. It began its operations in Chicago in the year 1909 and boasts of over 20,000 employees, as per the statistics carried out in the year 2016 and what Sheldon Lavin knows.

Sheldon Lavin’s career path in the meat industry can be traced back to the year1970. This is the year when this prolific CEO organized for the funding of Otto & Sons. This company was later to become the OSI Group. The company tremendously grew across the US, Europe, South Africa, India and Australia. Sheldon has gradually steered the growth of OSI Group to where it is today. It is worth noting that the dynamic company is the top supplier of protein globally and boasts of more than 55 facilities in over 16 nations and resume him.

Before joining the food industry, Sheldon Lavin worked in the banking industry. Over the years, he has been able to work tirelessly to become a seasoned professional in the food industry. Sheldon holds a degree in finance and accounting. He has also bagged many awards due to his stupendous work. On February 20, 2016, he received the Global Visionary Award in India. Sheldon has been able to steer the growth and development of Osi Group from a domestic food company to a mega worldwide food processor. He has been able to bring a rather special policy at OSI Group, where people work as a family, thus fostering teamwork. He believes that the employees are an integral part of any business and their welfare is of paramount importance. This one factor has seen the company rise steadily over the years. The company has very little turnover, and this is another aspect that has made the company to grow and Sheldon Lavin’s lacrosse camp.

Interestingly, Sheldon Lavin is now 80 years and is still at the helm of the company fostering its growth with his focus being the Asian and European markets. The expansion as well as diversification of business is what brings him joy. He is proud that OSI Group has been able to rise continuously to be on top. Sheldon is a great philanthropist who has contributed in many charities such as the United Negro College Fund, Jewish United Fund and many more. He is also a great inspiration to many business people and more information click here.

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Lime Crime Introduces Popular New Palette

Lime Crime has exceeded customer expectations with an amazing palette taking their users back to the early 90’s. They have created a new Candy Pocket Palette blend with amazing buttery shades in a pastel cosmetic case that is very hard to resist. This palette is said to include the original LimeCrime colors along with a new buttery frost shade to accent your mood, hair, or amazing features. Their velvetine matte collection goes on with a superior smooth application, and molds to perfection on your eye-lids, and lips. The LC cosmetic designer was one of the first of her kind to experiment with the super-foil base.

The Candy Pocket Palette will take wearers back to a time when they put their favorite doll in the back pocket of their favorite Jordache jeans. You can easily find their products in the bottom of a cluttered purse, and recognize their cool packaging anywhere. Lime Crime products are completely hypoallergenic, and clinically tested to be safe to use everyday. Choose a new look with cool colors like Mint Kisser, or Purple Sorbet to accent your look. Their shades leave your unapologetic about your bold cosmetic choices, and help you identify with the real you.

You can find ways to be creative with LC cosmetics from their YouTube channel, and you’re also invited to leave your creative ideas for others to be inspired. They offer free tutorials from thousands of women, and men around the world just like you. They also have a popular Unicorn hair dye collection under their name with the same bold colors, and hypoallergenic contents for a temporary or permanent tint. Among their 1.4 Pinterest followers, their new Scandal lipstick with a purple-violet hue is very popular for having an amazing hue, and shade. Their Scandal line has had no problem standing out on their own; independent from the LC brand.

Lime Crime products are not available in stores, and can be purchased from their exclusive website. Choose your favorite brand and take part in free promotional shipping offers on as many colors as you choose. Change your look with Lime Crime products today.

IDLife: An Easier Way To Have A Balanced Diet

Do you find your self out of breath after going up a flight of stairs? Do you find that you still feel sleepy after a nights sleep? Do you sometimes have a hard time concentrating when at work? There is an epidemic of people who just can’t find the time to exercise or eat right. In this rat race of a world we live in, everything is so fast-paced. Your boss is demanding you stay late to finish a project. Your children require you to do what you need to make sure they have a good life. You have to make dinner and clean the house and the time just slips right by. There are so many reasons why that fitting a balanced diet into your life is not easy.

A company called IDLife has come up with a solution to help you eat healthy even on the go. They have come up with products that give you all the vitamins, minerals and protein you need, as well as keep you hydrated. IDLife has vitamins in pill form that you can take and also shakes full of vitamins and protein. They also have a workout line. These are products you would take before and after your workout. These ensure that you get the correct amount of amino acids and enzymes that you need as well as those vitamins and nutrients.

IDLife has partnered with a company called Garmin to help perfect the IDLife app. They partnered with Garmin because of the combination of their expertise in technology and nutrition. That is a powerful combination when it comes to the ultimate goal of making the world healthy, one person at a time, and making the app easy to navigate.

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