Karl Heideck: The Accident Expert

Car seats designed for children are undoubtedly the safest way children of a certain age and size should travel. This has been known for a while and now the state of Pennsylvania is taking things more seriously. The new law will require children at or below the age of two to sit in a car seat that can be faced backward. The reason for this is very simple. It is a lot safer for them, according to statistics. For toddlers between the ages of two and eight, they will need to ride in a booster seat which can then be placed to face forward. Not only that, the straps used to buckle them should be at or above the child’s shoulders.

The new law regarding child safety and automobiles has been in effect for a while now, but for now, police officers have been told to let drivers go with a warning rather than giving a ticket if caught. This is going to change starting this month when they start handing out tickets instead of a warning. If there happens to be court cost then those fees will need to be taken care of by the drivers. According to AAA or the American Automobile Association, car accidents are the leading cause of death and harm for children. This is why the folks at the Pennsylvania DOT is recommending raising the booster seat age from eight to 10.

Karl Heideck is a highly experienced and talented attorney based in Jenkintown, Philadelphia. His specialties include litigation, risk management, and compliance. He currently works as a contract Attorney at Mestel & Companies Hire Counsel. Before joining them, he worked in the greater Philadelphia area and gained a lot of experience in litigation. Karl acquired his law degree or Juris Doctor from Temple University.

Apart from being a talented litigator, Karl Heideck is also known to be skillful in legal writing, product liability, corporate law, legal research, and employment law. During his early years at practicing law, Karl Heideck cut his teeth by filing complaints as well as responding to complaints. His experience encompasses the entire litigation process; which includes getting personal jurisdiction, pretrial as well as post trial.

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The Best EOS Lip Balm for a Night Out

EOS Lip Balms are these affordable, portable, colorful, egg-like moisturizers are taking the world by storm. Despite the seven main types, all can be used by any kind of skin type. The reason this is possible? They are all hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested. In addition to this, they contain various natural oils and vitamins to leave lips feeling more supple These lip balms can be seen on the lips of A-list celebrities while also being found at your local drug store, buy here! It is no secret that lip balms are great for every-day hydration and protection, but which of these would work best for you during a night out?

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Well, the answer is subjective as everyone has different looks they go for when going out. If you are wanting a more natural, simple look, then the Crystal or Original EOS lip balms might be better for you. The Crystal lip balm is clear, so it leaves lips hydrated with virtually no kind of balm remnants. The Original, (much like most of the other types including Organic, Medicated, Activated, etc.) does not leave any color on the lips. The balm itself is a taupe-yellowish color, so when applied it can help give lips a more neutral (less pink, more nude) color. Although the difference in color would be almost insignificant, it is just an example of the lip balm being a good neutral color. Hurry and get one now here on ebay.com.

Whether it is a night out or a casual social gathering, the best glamour types would be the Shimmer and Visibly Soft types. The Shimmer, as it’s name suggest, offers a bit of glitter which can help the face look more youthful and put-together. The Visibly Soft balm is the taupe-yellowish color like others, however, it leaves lips softer. This characteristic makes it a great base coat to add lipstick and lip gloss over.

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EOS Gets Naked With ‘Crystal’ See-Through Lip Balm Addition

Obsessed EOS lip balm fans keep checking their favorite drugstore shelves for the arrival of Crystal wax-free lip balm.

The totally vegan and see-through balm is new and unique and still sits in the famous EOS pod, except this design is more oval than round. The popular balm brand has introduced two gorgeous new flavors in Peach Hibiscus and Vanilla Orchid, says usmagazine. They both smell heavenly and deliver a lovely flavor that lingers.

EOS was excited to launch the new hydrating formula for those lip balm devotees who like the incredible moisture but prefer not to feel a waxy consistency that all lip balms are typically made with. Crystal is modern and almost naked with its one-of-a-kind see-through lip balm. To some fans, Crystal resembles a beautiful jello egg, and to those lucky people who’ve already spied them in the store, the sensation is awesome when you apply the balm.

EOS debuted the pair to their Instagram page on August 5th, and most folks should be able to purchase them by the end of the month. You will be able to spot them in the beauty aisles of Ulta, Walmart, Kohls, Target, Walgreens and CVS.

What makes EOS Crystal balm unique is in its superior hydrating features. There are five natural oils added to the smooth, silky shea butter formula to offer greater softness for the lips. These oils include sunflower, aloe, coconut, avocado and castor, additional info here.

The wax-free formula is preferred by many because it delivers a lighter, more slippery hydration for the lips. Crystal lip balm does not contain an SPF, so if you’re seeking added sun protection, check out EOS’ signature Active collection.

Crystal lip balm sells for an affordable $5 a pod and makes for an excellent addition to your lip balm beauty routine.

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Scott M. Rockage; Great Health Care Expert

Scott Rockage, Ph.D. is the current managing partner of a company called 5 AM ventures since 2004. He joined the 5 AM Venture as a partner in the year 2003. Dr. Scot M. Rocklage has an experience of over 20 years or rather two decades in the healthcare industry and specifically in the healthcare management.

He also possesses huge scientific background. He has held so many leadership positions in the industry of health and pharmaceuticals. With his leadership skills, he was able to obtain FDA approval for his three new drugs applications that include Teslascan, Omniscan, and Cubicin.

The company 5 AM has offices in California, Waltham, and San Francisco and he is located in Waltham. Before he joined 5 AM, Dr. Scott M. Rockage was the CEO and the Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals and currently the President and CEO of Nycomed Salutar. Dr. Rocklage held several Design and research positions. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg and Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

Rockledge also serves as the director and the President of Amersham Health and the Executive Chairman and a Co-president of Ipsa. He has worked in several organizations as the board chair.

Other boards, he has headed are Cidara Therapeutics, Nevra Therapeutics and also the chairman of Novra. He also possesses a wide range of experience in the strategic, health and science roles.All of these roles are purely focused in the field of pharmaceuticals.

He also has interests in the venture capital. Rocklage holds a bachelor of science degree in Chemistry from the University of California which is located in Berkley. He also holds a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

While doing his Doctor of Philosophy in Massachusetts, he conducted research in Richard R. Schrock laboratory who was the chemistry Nobel prize winner in 2005.

Dr. Scott M. Rocklage is an inventor and co-inventor of more than 30 US patents. He is also the author of more than 100 publications that have been published by media, blogs etc across the globe.

5 AM Ventures is always focused on supporting entities who main aim is to solve certain healthcare needs in the community. They support start-ups and help in cutting-edge breakthroughs in the health sectors.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Empathizes with Her Patients

Some people will take care of others because they feel sorry for them and they want to change their lives for the better. There are others who will help people because they have been where they are, or they can imagine getting to that place. Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone who treats her patients with empathy. She does not feel sorry for those who come to her needing the plastic surgery services that she offers. Instead, she lets such people know that she understands highly successful practice the place where they are at.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone who completes work on others and who has also had completed on her Surgical work. She is someone who understands the needs of those who are looking to change their appearance in one way or another. She has had treatment completed to help herself feel more beautiful. She knows what it is like to be unhappy with one’s appearance, and she shares her feelings with those who come to her, looking for Walden help to patients change their own.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is not only someone who has had various treatments completed on her face; she is someone who can imagine needing more help in the future. Dr Walden Reviews can imagine changing up her body in the future to make it all that she wants it to be. She is not afraid of letting her patients know that she would consider making some of the same changes that they are making. She is an empathetic doctor.

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