The Best EOS Lip Balm for a Night Out

EOS Lip Balms are these affordable, portable, colorful, egg-like moisturizers are taking the world by storm. Despite the seven main types, all can be used by any kind of skin type. The reason this is possible? They are all hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested. In addition to this, they contain various natural oils and vitamins to leave lips feeling more supple These lip balms can be seen on the lips of A-list celebrities while also being found at your local drug store. It is no secret that lip balms are great for every-day hydration and protection, but which of these would work best for you during a night out?

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Well, the answer is subjective as everyone has different looks they go for when going out. If you are wanting a more natural, simple look, then the Crystal or Original EOS lip balms might be better for you. The Crystal lip balm is clear, so it leaves lips hydrated with virtually no kind of balm remnants. The Original, (much like most of the other types including Organic, Medicated, Activated, etc.) does not leave any color on the lips. The balm itself is a taupe-yellowish color, so when applied it can help give lips a more neutral (less pink, more nude) color. Although the difference in color would be almost insignificant, it is just an example of the lip balm being a good neutral color. Shop till you drop here on

Whether it is a night out or a casual social gathering, the best glamour types would be the Shimmer and Visibly Soft types, see The Shimmer, as it’s name suggest, offers a bit of glitter which can help the face look more youthful and put-together. The Visibly Soft balm is the taupe-yellowish color like others, however, it leaves lips softer. This characteristic makes it a great base coat to add lipstick and lip gloss over. Grab your favorite lip balm here.


Glen Wakeman, the Business Revolutionary

Glen R. Wakeman is an esteemed executive mentor, board member, financial services executive, investor, CEO, and a small business owner. He is the co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, a SAAS company. LaunchPad offers a fully automated software service to assist early stage entrepreneurs as they shape their ideas into a workable plan. The company’s toolkit is complemented by a wide-ranging ecosystem comprised of capital advisors and providers. Glen Wakeman’s career kicked off at GE Capital where he held P&L and business developmental positions for 21 years. At GE, he received recognition as a Growth Leadership role model. He has successfully built his career in finance and business for the past twenty years.

Glen Wakeman is also the founder of Nova Four where he was also a President. He also takes up Board roles and CEO coaching to sustain improvements of the company. Nova Four offers access to capital and strategic advice for developing businesses.

Glen Wakeman is well known for his 5-step performance methodology that focuses on human capital, business execution, risk management and leadership power. Glen has been honored with various awards both national, local, and international for his dedication to corporate social responsibility and his exemplary leadership. Glen has guided many M&As, new market entry, start-ups, exponential growth, and divestitures. He has revolutionized companies with over 17,000 staff members and assets amounting to $15 billion which has led to their success and development. Wakeman is also a writer with blog posts that provide knowledge on matters relating to management & administration, emerging markets, international fiscal issues, and strategy. He continues to be an inspiration to many in subjects relating to organizational policies and financial economics.

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White Shark Media: Dominance of Digital Marketing

White Shark Media is a marketing agency that can help any small or mid-sized business gain attraction from more and different types of customers. White Shark Media has been recognized as being one of the best and fastest expanding digital marketing companies in the entire continent of North America. They use state of the art technology and software with highly sophisticated analytics to make sure that their clients receive the proper service that they paid for. White Shark Media was created in 2011 and the goal of the agency was to dominate in the digital marketing business while giving quality service to their clients. Google invited White Shark Media to Mountain View, California and they helped White Shark Media grow and satisfy their client needs more sufficiently. Microsoft has even recognized the success of White Shark Media and they partnered up with them in the Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program. There is a lot of creativity and intelligence involved in the world of digital marketing and the staff of White Shark Media have just that. They are very dedicated towards pleasing their clients and will stop at nothing to do so.

In a testimonial written by Max W. on the White Shark Media website, he states, “If you are a business owner and you use Google Adwords I would highly recommend hiring White Shark Media and requesting Ana Stephenson as your account representative.” This proves that White Shark Media is dedicated to customer service because this customer specifically remembered the name of his representative and he highly recommended her as well. In a testimonial by Catalin S., she stated that she had “… been working with Ricardo and Jake from White Shark Media for almost on year now. They are great and up to date in terms of knowledge.”

Why Eric Pulier is the Most Admired Entrepreneur in Software and Technology Industry

Eric Pulier was born and raised in New Jersey. He is a columnist, public speaker, and a published author. Mr Pulier is also recognised as an established entrepreneur philanthropist. He showed his intelligence at a young age and education only served as a sharpening tool for him. By the time he was in fourth grade, he had already started programming computers and established a data base computer company in 1984 when he graduated from Teaneck high school. He joined Harvard to study Bachelor of Arts specializing in English. Eric Pulier became the editor of Harvard Crimson as well as a writer. He covered many important topics that most editors avoided such as terrorism.

In 1991, Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of his dreams. His main focus was providing technological solutions to the challenges faced in the healthcare sector. He established the xprize competition that enables young people to explore their full potential and reward them for doing so. Eric Pulier also founded the SOA program and acquired others under his brand and later on sold the software to Rogue Wave in 2016.

Eric Pulier is a philanthropic entrepreneur. His main focus is to help those who are economically disadvantaged. One of his philanthropic programs is the painted Turtle that camp for children who are suffering from chronic illnesses. He has donated both his money and time into the success of the program to see to it that the sick children also have a chance to experience summer camp activities like others. He also provided an education platform for people with Multiple Sclerosis. Eric Pulier worked with others to create private social media known as Starbright World. This platform allows children who have chronic illnesses to connect with others who suffer the same condition through blog posts and chats.

Eric Pulier has co-founded and financed a total of fifteen companies that include Desktone, SOA Software, and Media Platform. From these projects, he has raised millions. He has since been named as one of the 30 e-visionaries by VAR Business. In 1997, he was selected to participate in the exhibit of presidential technology in 1997. He is often invited in technology public speaking forums.

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The Global Unveiling of Talk Fusion University Program

The Global Unveiling of Talk Fusion University Program

Mid this year, Talk Fusion, a thriving telecommunications company launched an online teaching program that will serve as a learning forum for its associates. The online trading program, Talk Fusion University started operations on 24th July via a live channel targeting a global audience. Through this program, interested Talk Fusion Associates will receive training specifically from the organization’s president Bob Reina. Reina will share his two decades worth of expertise with green associates through videos.

When Reina first joined the Network marketing industry he had no foundation whatsoever from working as a county police officer in Florida. Reina developed a strategy that led him to become a leading entrepreneur in the industry. Learning from his experience, Reina noticed that many beginners despite being dedicated a hard time affording training sessions that were quite expensive. His objective for developing the program was to offer these people guideline on attaining success without incurring any expense. On several statements, Reina insists that team work is the basis for success in this industry.

By combining diverse education, working experiences, and personalities of individuals, team members can learn from each other and implement winning strategies. He adds that a strict follow through of the four step approach has worked for many and absolute commitment to the system will deliver success.Bob Reina is an active motivational speaker who uses both social media and the company’s broadcast to give business advice to entrepreneurs at Talk Fusion and globally. His input also made publications in HuffPost and MarTech Advisors.

Talk Fusion University which only has 30 posted videos drawn many viewers globally. The videos that feature Reina giving in depth guidelines on attaining both business opportunities and top notch products are available in English and Bahasa. However, the company is working on the translations in Chinese, Spanish, Hungarian, German, Japanese, Czech, and Russian. The site is however only accessible to members identified as Talk Fusion Associates.

Talk Fusion is a telecommunication company dealing with marketing technique between individuals globally. Since the founding in 2007, the company operates in over 140 countries offering all in one video marketing solutions to their customers. With a team rich in innovative ideas, they successfully meet their clients’ needs. Talk Fusion has received several acknowledgments for providing unique products that have improved communication in the telecommunications sector.

Betsy DeVos is the Political Philanthropic Figure

Betsy DeVos is a highly philanthropic person, who has always been a leader since her college days at Michigan Calvin College. The young Elisabeth Prince would vie for positions on campus, and her charisma and influence would make the fellow students vote for her. History in the schools also records that she had a high ability to deliver all the objectives, which she promised people during elections. Right now Betsy is married to Dick DeVos, and together they have four children and are also graced with five grandchildren. Nevertheless, Betsy still remains active in politics and leadership positions in America.Betsy takes on political positions that help her transform people’s lives positively.

She also has a passion for helping the less fortunate people, especially using her family foundation, which they run with the husband. Betsy and Dick DeVos mainly give towards charitable courses as well as towards political courses. Other than that, Betsy is also a disruptor of the norm as she is an activist in areas that oppress people. She is also an innovator and an advocate in terms of social change.Betsy DeVos has in the past been the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, where she was in leadership for four consecutive terms. She has also held many political posts in the previous years, although her interests have now changed to educational related courses. Betsy has taken part in numerous political campaigns across America. She has chaired many political action committees in America and the committees that organize political parties during the parties’ formation.

Dick and Betsy DeVos say that they give their help to Voucher And Charter schools because the old public education system limits the American kids from attaining the American dream. In an interview, Dick said that the kids from the wrong zip codes are oppressed in the public system. Betsy says that their choice of schools dates back to a day that they visited Potter’s House School that is owned by the televangelist Bishop Jakes. The Noticed that most parents had decided to enroll their kids in the school despite the higher tuition fees in comparison to the public schools. The couple noticed that parents preferred to put their kids in safer environments, even if they strained to pay the fees. Betsy and Dicks volunteered to sponsor some kids in the school and they have continued making contributions to the school up to date. Additionally, they also sponsor other such schools because they associate the institutions with positive changes that help the children be transformed members of the society. Betsy further noted that the public schools were losing kids at a high level to the Charter and Voucher schools. According to her, the public schools are not advanced enough to help children have bright futures.

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Vijay Eswaran- Co- founder of the QI Group of Companies

Vijay Eswaran is the current Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies. QI Group is a multinational business organization with regional offices based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Malaysia. Additionally, it has subsidiary firms located in nearly 30 countries. The group deals in lifestyle and leisure, telecommunication, and property development.

Additionally, the company also deals in training and conference management, luxury and collectibles, and e-commerce-based retail and direct sales. Recently, QI Group ventured into education with the launching of a university in Malaysia. Besides, QI group Of Companies has employed over 1000 employees and has a client base of more than 5 million.

Apart from business activities, Vijay Eswaran is also a renowned motivational speaker and a remarkable author. Vijay has lectured both at business and management forums. These forums include Commonwealth Business Forum, The World Economic Forum, and the sixth Pravasi Bharativa Divas in India.

Additionally, Vijay has written many books such as “In the Sphere of Silence” which was released in 2005, and “In the Thinking Zone” which was published in 2008. His book “In the Sphere of Silence” has been very successful and currently has been translated into different languages in various countries.

The book (In the Sphere of Silence), talks about Vijay”s personal life management. Besides, other books written by Vijay are “Two Minutes From The Abyss” which was released in 2016, and “18 Stepping Stones” which was published in 2010. Also, Eswaran regularly contributes to newspaper columns in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Vijay Eswaran is also a well-known philanthropist. He launched the RYTHM Foundation. The organization is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the QI Group that is associated with charitable activities worldwide. Additionally, Vijay has founded the Vijayaratnam Foundation located in Malaysia. The Foundation was launched in honor of Vijay’s father.

Moreover, the Foundation conducts its activities with the help of local non- governmental organizations and other humanitarian organizations. Vijayaratnam Foundation focuses on different projects like youth development, special education, women empowerment, and child mentoring.

Vijay Eswaran studied and graduated from the London School of Economics with a socio-economic degree. Additionally, he also holds a Master of Business Administration from the Southern Illinois University.

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Executive Chairman of QI Group Vijay Eswaran Talks Business and Philanthropy


The Risky, Yet Profitable, Marketing of CP+B & Lori Senecal

The public ad and marketing company Crispin, Porter & Bogusky, otherwise known in the short-hand moniker, CP+B, has garnered a great deal of notoriety for its work promoting such big name brands as the anti-smoking campaigner website, fast food giant, Burger King as well as Kraft Mac & Cheese and internet money transfer site, Paypal. More recently, however, CP+B has come to many within the advertising industry’s collective attention for their risky and yet continuously successful business strategies. One of the reasons for the company’s shift in strategy can be traced to new leadership, personified by their most recent CEO, Lori Senecal who has taken the company in a radical new direction which, thus far, has seemed to be a marked improvement. Indeed, under her leadership CP+B was voted as one of the best companies to work for in New York City and moved on to global expansion, garnering numerous awards including the coveted Quantum Leap award.

Senecal’s new strategy – and what sets her and the company apart from many of their competitors – focuses on high risk, high reward marketing. The “risk” part concerns the cutting edge techniques that CP+B utilize; unlike many other similar companies who might try a few new concepts and marketing strategies or technologies, CP+B, under Lori Senecal’s leadership, seems to be trying almost everything. From geo-satellite tracking to custom advertising to visual to mobile compatibility.

According to Campaigne Live, one of the most interesting new opportunities for marketing and advertising agencies to exploit is Facebook. For instance, in the 2014 to 2015 period Facebook saw a sixty percent ad revenue increase – this is, needless to say, a staggering mark up! CP+B has realized the tremendous potential contained within the social media behemoth and has funneled considerable resources into its marketing efforts in that very direction and, thus far, it has proved extremely successful.

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Cassio Audi Builds a New Career

A number of people that have listened to rock bands are familiar with Cassio Audi. He is someone that has had a brief amount of success as a writer and a drummer for the music band. This is where he showed off his talents as someone that could take on the double duty inside of a band as a songwriter and a musician.

Cassio Audio appeared to love this job, but he realized that there would be another passion that would take his mind into a another career field. What he would eventually do is earn a degree in business administration and deal with more financial matters. He would become a very intriguing part of the financial business industry because he helped many people sort out investment plans and make better decisions about investing. This is a far cry from the career that he initially chose as a band musician.

It appears that more people are discovering Cassio now because there is a lot of streaming that is done for music online. People that may not have been around when the albums that he participated on were made are now finding him for the first time. This allows many people too become acquainted with the music that he had a hand in writing.

There are lots of celebrities that go on to other careers because they are not having any success where they are. Casio Audi is a person that has actually been able to have quite a bit of positive feedback for the music that he created. The reality is that he had a desire to do something different with his life. He did not totally disklike the concept of being in a band, he just liked the idea of working in finances and investments much better than performing.

Rocketship Education Providing Opportunities for the Under-served

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of primary schools meant for the low-income population that has limited access to better schools. Rocketship Education was founded in 2006 with the main aim of eradicating the success gap in schools. The primary objective of the corporation was to build a sustainable school model that drives towards student achievement in under-served communities in U.S. Rocketship’s central model is teacher led, personalized learning, and technology supported approach that matches each student with the proper subjects using the proper procedures of instructions. Rocketship Education’s main achievement is the development of parents and guardians who become lifelong advocates for the community and not only their children. They achieve this by deeply involving parents in their students’ progress in learning and the school community as well.

Rocketship is ranked among the top and has been nationally applauded among the best charter networks. The corporation has been hailed as a groundbreaking model of blended learning. John Danner is the founder of Rocketship, and he previously made a fortune doing internet advertising. He had a vision of enrolling about one million students by the year 2020 banking on the strengths of three pillars- excellent teachers, personalized learning with software and parent engagement to advance the success of the under-served.

Currently, there exist 13 Rocketship schools containing up to 6000 students in Nashville, Milwaukee, and San Fransisco. There is also one that was established in Washington D.C during the fall of 2016. During the state tests, the low-income Hispanic students usually outperform their peers. At Rocketship, teachers are offered a higher pay in comparison with their counterparts. They receive a compensation of up to 50 per cent as merit bonuses. This represents an exceptionally higher ratio even among the charter schools. The bonuses are awarded about the growth of students on the standardized tests by NWEA which is given thrice in a year.

In recent results released by NWEA, students in the Rocketship networks had made the biggest gains which include 1.5 years In English and 1.7 years in math. The gains in the respective disciplines represented just one year in school.