About Agora Financial

It is always difficult to know where, how, and when to build wealth because of conflicting advice. There are many brokers that are always ready to feed on one’s savings by taking advantage of their ignorance. Agora Financial is a private publishing company with more than one million users around the world that continue to benefit from its publications. Agora Financial protects readers to protect and grow their wealth. The company offers free newsletters, newspapers, online publications, books, seminars, and documentaries. The organization has been operational for over a decade, and offers over twenty publications that are specifically designed to help investors navigate different areas of the market. The publications help readers to; discover secrets of generating income, find companies poised for rapid growth, and learn about some of the best wealth protection strategies.

Agora Financial conducts unbiased and independent research. The company never accepts money from investors and companies in exchange for information or coverage. Agora’s analysts always go on the scene to investigate opportunities instead of just staying in office. The company spends massive resources in travel and research costs to find profitable investment trends that are yet to hit the main stream. The only way to multiply wealth is by investing in opportunities that are not in the mainstream. The company has a team of experts that ensure that readers get accurate and reliable information. The company provides unbiased market news and commentary through its free publications.

Agora Financial has a history of making very bold predictions that have always turned out to be accurate. The company was founded in 1979 as an Agora Network Subsidiary. Agoa Financial has helped many investors with the necessary advice and information to make money from small-cap stocks, emerging technologies, bonds, metals, energy, and real estate. The company has a reputation of making accurate financial and economic predictions, and the most notable example is its prediction of the 2008 economic crisis.

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Yanni Hufnagel Shows His Recruiting And Coaching Skills In His Fledgling Career

Yanni Hufnagel began his coaching career as a young fan of basketball looking to read as many books on coaching as he could before finally taking the plunge as a graduate intern at the New Jersey Nets NBA franchise. Despite his career beginning in the professional ranks of basketball, Yanni Hufnagel has spent the majority of his coaching career in the college basketball ranks where he has shown his skills as a recruitment specialist who has an eye on turning those with promise into excellent professional prospects.

At the New Jersey Nets the coaching potential Hufangel showed was quickly identified by his fellow staff members on the coaching team where he was recommended to Oklahoma College basketball coach Jeff Capel as an assistant; given a paid role at Oklahoma the coaching skills already present in his abilities were used in aid of bringing future NBA star Blake Griffin to success at the college level.

Yanni Hufnagel was such a success at Oklahoma that he was once again recommended for a role with the Harvard basketball team by Oklahoma’s Jeff Capel to Harvard coach Tommy Amaker. Coach Capel had already identified Hufnagel as one of the leading recruiters on his coaching staff and felt the move to Harvard would only assist the young coach in developing his career. At Harvard, Yanni Hufnagel made a major impact as a recruiter who was named to the CBS Sports 2011 list of assistant coaches destined to find success in the future due to their ability to identify new recruits. Among the players, Yanni Hufnagel has been credited with improving the skills of being the Harvard graduate Jeremy Lin and the University of California, Berkely alumni Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb.

Jose Auriemo Neto’s Business Administration Prowess Leads JHSF Participacoes to Winning Endless Awards

JHSF Participacoes started operations in the Brazilian real estate sector in 1972 after Fabio Auriemo partnered with three like-minded entrepreneurs to open its first office in Sao Paulo. The company was named JHS initially. As a small company then, JHSF struggled to cope with internal management wrangles but 18 years down the road, it split into two companies. Fabio Auriemo continued investing in construction and real estate, rebranding his share of JHS to JHSF. He led the firm for 13 years before relinquishing his CEO position to his eldest son, Jose Auriemo Neto, in 2003.

An Award-winning Company

JHSF Participacoes has developed many high-end shopping centers, commercial and residential apartments, and airports in Brazil, Uruguay, and the U.S. Some of these projects have gone ahead to win awards from different organizations, both for themselves and for the company. Jardim Cidade in Brazil, for example, won the Best Aqua Seal Environmental Profile Award in 2012. The Vitra Building, on the other hand, was listed among the Worth Magazine’s top ten residential apartments across the world in 2012. During the Brazilian Forum of Shopping Centers in 2014, Catarina Fashion Outlet was among the award-winning shopping centers. These, among other projects developed by JHSF, have won the company a good reputation from across the countries in which it operates.

2015 Fiscal Year

JHSF Participacoes SA did impressively well in the first quarter of 2015 fiscal year. The company’s records indicated a 3 percent increase in both sales and SSR of malls in the quarter compared to the year ending December 2014. SSS and SAS registered a 2.1 percent and 2.8 percent increase respectively. The records further showed that the company’s average convert recorded a 2.3 percent increase. Over and above that, JHSF’s financial expenses decreased by 27 percent. JHSF was valued at a market value of approximately R $1.2 billion by May 2015 and what JHSF knows.

More about Jose

Since taking over the reins of management from his dad in 2003, Jose Auriemo Neto has done nothing short of marvelous. It is during his tenure that the company launched and completed big projects, including the Jardim Cidade Shopping Mall and the Shopping Ponta Negra and JHSF’s lacrosse camp.

Socially, Jose is married to Mariana Landman Auriemo with whom he has two kids. Jose is also an early riser and works for long hours.

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Life Line Screening: Taking the Guesswork out of Health

Life Line Screening is a company dedicated to bringing preventative medicine to thousands of people across the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia under the company name Screen for Life. They are at the forefront of screening for potentially life-threatening diseases such as carotid artery disease, lung cancer, type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer and high blood pressure. The benefit of using Life Line Screening is not only to detect serious health problems but also to save money – catching issues early can lower medical bills by thousands of dollars.

The company primarily uses ultrasound screenings to check their patients’ overall health. Ultrasounds use high frequency waves to take photographs of internal organs, bones and body structures. They are typically used in checking pregnancies and bone density testing, and are also a useful tool in spotting irregularities in the body. Life Line Screening also uses finger-stick blood screening to check enzyme, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Life Line Screening even offers non-invasive electrocardiographs to test for atrial fibrillation, which can lead to blood clots, heart failure and strokes.

Life Line Screening was founded by Colin Scully and Timothy Phillips in 1993. Since its inception, the company has done over 8 million health screenings on individuals and has held over 16,000 community oriented events. Preventative health seekers have the option to schedule an appointment or find an event near them.

They also offer employer based corporate screenings. Their Corporate Wellness Program offers valuable ways for their employees to monitor and upgrade their health. Through education, engagement and empowering employees, employers can play a part in the overall well-being of their workforce. Life Line Screening supports healthy lifestyles with their blog, offering articles on stress reduction, recipes, personal stories and health news. The site includes informative videos on common health care issues.

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Greg Secker an Inspirational Figure in the Business world

Greg Secker was recently involved in an interview with ceoforinterviews.com. He responded to questions about his success in business and how he began. Secker has had several jobs in the financial field as he took to financing at an early age. Although Secker finds his work enjoyable, he is also has a wife and most importantly is a great father to his kids. After starting his company, he got more time to spend with his family.

Secker claimed that for a long time he had the idea of establishing his own company. He had noticed the gap that existed where a lot of people with trouble learning how to trade had less source to teach them how trading worked. This inspired him and Learn to Trade was born. He created learning tools from the information he had that were simple to follow. By the age 27, he was already earning at home. Greg Secker greatly appreciates the support that his family and friends provided him and he believes this was how his success came. They gave him a clear outlook on life and bright ideas. When he began his company, they were also among his first clients. He also believes that he got the insights into the values of diverse individuals from the interactions with people he encountered at public speaking events.

Greg Secker’s Career Journey

Secker’s most satisfying moment in life was when he finally established his company and got more family time. He is among the few people to achieve success at such a tender age. He initially worked at Thomas Cook Financial Services before he shifted to work on a job entitled Virtual Trading Desk. At the time, Virtual Trading Desk was among the first real-time trading platforms. He was appointed the Vice President at Financial Corporation at the age of 25, which was a fortune 500 investment bank then. While working at Mellon Financial, he acquired the experience which enables him to grow his account as well. The experience he got also helped in opening his company which is top in stock trading education.

Additionally, Greg Secker is also known to be a passionate philanthropist and has launched several charitable organizations.


Legal Professional Ricardo Soto

Ricardo Tosto

In order to get the help needed from a litigator who has your back, you will need to find the most credentialed professionals in your area. If you happen to live in Oliveira Carvalho, it is important that you do everything possible to get the assistance of Ricardo Tosto. He is a legal professional that excels at every facet of law that he puts his hands to. To make sure that you are getting legal representation in his areas of expertise, it is important that you reach out to him and his law firm of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados.

What legal specialties does Ricardo Tosto focus on?

When taking into account the areas of law that Ricardo Tosto focus is on, you will be able to get the help that you need for your business. He is a business law attorney that handles a plethora of issues – including litigation related to banking, election law, contracts breaches and credit restructuring. By knowing these areas of interest, you will have what you need to approach this law firm and get any sort of assistance for your company.

What credentials does Ricardo Tosto have?

Whenever signing a contract with an attorney, it is essential that you research their background and experience. Ricardo Tosto Is a trusted attorney who has been recognized as part of the Legal 500. Fee is a noted political writer news articles have been featured in a lot of different journals and publications. His business acumen is impeccable as well, having served as one of the cofounders of his law firm, as well as partner.

If you touch base with Ricardo Tosto, you have access to a lawyer who is also bilingual, since he speaks both English and Portuguese. This focus on international law has allowed Ricardo Tosto to work on a number of different councils that span many different countries around the world.

Touch base with the law firm if you have any need for the representation that they specialize in. This way, you will get excellent legal representation for any of your legal business needs.

Ricardo Tosto facebook : www.facebook.com/people/Ricardo-Tosto/100010033200857

Talos Energy Explores Zama-1

For the first time since the 1930s, Mexico is allowing private companies to dig oil wells in their waters. This decision was made after Mexico voted to bring back some competition into their energy market so that they could revive it. Up until this time, the oil industry in Mexico had been dominated by the Petroleos Mexicanos. Premier Oil from London, Sierra Oil And Gas from Mexico, and Talos Energy from Houston are working together on bring private companies back into the game.

They are going to be working on the Zama-1 well which is found in the Sureste Basin just off of Tabasco, the state. Talos Energy is the operator of the well and they have a 35 percent stake in the exploration. Premier Oil has a 25 percent stake and Sierra Oil & Gas has the largest stake at 40 percent. It will take about 3 months for the exploration to be completed and during that time Premier Oil expects to spend $16 million in order to fund the project. Everyone seems to be watching the project with a high amount of interest because they are curious to see how it affects the energy market in Mexico. Many people believe it will be hugely beneficial not only to the companies involved, but the oil industry as well.

Talos Energy recently acquired Energy Resource Technology which is a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions. This followed Energy Resource Technology’s great success in the Wang exploration. During that project they were able to find more than 100 feet of crude oil stored in the Phoenix Field of the Green Canyon Block. Talos Energy is pleased with this deal because it put them into a great position to expand into a larger and more success E&P company on the lower Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico.

Talos Energy was also recently awarded by WorkplaceDynamic for being a great place to work. They give every single one of their employees a piece of equity within the company. With this accomplishment and their work on Zama-1, they are on the road to great success.

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Cassio Audi – Play On!

More than 20 Years but Still Remembered – Cassio Audi and the Band

Though it’s been more than 20 years since Casio Audi has been a member of Viper, he still remembers his music roots to this very day. He is now regarded as a top finance expert in Brazil’s best business practices though he often recalls a time in which his long, flowing hair and his taste in heavy-metal rock were what consumed his life and priorities. Today, it’s quite a different story as he has thousands of clients and hungry business partners every day.

He once remembers when he, along with three other teenage boys, formed a band and traveled the world in pursuit of spreading its message. The team of talented Brazilian teenagers sold more than 10,000 copies of their music albums, along with countless autographs and signatures. They started small, forming a group from their own basement. Eventually, they localized, and their music became known in each surrounding community.

Eventually, Good Turned Into Great, and Great Turned Into Excellent – Go, Viper! You Rock!

With time and persistence, they were known around the nation for their songs and, eventually, the world. There was even a time in which Nirvana and Van Halen, top singers of their day, competed for the top spot, with Viper at the very top. Even though these young men did not speak English, they still managed to tour the U.S. and produce their music titled in English, along with invaluable lyrics translated for their thousands of U.S. fans.

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Kate Hudson and Fabletics Taking on the Fashion Market Giants with Innovation

Not surprisingly, cracking into the modern fashion industry is no easy task. Those who have been successful in setting up their e-commerce enterprise have found it difficult to operate in the shadow of the major marketers. No competition is more preponderant than the giant Amazon, whose records for sales account for a full 20% of all online sales.


So, how is a startup supposed to make a splash in the world today.


Being young and small, Fabletics needed an intelligent entrance to this market and Kate Hudson has changed the game plan and applied new solutions to reaching a tightly controlled market. Despite the insurmountable odds, Kate Hudson’s line of fashionable sportswear has received much acclaim and even a total net worth of $250 million in only 3 years in operation.


How is all this possible?


The two most important allies in her quest for market predominance has been her unparalleled flexibility and versatility in approaching this tough customer pool. Never has this been better exemplified that Fabletics choice to steer clear of the notion that high-quality and exorbitant prices are the trademark of high-fashion and chic looks.


The online market is constantly awaiting the brands that will move in this direction and have a strong predilection to those stores that have a continuous supply of imaginative styles and fascinating designs that suit every body type.


If the brands also include a customer service that is second to none, the customer considers themselves especially lucky and loyal. This is exactly what Fabletics has been doing and this has set a new trend that any intelligent online market will emulate.


Fabletics and “Reverse Showrooming”


Showrooming their special designs and styles is always a trick for the cash wise marketer. The most cost-effective means for clients to get high quality fashion and design is to look at the various options and have a skilled tailor replicate the garment. This can be done at a fraction of the price posted by high quality fashion suppliers.


Once again Fabletics has removed this major obstacle to profitability by setting up a system in which the online store sets up a community of interested clients. These special members can take advantage of the reduced costs found in the Fabletics showroom. They are also ensured a better price on any design or style they find in other showrooms.


Specialized Customer Service


In addition to intuitive approaches to show room shopping, the Fabletics Brand has extended their interests into the health and well-being of their community of customers. Kate Hudson believes that this will make stronger supporters and even good friends from the customer pools they are creating. In the end this will result in more and more numbers of interested customers working toward their health goals and bringing others with them.


If you are considering a new ally to your personal fashion and fitness goals, you could hardly find a better option than Kate Hudson and Fabletics. Be sure to take part in the Fabletics “Lifestyle Quiz”. This short questionnaire will help the company fully understand the needs of their customer.

EOS Flavors and More for Your Lips

There are a lot of options when it comes to lip balm, but you may have already decided on the lip balm for you. If it’s anything other than EOS, you might want to take a minute to really see if you should be using EOS instead and why. See blogwebpedia.com for more fun related articles.


If you are someone that likes to use Lip Balm a lot, then you know how important it is to find one that is going to be a good fit for you and tastes great. That’s where EOS can be so different for you. They have many flavors that will compliment your lips and help you to love the Lip Balm you are using, but what flavors are there?

One of the most popular is the Strawberry Sorbet. This flavor takes everything you love about the smell and taste of Strawberries and puts in on your lips. It has a hint of sweet berry taste and smell as well as helping your lips to heal if they are chapped.

Another popular flavor is the Blueberry. This one is also very slight, but when you put it on your lips, it seems to explode into a berry patch. The smell of blueberry and the taste will make you want to use it every day. See youtube.com and watch the latest trends.

Vanilla Mint is also a very popular flavor. This one just has that small hint of vanilla with the strong taste of mint to make your lips feel fresh and to smell great great. What’s the point of a lip balm if it doesn’t taste and smell good. This one is a good choice for you if you like a small hint of sweet but still like to have a fresh feeling to your lips and mouth.

There are so many flavors that these are only a few you could get. You should look at all of them and find one that is going to be right for you. You may even decide to get more than one.

Seeking more fun details, go here now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRY7C3LEFeM