José Henrique BorghiGives a Different Look to Advertising

Advertising is one of the core elements of any successful company in the business world. There are many things that can affect the success of a company, but advertising is one of the things that can either make or break the success of a company. Various reasons make advertising an important aspect of business success. One of the primary reasons is because advertising brings people to a company and brings the company out to the public and read full article.

Without a way of letting the public know about a company, it is very hard for any company to survive. Advertising serves a dual role for most companies because it brings people to a company initially but the advertising efforts keeps people coming back to the company at future times. This builds a base for a company that continues to send people to the company on a continuous basis and what Borghi knows.

Although many companies handle advertising from within the organization. There are some companies that have an advertising agency handle the advertising tasks for the companies. There are many different reasons why some companies conduct advertising in-house while other companies have an outside agency handle advertising issues. In the end, either way can be successful. However, an professional advertising agency can provide many benefits to companies.

An advertising agency that has helped many companies become very successful through the advertising efforts made by the agency is Mullen Lowe. Located in Brazil, Mullen Lowe is an advertising agency that has an excellent client list. The agency has made some of the best advertising campaigns in the advertising industry.

The agency is led by José Henrique Borghi who is one of the most respected advertising professionals in the world. José Henrique Borghi has a unique look at advertising that allows him to develop advertising concepts and campaigns that standout in the advertising industry.

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How The People At Goettl Air Conditioning Helped Out A Las Vegas Family

Goettl Air Conditioning, which has operations in the United States Southwestern portion of the country, has been engaging as a positive force in the communities in which it operates ever sine Ken Goodrich bought the company in 2013. A recent example of this took place in Las Vegas when Michael Gamst, the manager of that city’s Goettl Air Conditioning offices, heard about a family that had been living without air conditioning, heating, or a working toilet for over 10 years. He quickly put a plan in place to help Abana Stephenson and her two teenaged daughters. Free of charge, he installed a new heating system, air conditioning, and a new toilet that was installed by Sunny Plumbers, a subsidiary of Goettl. The system installed incorporates the latest technology which allows people to individually heat and cool different rooms in the home. When the system was installed Stephenson said that the project restored her faith in humanity.

Putting the focus on the customer and building great relationships is what Goettl Air Conditioning is all about. They install safe, reliable systems that last for years and heat and cool air efficiently and for much less expense than older systems. They have locations throughout the Southwest including Arizona, Nevada, and California.

In addition to installing, maintaining, and repairing residential heating and cooling systems, Goettl Air Conditioning also cleans and repairs ducts. This makes the air in a home much cleaner and safer as dirty, broken ducts spread unwanted contaminants throughout a home and which people inhale. The company also installs and services HVAC systems for small businesses such as retailers and small offices. The company has been in business since 1939 and has become an established, preferred provider of heating and cooling equipment in the communities in which the company operates.

Talk Fusion Launches Free Trials Of Its Award-Winning Products

Businesses around the world can now discover the benefits of video marketing thanks to global leader Talk Fusion. The company has recently launched Free Trials of its award-winning software.


Potential customers can now sign up for a free trial of Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution for a 30-day risk-free trial.


Free Trial Users will have complete access to Talk Fusion’s suite of software including Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-up Forms, and the award winning Video Chat. This will allow organizations and individuals the opportunity to discover the power of video marketing.


Talk Fusion CEO, Bob Reina, believes that once Free Trial Users experience the power of the Video Marketing Solution products, they will “want to buy them.”


He is so confident in the value that Video Marketing Solution will bring to Free Trial Users that he has set it up so that no credit card is needed to begin the free trial. All a user has to do is provide a name and email address and they can start using the product instantly.


Once the user is signed up there in an extensive resource library that will help them get the most out of the product. They can choose from video tutorials, white papers, step by step guides. All of these will not only help the user get the most out of the Free Trial but will also help them increase their business.


Talk Fusion continues to be a global leader int he video marketing space. The company is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes increase their sales and become more effective in their marketing efforts.


The companies products are marketed by a dedicated group of independent Associates in over 140 countries. Anyon wanting to start a Free Trial can simply go to the company website,, and sign up.

Clay B. Siegall’s Determination to Help As Many Cancer Patients As Possible

Recently, the co-founder of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall was interviewed by Ideamensch in April this year where he revealed a few things about himself.

The first thing that Ideamensch wanted to know was the origin of Seattle Genetics. According to Clay Siegall, the primary focus of the company is to assist patients. Siegall explained how he watched his father struggle with cancer for six years (when Siegall was between 19 and 24 years) until he died. The experience gave him a firsthand experience of the limited nature of tools that were available to the oncologists at that time, something that inspired him to improve those tools.

Clay is a holder of BS in Zoology obtained from the University of Maryland. He also pursued a doctorate at the George Washington University and then worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb for several years in the company’s Pharmaceutical Research Institute. This experience prepared Siegall for Seattle. He admits that he learned most of the things here, including how to run a company. His primary goal is to treat cancer patients and offer better services than what is available today. He is excited about it and has been into it for the past 30 years.

He advises entrepreneurs (of all ages) to throw away the know-it-all mentality, learn as much as they can, and also, try to interact with experts in different areas. The single most important strategy that has helped his business grow is showing the willingness to collaborate with other industry leaders and innovators in the field of oncology drug development. Seattle Genetics’ ADC collaborations have extended the reach of the firm’s technology, and in turn, making it possible for them to assign resources into new ideas and approaches for helping patients.

Besides being the co-founder of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall also serves as the president, the CEO as well as the Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors. He has steered the firm towards the construction of a diverse series of antibody-based cancer therapies inclusive of ADCETRIS, which received accelerated approval by the Food and Drug Administration of the US in 2011. Dr. Clay Siegall has also spearheaded the capital raising activities of the company where he has helped to secure $675 million via private and public financings including the 2001’s initial public offering. Besides authoring more than 70 publications, Siegall holds 15 patents.

Felipe Montoro – Concessions Are the Solutions for the Country’s Basic Sanitation Services

The Government announced that it will think of concessions by forming partnership with National Bank for Economic & Social Development (BNDES). Edison Carlos, pioneer of Trata Brasil, a foundation with exercises focused on essential sanitation, permitted a present meeting where he pointed out some basic concentrations about the movement. Carlos believes that the offered services will bring influence in management, resource and structural categories. The diminishment in levels of waste was another perspective raised by Felipe Montoro Jens – the news interviewee and master in establishment ventures.

Edison specified that sanitation in Brazil has 90% of its services directed by public forces, and out of the same, approximately 70% of clients receive similar services from government affiliations. For him, the private activity availability is the objective for limiting community, as the two kinds of services can perform better if they work in a reciprocal way. The pioneer of the Trata Brasil foundation also said that legislative establishments have a phenomenal and basic experience that can be used by joining forces with other diverse associations.

In that manner, BNDES will set up customized action plan as per the studies that analyze the situation where the problem arises. Banks can thus change the situation and allow the permitted measurements to take place. The absence of water was said as one of the essential drivers of budgetary asset stream of the associated organizations dealing with water. As per Felipe Montoro Jens, it is unrealistic to get the administrations provided with that sort of waste. According to Edison, the private segment has more resources, which makes it a basic accomplice in the errand of shielding water from being misused. The cutting edge development of these associations was moreover said as something dire for the water organization in the country, remembering the ultimate objective to bring better enforcement towards sewage systems.

Lime Crime Jumps On The Fabulous Unicorn Band Wagon

It’s safe to say that 2017 is the year of the unicorn. With everything from multicolored food and nail art, to the more literal menagerie of unicorn-printed leggings and t-shirts, love it or hate it, this trend is hard to escape. Just this week, Starbucks announced a limited addition sweet and sour unicorn frappuccino that will undoubtedly create just as colorful a buzz on the internet as it will in those who choose to imbibe.

Following this trend, but in a much cooler, less sugary way is Lime Crime. This cosmetics company based out of Los Angeles prides itself on gaining fans through social media. The makeup is bold, beautiful, and unapologetically bad ass.

Lime Crime has recently expanded their line to include hair color. Of course these aren’t your run of the mill colors though; after all, this is unicorn dye. Looking at the vivid colors, with names to match, gives me flash backs to my early twenties where I rocked a nose ring and purple ombre hair. I remember loving my hair then, and have thought about doing it again except for the fact that it is a pain to go to the salon, and the dye fades almost immediately. This dye however looks like is has solved some of those problems as well as a few others.

Lime Crime unicorn hair dye is vegetable glycerin based, and is never tested on animals. The creators took 3 years developing the product in order to address issues that anyone who has dyed their hair a unique color has faced. The dye is conditioning, made to last longer, and also claims to look good as it fades. The fact that you can mix their dyes to create your own unique color is something different and exciting.

Creating these extraordinary pigments has been a personal endeavor to the Ceo of this company. She has been developing and using herself as a guinney pig over the years, and is thrilled that it is finally ready to be shared.


NuoDB Goes Against The Grain Of Business Technology

NuoDB is the new database solution that has everybody in the tech industry buzzing. At this point in time, there are already many SQL-oriented databases available. What makes this database so unique is the fact that it is designed to maximize efficiency whilst running on large scale clusters.

Cluster computing is not anything new, but very few pieces of software have efficiently utilized it. NuoDB has taken this cryptic sector of technology and utilized it for cloud computing software development.

Cloud-based applications at a large scale will need the reliability of multiple backups in the event of hardware failure. Because of this, many large companies now rely on this transactional database management system. Kodiak, Alfa Systems, and the UAE Exchange are prime examples of satisfied customers of NuoDB.

Originally, NuoDB was supposed to be named NimbusDB by their creators. They completely reformed the project in 2011 when they finalized their name. Within time, the project had gained popularity, especially after gaining their first patent in 2012. Venture capital firms have pitched over $59 million in funding due to the unique nature of the software. Some of the venture capital firms have even implemented the database within their own web projects.

Wen By Chaz – Hair Care Products For Modern Women

If you are looking to add shine to your hairs, then discard all the other hair care products you use and replace it with Wen Cleansing Conditioner. It does not contain the harsh and synthetic dose of chemicals that are focused on giving interim results but contain natural minerals and oils, which would help your hair, get stronger, thicker and naturally beautiful.

It would help control the damage on your locks brought upon by your hectic lifestyle, lack of time to go to expensive salon and spa, and other environmental factors. Wen Cleansing Conditioner can alone help you get the kind of hairs you want, without having to spend a fortune.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner was recently used by a fashion blogger who showcased her entire experience of using the conditioner for a week on the bustle. She mentioned on her Facebook that the results she got from the first day itself of using Wen hair Cleansing Conditioner were astounding and that she witnessed how there was lesser hair fall during massaging the scalp and washing the hair.

It is a natural occurrence with most women that they notice great hair fall, which makes their hair look thinner and shallow. However, Wen Cleansing Conditioner does not contain the sulfate, which is the primary reason why hair fall occurs. She said that Wen Cleansing Conditioner is the perfect hair care product women need to enhance the volume of their hair and make it look shiny and naturally beautiful.

Wen by Chaz Dean is a hair care product line created by Chaz Dean, who is one of the most experienced and renowned hair stylists in Beverly Hills. He is the stylist for many Hollywood celebrities and has spent years in the beauty industry trying to figure out the perfect formula for the hair care product that would meet the requirements of modern women. Wen hair products are available on eBay and other online stores.