John Holt Gives Keynote Address at a Major Banking Conference

NexBank Capital Inc. President and CEO John Holt recently served on the panel of the Texas Bankers’ Association during its 5th Annual M&A and Strategic Opportunities Conference, which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Mr. Holt took part in a discussion titled “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”.

This annual conference gives leaders in the banking industry an opportunity to network and share ideas concerning issues that affect the industry. They similarly share perspectives about principal opportunities in the money markets, and challenges that community bank leaders face. Participants alongside panelists who are chosen to make presentations explore strategic opportunities via gradual growth and balancing, and through M&A activity.

NexBank Inc. in Brief

NexBank Inc. is a leading provider of financial services. It is based in Texas and mainly serves its clients through three main businesses. These are mortgage banking, institutional banking, and commercial banking. The bank has made a name for itself in the financial services industry for providing customized banking and financial services to institutional clients, nationwide corporations, other financial institutions, and private clients.

NexBank has experienced exponential growth due to its dedication towards the delivery of cutting-edge financial solutions. Since its establishment, it has become renowned for its focus on the reliably and timely execution of clients’ mandates. Its extensive range of financial solutions and lending capacity has made NexBank one of the most recognizable names in the banking industry.

NexBank Inc. has continually partnered with similar like-minded corporations to offer its products. Since its early days when it was known as Heritage Bank, it has been dedicated towards ensuring that clients’ interests are given prominence. The bank has been in operation for more than 95 years, something that has given it an in-depth understanding of the market. The financial institution’s national stature is attested to the fact that it serves clients in Texas and beyond.

Troy McQuagge Walks Away with the Prestigious One Planet Award for Outstanding Service

If there’s one thing Troy McQuagge the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. knows, then it must be the art of reinvention. The man has stayed sharp and focused for over 30 years working in high-level executive positions. His unique strategies executed with laser-like precision have turned companies with bleak prospects into regular household brands worth reckoning. Recently, the CEO scooped what is regarded to as one of the most prestigious accolades in the entire executive world. After decades working his behind off, Troy finally got to taste the coveted One Planet Gold Award. The title of the award reads, CEO of the Year 2016.

Who’s Eligible for the One Planet Awards?
The competition draws in a large pool of professionals from diverse backgrounds. The gala is open to stake players both in the private and the public sectors of the economy. The ceremony has grown exponentially over the years since its inception. Today, it’s billed as the Oscars of the financial world in some circles; hence you can understand why the award meant that much to the CEO who’s worked with USHEALTH Group since 2010.

Accomplishments by the CEO
In the seven odd years, he’s held the reins at the company; he’s succeeded in completely transforming the previously lackluster supply and distribution channels of USHEALTH Group. Troy McQuagge has connected the health services provider with robust networks of suppliers, and in the process, he’s paved the way forward for the company to experience unprecedented growth and expansion. Their vast clientele praises them endlessly for their fast, quality yet remarkably low priced health care coverage solutions.

Visit their official site today and casually glance at some of the unbelievable deals and offers they have. Don’t worry about how much money you have in the bank. The advisors over at USHEALTH Group Inc. are most certainly going to come up with a fantastic tailor-made solution to fit in with the kind of budget you have moving forward and more information original source.

About Troy McQuagge
Troy McQuagge started his ascent to the top of the financial world many years back. To help prepare for the task ahead, he enrolled at the University of Central Florida. He graduated with a B.A in Legal studies in 1986. He is a huge fan of philanthropy. He currently supports and personally funds the following charitable organizations. The SemperFi Fund, the Hope Kids Center in Dallas and the HopeKids in Phoenix, Arizona.

More visit:

The Career Successes And Quirks Of Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg had the aptitude and entrepreneurial spirit necessary for internet advertising when he was very young. When he was just 16 he created a network of gaming sites for advertising called Gamer’s Alliance. The company was founded in 1997 and sold to Intermix Media in 1999.

Mr. Adam Goldenberg was the Vice President of Strategic Planning for Intermix Media when he joined the company but at the age of twenty he became the CEO. This made him the youngest CEO of any company that was publicly traded. News Corporation acquired Intermix Media in 2005 for over $650 million.

Mr. Goldenberg teamed up with Don Ressler and created Intelligent Beauty. The company reflected Goldenberg’s belief that when the best minds are combined extroidianary results will soon follow.

Adam Goldenberg is one of the founders of JustFab. This is the parent company of Fabkids, ShoeDazzle, FL2, Fabletics and JustFab. The company has in excess of 2000 employees and is an incredibly fast growing brand in the fashion industry. JustFab is growing so quickly due to the way the company builds their brands online and in categories with a high potential for growth.

The membership model of JustFab is unique at They have a commitment to their customers as well as their company that is highly beneficial to both. They want all of their customers to have an amazing experience. When their customers open their boxes they want all of the products to exceed their expectations.

Mr. Goldenberg fills his company with people who are smart and passionate on They challenge themselves by doing what nobody has ever done and that attracts talent. They are trying to remain nimble and fast in todays society.

There are a lot of fun facts about Adam Goldenberg according to He can’t survive without coffee and thinks Brexit is a terrible buzzword. He is currently reading Extreme Ownership by Leif Babin and Jocko Willink and his last online purchase was a Peloton Spin Bike. He is learning about brand tribes and cults of happiness and loves to win.

Adam Goldenberg is driven by the creation of new teams and built websites and provided IT support at his first job. He has learned that to empower his team he must ask questions and give them challenges. He has been positively surprised by their reactions. He enjoys spending time snowboarding and with his family and finds inspiration in individuals who challenge the status quo and manage to win.

Yanni Hufnagel Is The Hottest Coach In The Country Today

30-year-old Yanni Hufnagel looks like any other nice Jewish boy. His education was in Scarsdale, and he graduated from the Cornell University. He lives in Boston now. He has a job that will make him really rich very soon.


Yanni Hufnagel is the assistant basketball coach. He is at Harvard presently. During his seasons on the bench which were four in number; Harvard managed to win the Ivy League. This was last year. It was the first time ever for Harvard. Next was the basketball phenom called Jeremy Lin whose discovery is being credited to Hufnagel.In the NBA, there is no need to be tall or to be athletic in order to coach the college basketball team. The Jewish Coaches Association would consider few as promising as Yanni Hufnagel, and the University of Memphis Coach called Josh Pastner. These two are going to meet on Saturday. It is going to be quite fascinating as it will be the only Jewish coach showdowns since a long time.


Various sports surveys have shown that Yanni Hufnagel is voted to be able to make it big due to his recruitment ability. Pastner is hailed to be a relentless recruiter as far as college basketball is considered. Even Pastner considers Yanni to be a much better recruiter than him.


Yanni Hufnagel was not a very good basketball player in order to be able to make it to the high school team at Scarsdale. So he decided to call games for the television station of his town. His skills for analyzing basketball were noticed and appreciated by all. Hence all knew what he would be doing for a living one day.Yanni Hufnagel was the basketball manager during his first year at the Cornell University. Even his internships were with the New Jersey Nets.




White Shark Media® – Charting Your Company’s Path to Marketing Success


Small and medium-sized businesses sometimes get lost in the complexities of marketing, but not in the eyes of White Shark Media®. With strategies ideally designed for smaller companies, White Shark Media® has dedicated their attention to the largest sector of the business world.



Born of a Fundamental Formula for Success


Three Danish entrepreneurs devised a plan to provide expert marketing advice to their clients. In 2011, White Shark Media® leaped onto the world marketing stage with their attention focused directly on the massive small business market. They used a fundamental formula to track every client, regardless of the size of the business aspirations.



Premier Partner


White Shark Media® incorporates software that gives priority to diverse analytics and integration. They are one of 29 premier partners with Google AdWords™, applying a competitive edge for their clients. White Shark Media® has been a collaborator on this elite team since 2014.



Companies that utilize their proven marketing strategies do not have to worry about the complex and competitive world of search algorithms. The Premier SMB Partners are a select group chosen by Google. Meeting the eligibility requirements takes a rigorous dedication to training. The list of market strategists that have earned this honor is privileged to say the least.



Successful Solutions


At White Shark Media®, you’ll find supportive staff eager to help your business prosper. They have built a model grounded in a well-formed, thorough marketing solution. When a problem presents itself, you can be rest assured a solution will be discovered that puts your business on a course charted for success.


If you’re looking for a company that has built their model towards contributing to the success of the small and midrange business person, White Shark Media® will prove a wise inquiry. They are committed to a resolute level of high quality customer service, focused on helping their clients experience continued success through a cost-effective digital marketing approach.





Acquiring a Fresher and Younger Look through Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Cosmetic Surgery

In a recent television interview about the most popular corrective facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden discussed the benefits and effectiveness of 3 procedures. The first method is one in which she uses an injectable around the neck that weakens the nerves that can cause muscle contraction leading to weakening of the facial muscles in which she pointed out that it takes only 3-4 days for the results to set in and last for up to 6 months without any down-time. Another procedure she discussed was broadband; light intensive laser-based operation used to remove pigmentation, brown spots and right skin texture without any incision being made into the skin. Lastly, she briefly talked about incisive surgery used to eliminate facial lines and deep wrinkles, especially for elderly people.



One fact that emerged from this brief interview is the fact that all the three procedures she uses have no down time, are fast, painless and causes no discomfort. Also, they are cheap and affordable – will not dent your dollar account so much! Even for incisive surgery, the recuperation period is not long. Just about two weeks! But above all, her procedures are the best way to make one look fresher, feel younger and smile with confidence.



Now, who is Dr. Jennifer Walden? She is a rare woman indeed who dares tread where many females hardly venture – the world of cosmetic or plastic surgery. A board-certified member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, (a prestigious professional organization for cosmetic or plastic surgery), she is first amongst equals in a predominantly male inhabited sphere. There are less than a dozen female cosmetic surgeons in Texas where she has her practice!



She immensely finds satisfaction in her work because over 90% of all plastic surgeries right from simple facial procedures such as face-lifts to more complicated practices like liposuction, tummy tucks to breast enlargement or augmentation are carried out on women. So she is better placed to empathize with them and relate to their emotions, anxieties, and fears. However, she still has to work more than hard to be a success because the field of surgery is a rough and tumble world where only the exceptionally talented survive.




Wengie Favorite School Hacks


Wengie is a top YouTuber that is based in Australia. The Wengie Channel is also one of the most popular beauty channels. In this video, Wengie shares her favorite tips on school hacks that everyone should know. The back to school hacks that are included in the video are perfect for the elementary age kids to the college age kids. Certainly, there is at least one great back to school hack that you will use. Don’t forget to share your favorite school hacks with others. There are 50 school hacks included in the video. Check out the video at this  link.


Chris Burch Champions for a Blend between Fashion and Technology

Chris Burcsh’s entrepreneurial achievement dates back to 1976 when he was still a college student at Ithaca College. In collaboration with his brother, bob, he made an investment of $2000 and they established Eagle’s eye apparel. This venture turned out successful and they sold it at $165 million to Swire Group. Mr Burch has since diversified his entrepreneurial abilities to many other sectors including real estate, fashion and technology.


Chris Burch is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. His company’s brand portfolio comprises of newer introductions such as ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Nihiwatu, Poppin, CoCoon9 and Trademark to a number of reputable brands previously incorporated by Burch like Voss water, Faena hotel+Universe.


Mr Bruch explains that over the years, there have been tremendous technological and fashion innovations. Holding one constant implies that both sectors grow together and as such, technology is becoming more fashionable and fashion seems to technologically involved. For instance, the boom box was very fashionable in the 70s and has since evolved through the 80s and in the 90s; the Walkman gave individuals a more personalized music experience. Additionally, a fashion designer like Anouk Wipprencht marries her work to technology and is famous for her avant-garde designs such as the DareDroid (a drink-making dress) and Pseudomorphs (the self-painting dress).


Some of the fashionable trends created through technology are to safeguard people. For example, it’s not fashionable to wear a bike protection, Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt developed a system to be worn around one’s neck (airbag) for cyclists. It pops out of the neckwear to protect the cyclist’s head from impact. Moreover, when closed, it assures one has enhanced visibility of their surroundings as opposed to the Helmet.


Technology and Fashion are dependent since technology requires aid to gain popularity from fashion. For example, wearing glasses was not popular due to stigma and as such the Google glasses were not popular. Diane Von Furstenberg’s models wore these glasses during their catwalk and the new technology was soon embraced by many.



How Highland Capital Management is Redefining Corporate Social Responsibility

Dallas-based Highland Capital Management is one of the most successful investment firms in the US. The firm is an SEC-accredited investment adviser, and controls assets valued at more than 15 billion dollars. Founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993, Highland Capital Management has defied odds to grow into one of the most experienced and largest alternative credit managers in the world.


The company’s areas of specialization are credit hedge funds, separate accounts, long-only funds, and private equity. The firm also deals in collateralized loan obligations, special-situation and distressed private equity, and separate accounts. Highland Capital Management prides itself in having the ability to exceed the expectations of its clients. It has a diversified clientele ranging from foundations and public pension plans to financial institutions and corporations.


Highland Capital Management’s success over the years is owed to the team of financial experts that it has employed. It has access to competent specialists who have the ability to offer realistic investment advice to clients. The founders are similarly involved in the day to day operations of the firm, with Dondero serving as the president and chief executive officer. To serve its clients more efficiently, Highland Capital Management operates offices in the metropolises of Sao Paolo, New York, Seoul, and Singapore.


Dedication Towards Local Communities


Highland Capital Management recognizes that local communities form the backbone of its operations. For this reason, it has been dedicated to serving the interests of local communities throughout Dallas. Since its inception, the company has been dedicated towards making a difference in the community through advisory board management, volunteerism, and financial donations. For the past ten years alone, more than $10 million has been channeled to national and local community nonprofit organizations.


To ensure that its community involvement has a more enduring impact, Highland Capital Management recently partnered with The Dallas Foundation. Besides this, Dondero has personally made donations amounting to millions of dollars to the Southern Methodist University where he also sits in the advisory board of the Cox Business School. He has also appointed Linda Owe to lead HCM’s charity initiatives. Being a former civic leader, Ms. Owen has a deep understanding about local projects that are in dire need of funding.

Insight to the Life and Accomplishments of Eric Pulier

Changing the world takes nothing much but a brilliant idea or ideas. Eric Pulier is one American entrepreneur who devotes his life to bringing change to the world one innovative idea at a time. It is amazing how much Eric has achieved at such a young age. Having graduated from Harvard, Eric is an author, a technologist, columnist and a renowned philanthropist. Eric Pulier identifies with several startup businesses. He devotes much of his energy in entrepreneurial activities that revolves around technology. Additionally, he partners with businesspeople with brilliant ideas. In the partnerships, he helps turn the ideas into fully-fledged startups. Usually, he helps in the generation of startup capital.

Education was merely a sharpening tool for Pulier. He started coding at an early age. In 1984, he began a database company. After high school, Pulier went to Harvard University and became an editor of the University’s daily newspaper. As an editor for the magazine, he addressed the issues of terrorism and several other relevant topics. After graduation, Pulier moved to Los Angeles, a city where his dreams matured.


In 1991, he founded People Doing Things, a company that sought to address issues in the healthcare and education departments through the use of technology. Three years later, he founded Interactive Agency Digital Evolution. Shortly after, he developed a private social network that brought chronically ill children together. Through the network, the kids can chat, post content and share past and similar experiences.


In 1997, Pulier got selected to design and develop the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C. Shortly after, he participated in the Vice- President health care and technology forum. His role in this conference was to advise on health care and technology initiatives. Among some of the biggest Pulier achievements, Akana is among the most memorable. The Project involved the development of SOA software program that saw him acquire several SOA vendors. In 2016, he sold the enterprise to Rogue Wave Software.

Besides his entrepreneurial inclination, Eric Pulier associates himself with several nonprofit organizations. Through Painted Turtle, Pulier helps children with chronic illnesses. He donates both his time and money to ensure children with special needs are well taken care of and enjoy Idyllic summer camp. His noble work through Starbright World extends his charitable activities to children with special needs.