Financial Advisor Richard Blair And Wealth Solutions Makes Clients Wealthier

In financial and investment organizations an investment advisory is a group of investment professionals skilled in asset management that provides well-researched, actionable information to a company’s relationship managers and directly to clients.

The investment advisory offers valuable, trustworthy investment information for individuals and firms on stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange traded funds. Some investment advisors manage securities portfolios. Investment advisors receive compensation for their advice either as a flat fee, hourly rate or percentage of the assets they manage. It can rise based on the accuracy of their advice.

Investment advisors can assess your investments, savings, insurance, taxes and all other elements of your assets and finances and help you develop a detailed strategy to meet your retirement and estate planning and other financial goals.

They also offer a variety of other services. A properly-educated, experienced investment advisor registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission and possessing relevant licenses and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority can be depended on to provide the appropriate financial products and services to benefit their clients and meet their needs.

Investment advisers must register with the SEC or the securities agency in the state where their principal business is located. Generally speaking, investment advisers with assets under management of more than $100 million must register with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Those managing less than $100 million must register with a securities agency on the state level. The right investment advisor can cause the growth of people’s finances and other assets.

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is an experienced successful Registered Investment Advisor that has been registered with the SEC for 23 years. He is founder and CEO of Austin, Texas based Wealth Solutions. Blair is a certified specialist in the handling of annuities, estates and trusts, investment funds, income, tax strategies and retirement income. His company has in excess of $155 million in assets under management.

His client base ranges from high net worth individuals to families as well as small business owners and he has been able to make a significant, positive improvement in their finances and other assets.

A graduate of the University of Houston with a degree in finance, immediately after graduation in 1993 Blair became involved in financial services.

His natural aptitude for finance led to immediate success and in 1994 he founded his independent financial services firm Wealth Solutions.

Understanding Medicare Advantage for your Healthcare Demands

Medicare Advantage is a program that individuals can use to access health care services as an alternative to Medicare Original. It is a form of private health care plan that requires an individual to pay a monthly fee that is typically larger than that of Original Medicare. Private insurance companies that have Medicare benefits are responsible for selling Medicare Advantage Plans with the most common types being Private-fee-for-service (PPFS), Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and, Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOS).


A beneficiary of Medicare Advantage must sign up for part A that is responsible for the inpatient care insurance and part B that handles outpatient care. There is also the option of including a part D when signing up if you need a private plan to cover medical drugs. The services you get with a Medicare Advantage plan are essentially the same ones as with Medicare Original except for a few differences. For one, with a private plan, you don’t get hospice care. Private plans also have some extra services that you may not have access to with an original plan such as dental, hearing, and vision care. Medicare Original does not usually cover drugs, which is another advantage if you have part D coverage. However, some plans may only cover medically necessary services, so you should find out when choosing one.

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When it comes to costs, private plans have their own rules that a beneficiary should follow. The company and deductibles of a Medicare Advantage plan vary from one to another, and you have to pay the plan’s premiums plus the Medicare premium.

Innovacare Health

One provider that caters to the various needs of individuals in need of Medicare Advantage plans is InnovaCare Health, a leader in healthcare management services. Operating under a mission to redefine healthcare management, Innovacare puts together quality solutions that are innovative, affordable, and organized.

Innovacare has been able to achieve its reputable spot in the healthcare sector due to the contributions of its CEO, Dr. Rick Shinto and Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides. Dr. Shinto’s experience in the field of managed healthcare of over 20 years gives him the skills and authority to structure programs that offer the best medical care. Penelope Kokkinides has also worked in the managed care industry for about two decades with a focus on government programs such as Medicare. View her infographic resume at

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