Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital Debut New Investment Trust

Brad Reifler wants to help those middle class investors find an answer to the all important question “How do I make more money with my investments?” As Yahoo! Finance reports, Reifler and his company, Forefront Capital, are working very hard at developing a new investment trust to aid investors reach their goals.

After years of helping accredited investors, a.k.a. “The 1%”, Reifler is refocusing his efforts in helping others meet their financial goals.

Reifler has enough experience in the world of finance and investing to realize people who come from the “99%” may not have the necessary resources available to them to take part in high-volatility investments. In a way, this is a positive thing. High-risk investments are ones known for a greater potential for losses. Investors with significant net worth amounts are more capable of navigating losses from such endeavors. They also have the potential to make huge returns on investments if things work out in their favor.

The non-accredited investor, however, must accept more limited options. Unfortunately, he or she ends up limiting those options even further by assuming exceedingly few options are available. The belief there are few investment options opens is one reason why the “average investor” puts way too much money into the stock market at the exclusion of other investment vehicles.

Limiting one’s investment options is never a good idea. Doing so puts a person at the mercy of that particularly narrow investment. Without versatility and diversification, an investment portfolio will be, at best, conservative.

The Forefront Income Trust is the new investment venture designed for non-accredited investors. Entry into the trust requires a minimum of only $2,500. The investment assets in the trust are diverse, which means the assets go beyond just publicly traded stocks. The trust comes with higher risk, but effective management of the trust hopes to mitigate said risk.  Check Brad out for yourself on Twitter @BradleyR.

Goodrich Restores Goettl AC for 75th anniversary

Ken Goodrich has a reputation for buying and improving HVAC companies, over his career he has worked to fixed 20 companies. Every new acquisition has its set of challenges, but Goettl Air Conditioning was more than just business issues. Goettl needed a change in vision, and Goodrich felt like he was the man for the job.

Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation

Goettl Air Conditioning needed a change from the top down, so one of his most sweeping changes was the management team. He “cleaned house” and brought in new management to help instill a different vision. Goodrich also tasked the employees with doing quality checks on 300 completed installations. He wanted the employees to feel proud of their work and the customers to see the change in the company. Goodrich required employees to take pictures to sign off on all installations.

Goodrich improved the office systems within the company. He updated their book keeping, financial systems, and information technology department. This improvement on all sides ensured that the company didn’t lose money. Goettl had a special place with Goodrich. 

The 75th anniversary marked a new era for Goettl. Goodrich worked diligently with his team to improve all areas of the business. He even worked with the BBB to secure a new (still Goettl) name for the company to help get away from previous bad ratings.

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