Stansberry Research Is Constantly Hunting The “Booms”

It’s important to understand the reasons why commodities can be cyclical investments. Knowing what to expect from the “boom-and-bust” sector can be incredibly valuable. Resource markets are driven by the forces of supply and demand ( Sometimes it takes longer than usual for a commodity to respond to a rise in demand. Having in-depth information regarding these situations can be crucial to your investment portfolio.

In many investment scenarios, the boom-and-bust phenomenon is seen as a one-time event exclusive to that one specific opportunity. This is not the case with commodities. They may experience many ups and downs over time dependent on various situations. Steve Sjuggerud at Stansberry Research believes he has spotted one of those “busts” that’s on the verge of a “boom”. He thinks it’s coffee. After all, it is the number one consumed beverage on Earth after water. In several past years, the price of coffee has risen when it wasn’t expected to do so. If an uptrend starts in this area he will definitely be talking more about it and most likely investing in it too. Another analyst at the same company sees a similar opportunity to invest in the medical marijuana issue without the legal risk associated with the federal law situation. You would be wise to check out the kind of financial advice that’s coming out of Stansberry Research right now.

Stansberry Research analysts and editors have worked at some of the largest investment firms in the world. Their experience and diversity make them a source of some of the most insightful financial information that exists out there. They offer a broad range of investment advice brought forth from years of experience and perspective gathered from a myriad of backgrounds. Focused on the seemingly unimportant investments, they find opportunities to bring about the best risk-to-reward payoffs.


Vijay Eswaran Explains What Real Leadership Is

When people think about being leaders, they think about sitting around and telling others what they can and can’t do. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons that people often want to be leaders is that they want power. They also want to be served. This is actually the opposite of what Vijay Eswaran reveals leadership to be. For one thing, he has written an article that talks about the 5 Cs of leadership. Another thing that Vijay has stated is that a large part of being a leader is being a servant. One thing that is certain is that a lot of people find that there are a lot of responsibilities to being a leader.

Vijay Eswaran has said that a true leader knows how to serve. He is also someone who knows how to make himself an example. These days, people need examples to follow so that they will be able to find direction. One thing that is certain is that people are looking for different characteristics and traits when it comes to leadership than what they were looking for before. These characteristics are demonstrated by Vijay Eswaran in ways that can and often do inspire new leaders.

One aspect of being a servant leader that Vijay Eswaran talks about is putting the needs of others ahead. After all, the leader has to show that he is willing to make sacrifices so that his team are taken care of. At the same time, it is important for the leader to know how to give himself the care and respect he desires so that he can show people that he is someone they can respect. After all, people are prone to taking advantage of one another as long as they are allowing it.

One thing that Vijay Eswaran is showing is that a balance is important in order for there to be a great work relationship. Going to one extreme as a doormat is going to cause people to walk all over one. At the same time, being a tyrant is going to cause people to resent the leader. Vijay’s approach is very reasonable.

Futurist Jason Hope makes major contribution to SENS foundation

Jason Hope is one of the most prolific entrepreneurs in the United States today. After having founded a wide range of highly successful companies, including Jawa, one of the first premium content streaming for providers in the world, Hope has decided to turn his attention to more pressing and societally relevant causes.

Recently, it was announced that Hope would be donating more than half a million dollars to one of the most forward-thinking research organizations in the United States. Known as the SENS Foundation, the organization specializes in researching diseases caused by the aging process. Specifically, the donation made by Hope will be going to research atherosclerosis and related conditions.

As someone who has long been an avid reader of the medical literature, Hope has long known that atherosclerosis shares a common etiology with many other disease processes of old age. Atherosclerosis forms when free floating particles of lipoproteins irritate the lining of veins and arteries. This causes an inflammatory response, with the body reacting by covering the damage with fibrinous plaques or scar tissue. Eventually, these plaques can grow to this point where they occlude the artery, causing disruption of blood flow. Another danger of the atherosclerotic process is that these plaques can become unstable, eventually leading to the rupture. When this happens, the inflammatory response can be acute, causing a complete occlusion of the artery. This can lead to such outcomes as heart attack, stroke or organ or tissue damage throughout the body.

By making a large donation to the SENS Foundation, Hope is helping modern science to get to the bottom of the inflammatory response that leads to the long-term formation of atherosclerosis. But Hope also says that this is the same basic biological process that leads to other diseases of aging, such as glaucoma, arthritis and even wrinkling of the skin.

In addition to his medical philanthropy, Hope is also a major proponent of the Internet of Things, the next generation technologies that he believes will revolutionize the way in which Americans interact with their physical environment. Hope has also been a strong supporter of Internet-of-Things development, publicly advocating the new technology and the public’s embrace of it.

Hope believes that, eventually, it would be possible for medical technology to interface with the Internet of Things, creating vast possibilities to make people healthier and more able to live fulfilling lives.

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Shaquille O’Neal And Borarie Development Are Making Newark Beautiful Again

Look up in the sky. It’s not a bird and it is not a plane. When Newark residents look skyward, they will now see the product of Shaquille O’Neal’s partnership with Borarie Development. The real estate market in Newark is about to change for the better, thanks to the efforts of Borarie’s experienced team and the financial assistance that the NBA legend has provided.


This is not your typical collaboration between the public and private sector, either. The project was completed with a eye towards complete and total transparency and the Newark skyline is now the happy beneficiary.


While the official name of the project will be One Rector Street, it is safe to say that they are going to be known by one name going forward: The Shaq Towers. This project would likely not have been possible with the expertise that Borarie Development has to offer or the financial might that the NBA legend has able to put behind this initiative.


Once the project is fully complete, over a million square feet is going to be made available and there will also be ground level retail space to choose from. The complex cost $79 million to complete and is slated to be open by year’s end.


Shaquille O’Neal is a Newark native and as someone who grew up in the city, he can remember an era when the city was far more beautiful. He is now utilizing his significant financial resources in order to make this vision a reality once again.


He wants to make a difference and thanks to the assistance of Borarie Development (who he referred to as the “Kobe Bryant” of the real estate development sector), there are future projects coming down the pike. You can visit for more details.


Residents who wish to reside at these departments can issue their leasing applications in September and the goal is to have everyone moved in by year’s end. Once this project is completed, O’Neal and Sam Borarie will be turning their attention to the next objective: a 350-unit apartment complex that will be located in the heart of Newark.


Borarie was merely waiting for the right moment to begin these projects and with the considerable financial assistance of O’Neal at their disposal, Newark is now able to reclaim its rightful place as one of the crown jewels of New Jersey. These projects will also lead to the creation of much needed jobs that are going to allow for even further development in the city. For more info you can visit



Jason Hope Role in Anti-Aging Research

As we are growing older, there are some dangerous diseases that can become very common. Some of these include cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis. In the international platform, most people are focusing on treating these medical conditions instead of looking for a way of preventing them. One of the leading investors in Arizona, Jason Hope, has decided to embrace a great approach. Jason Hope believes that it is possible to make people live for many years just by slowing the process of aging. Hope says that it is possible to reverse this natural process by use of drugs.

Jason Hope is known to many as an investor who has so many skills in technology. The businessman has spent most of his career life speaking to people about the internet of things and how it is going to affect the modern businesses. Many people have realized that using this form of technology, it is possible to make things easy and make the businesses more profitable than before. Jason Hope is also a renowned philanthropist. Jason Hope uses his money to assist charity activities in the society.

Last year, Hope announced that he will be investing in anti-aging research. According to the news shared in his website, the businessman will be offering funds to the SENS Foundation so that it can make its dreams a reality. The foundation has been operational for a while now, and it has taken some essential steps in the production of ant- aging products. The SENS Foundation has been looking for appropriate ways to get access to the right technology so that they can prevent and reverse aging. The foundation believes that diseases such as cancer, diabetes, blood pressure and many others can be dealt with when people are using the right therapies. The SENS Foundation top management says that the donations given by Jason Hope will go a long way in conducting anti-aging research.

Jason Hope says that he chose the SENS Foundation for his donation because of various reasons. First of all, the company has very qualified professionals who understand anti-aging very well, and they have all the knowledge the world has been looking for. The company has great equipment too, and this means that they will be getting the therapy people are looking for. People in Arizona and other parts of the world are happy because they know that they will enjoy healthier lives after the drugs are discovered.

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Glen Wakeman Believes In Strategy And Curiosity

Glen Wakeman believes that creating a strategy is important when a person has an idea that they would like to work out and bring to life. He believes that it is important for a person to have a plan that they can put into action when they are looking to take their ideas and turn them into something great. Glen founded his company, LaunchPad Holdings, because he believes that people need help in creating a plan so that they can bring their ideas to life. He offers them that help through his company, and he provides them with the finances that they need to get started, as well (Alivenewspaper). He recommends the book, The Art of War, to everyone because he feels that there is much wisdom in it when it comes to creating a strategy.

If Glen Wakeman had the chance to live his life all over again, he would stay in touch with those he met along the way. He would find a way to keep in contact with each friend and acquaintance who was a part of his journey. He regrets not doing that as he worked his way up to the place that he is at today.

Glen Wakeman is someone who is naturally curious, and he feels that being curious helps him in all that he does. He is able to accomplish more because he is curious. He has a drive to do more because he is interested in the world around him ( This man is someone who has found success in the business world, and one of the reasons that he has been able to do that is because he is someone who is curious. He is someone who will work hard to do the tasks before him because he is interested in life and all that it offers.

NGP VAN Revamps the Future of Political Campaigning

The Democratic Party spent over $6.4 billion dollars in marketing including appealing to voters door-to-door. In order to make the political campaign effective, politicians rely heavily on donations and the efforts of volunteers. The role of the volunteer consists of calling potential voters over the phone and canvassing neighborhoods. The purpose of canvassing is not only to engage existing voters but to recruit new and/or potential voters.

Although canvassing door-to-door is a timeless method of persuading voters, the current system needed a “data makeover”. Stanford University and University of California Berkeley researchers David Broockman and Joshua Kalla conducted research to determine if canvassing was still an effective method of attracting voters. Researchers found that one in 800 voters changed their decision when contacted within a 2-month time period. These voters represent 39% of voters. Their research proved that canvassing works, but needs additional support to target swing voters.

The Democratic Party campaign has decided to team up with NGP Van (app developer) to use data software that will target voters. The purpose of the software is to identify voters that are more than likely to change their minds. Campaign organizers used an app created by NGP Van (MiniVan) which will help campaign organizers be more specific on who they target. The app is convenient because it works for IOS and Android devices and will help campaign organizers minimize the use paper, therefore, saving time and money. The NGP Van app allows volunteers or campaign organizers use their app to narrow down their routes by location, analyze voter data and sort/ organize their efforts. Furthermore, canvassers can create a personalized script that will assist in keeping the conversation targeted.

NGP Van has created a more modernized data-oriented app that fits the needs of political campaigns. It not only benefits campaign organizers and volunteers, but it allows swing voters to make a more informed decision prior to the election.


The Medical Services Offered By Dr. Johanan Rand, MD

Dr. Johanan Rand is an entrepreneur and medical doctor. In 2010 he founded Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He is the president of this company which is based in the town of West Orange, New Jersey. His specialties include helping people lose weight and maintain healthy hormonal balances. He is a graduate of Brooklyn, New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He takes a regenerative and integrative approach to treating his patients which is based on research found in peer-reviewed medical journals.

He has been treating patients for the past 15 years. He can treat both acute and chronic pain using a number of methods. Dr. Johanan Rand says this can include pain and/or inflammatory prescriptions, epidurals, steroid injections, and nerve blocks. He is also a practitioner of Medical Acupuncture. In order to keep up with the latest advances in his field of medicine he attends conferences around the nation both in person and via the internet. One such event he recently attended was the Gaby-Wright Nutritional Medical Conference. This was held in Seattle, Washington and covered the latest protocols when it comes to Intravenous Vitamin Therapy.

In order to serve as a good example to his patients Dr. Johanan Rand practices what he preaches. This means he eats a healthy diet and gets plenty of exercise. This exercise includes yoga, martial arts training, cardio-exercising, as well as weight training. Dr. Johanan Rand encourages his patients to get some form of exercise each day in order to remain healthy as they age.

Dr. Johanan Rand is also an expert when it comes to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Programs. He says that as people get older their hormones fall out of balance between the good hormones and the bad ones. He treats this in his patients in a number of ways. Among these are IV Nutritional Therapy, Allergies & Detoxification Programs, Preventative Disease Programs, and Metabolic Testing. He helps his patients stay healthy through preventative measures. Dr. Johanan Rand says that traditional methods or there to fix things when they go wrong while he focuses on preventing age-related diseases proactively.


Peter Briger: Serving As The Chairman At Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is someone who has repeatedly demonstrated his skill and expertise in the financial field and has come up on several lists that feature some of the wealthiest people in the world. He is known for offering a high level of professional skill with regards to the work that he does and has also worked with a number corporates, helping them grow and develop. He has undertaken several endeavors at the companies that he has worked with that have improved the list of services that they offer. Currently, Peter Briger is the Chairman of Fortress Investment Group, a company that he helped start more than twenty years ago. In addition to serving as the chairman of the company, he also serves on the board of directors at the company, helping the overall functioning of the various departments at Fortress Investment Group.

The reason Briger has proven to be such a brilliant leader to the company is that of the experiences that he has had in the past, working for different companies. Since the start of his career, he made it a point to treat every experience as something that he can gain and learn from. As a result, he then was able to implement the things that he would learn in the work that he was doing. This helped him perform better and also aided the progress that he saw through the course of his career.

Because of the experience that he has gained from working in the field, Briger has been able to help Fortress Group immensely with the various endeavors that it takes on. One of the things that the company has been able to accomplish under his guidance was its transition to a public company on the NYSE. This move made Fortress Investment Group one of the first of its kind to be able to do so and increased the popularity of the company immensely. The decision to do this was taken by Briger along with the other founding and board members of Fortress Investment Group. This also gave Briger a brilliant reputation, and he started being looked up to as a notable name in the financial industry.

The educational qualifications and degrees that Briger received have also contributed to his skill and success in the field. He possesses a degree from Wharton Business School and also one from Princeton University. Additionally, he has taken part in various other programs and courses that have furthered knowledge of businesses and the field that he works in.

Within Fortress Investment Group, one of the primary areas that he focuses on is with regards to the development of the credit fund division within the company. He believes that this can help immensely when it comes to the overall growth of the company and is one array that can help the business offer a better range of services. In addition to focusing on his work at Fortress Investment Group, he also regularly engages in charitable and philanthropic activities. Over the past few years, Briger has donated millions of dollars to several charities across the country.

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Sussex Healthcare Helps Seniors Understand Their Opportunities

Sussex Healthcare knows how to help others. They have a strong tradition of giving seniors a facility that is different from the rest. They make sure they’re doing everything the right way so seniors know they’re getting more opportunities. They also do things that will help them through the most important parts of their lives. It is their way of giving attention to the people they work with. Since Sussex Healthcare knows what it takes to give everyone the opportunities they need for success, they feel good about the options they have.

The things that happen to Sussex Healthcare are all because of the hard work they do. They know there are options that help them with everything. They’ve spent a lot of time doing things that allow them the chance to feel better about the things they do. While Sussex Healthcare knows what it takes to give people the ability to make things better, they also know they need to do their best to help others. For the facility to offer these opportunities to seniors, they know they’re doing everything the right way. It is their way of allowing people to see how much they can do and how much they can experience from their business.


While there are things that Sussex Healthcare takes into account while they’re helping seniors, they feel good about the things they can do. They also know how things will for seniors no matter how hard they have to try things on their own. Sussex Healthcare is successful and sees there are things they can do to create even more success for their clients. By doing all this, they make sure others know what they can do. They plan to help people through the most difficult parts of their lives.

When Sussex Healthcare first started helping seniors, they knew there were things they could do to make everything easier on them. They also knew there were opportunities seniors had they weren’t taking advantage of. For Sussex Healthcare, the point of allowing them to see what they could do was making sure they had a chance to have a better life. Just because seniors are in a facility doesn’t mean their life should be hard. It also doesn’t mean they need to make things harder on those who are in the industry. For Sussex Healthcare, the point of giving back always allows them the chance to do things the right way.

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